What movie have you watched?

  • Yesterday I went to see Perfect Days. It depicts the life of a toilet cleaner in Tokyo. That doesn't sound very enticing, but I found it a beautiful pencil-sketch of a film and at times very touching.

    A couple of things that stuck in my mind. A few times we see him take a seat in one or other of a couple of noodle bars. Each time, he's presented with a glass of iced water and the server says either "For all your hard work" or "At the end of a long day". I don't know if it's something they decided to have those specific characters say, or a Japanese tradition. Either way I really liked it and found it charming.

    I've never been to Tokyo but now fancy going if only to use their public toilets. One shown in the film has transparent door and walls, but turns opaque as soon as the door is locked. As Columbo would say - well, how about that?

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  • Since the above I've been to see:

    Monster - Japanese film about an incident at a school, told from the perspective of the schoolboy and teacher involved, and the boy's mother.

    Back To Black - biopic about Amy Winehouse. I'm not a fan of her work but enjoyed the film and Marisa Abela's performance in a difficult role.

    Eno - the self-generative documentary film about Brian Eno, no two screenings of which will be the same, which I talked about in this thread. It was very interesting in terms of the subject matter but also in context of the nature of the film. I want to see it again to see how different it'll be.

    Late Night With The Devil - horror drama presented as though it's recovered footage of a 1970s US talk show trying to revive its ratings by having a sensationalistic interview with a parapsychologist and a teenage girl she's caring for, who was rescued from a satanic cult. Unpleasant things happen.

    Civil War - near-future drama in which several US states have separated from the union and are at war with states loyal to the president. It was gripping and quite unnerving at times. It was also interesting seeing Kirsten Dunst, who I unfairly still think of as a girlish 20-something in various 90s/00s films, now playing a tough cynical middle-aged woman. She's very good in it.

    Evil Does Not Exist - Japanese drama about residents of a small rural village outside Tokyo whose lives are disrupted by development of a glamping site adjacent to their homes.

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  • I’ve always been an avid horror fan, but never watched all the Friday the 13th movies in their entirety. For the most part, they are terribly bad movies, but I started a marathon last week. Finished Friday the 13th Part III last night. Actually I forgot about the end of 3, it creeps me out. Something about bad horror I find appealing.

  • I recently saw The Fall Guy, the latest Hollywood take on an old TV show - in this case the show of the same name featuring a crime-busting stunt man. It was precisely what I expected: daft, but enjoyable.

    Next I saw Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's debut as James Bond. I've seen it many times but not on the big screen since its release. It reminded me how good it was at the time to see the series rebooted in a much more stripped-back form, which was just what it needed.

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