I love Kate Bush!

  • Thought I might start a new thread with Kate Bush... Love her too bits and her singing is great too!...^^

    Interview with Michael Parkinson

  • Also to add I played it incessantly when I was young and living with my parents. My late mother hated it though:(

    My Dad was obsessed with Kate Bush. Not bad for a guy who IMO didn't care for pop music. Think he had a crush on her.. LOL!!!


  • My husband actually got to see her on her first tour, at the Sunderland Empire. I am so jealous. She's THE female singer songwriter as far as I'm concerned.

  • My husband actually got to see her on her first tour, at the Sunderland Empire. I am so jealous. She's THE female singer songwriter as far as I'm concerned.

    I was lucky enough to see her at her first official gig (She apparently played a "warm-up" the previous night in Poole, Dorset) at Liverpool Empire, April 79, still have the ticket, programme and other bumph that came that night including the note explaining that, due to physical constrains, Hammer Horror would be mimed as you couldn't sing and dance that much simultaneously.

    Memories of the night: pub next door ran out of beer pre-gig!

    2 dancers and a magician on stage with her at times, magician was named something like Simon Drake.

    Kevin McAlea on keyboards, went on to work with Barclay James Harvest and translate 99 Luftballons into English for Nena.

    Kate wore the very first head mounted mike, designed for her, and all went well until Them Heavy People, which involved the dancers, some mirrored binlids with swivel handles that were used to reflect the lights into the crowd, and some wire fences mounted on castors which were danced around. As Kate stepped back at one point, the mike hooked in the wire, and ripped off her head. Someone rushed on with a hand held radio mike, which had to be used for the next song. Ironically, that turned out to be the biggie, Wuthering Heights.

    Whole night very "by the script", hardly surprising given the pressure and nervousness etc, but there were comments from the crowd like "talk to us, Kate" - the only unscripted response I recall was the word "Supercool".

    Gig in 3 separate movements with short intervals. Every album track from both albums played bar one, forget which.

    There were moments during the gig when it became clear her voice was more powerful than the records had captured, particularly on James and the cold gun.

    The atmosphere after the gig was like a party, waiting for the train home, everyone was buzzing, like we really had just witnessed "something". Some girls up the platform were listening to the cassette they'd recorded in there. James, a lad from Reading who was with us, had a small rip in the seam of his jeans. by the time he got off the train, he was wearing the most useless pair of trousers in the world, with all 4 main seams torn so he was effectively wearing 2 pieces of V shaped denim joined to a waistband! ^^


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  • Well I love Kate Bush too.

    Sorry missing this thread. My favourite music is unquestionably Genesis unless it's Kate Bush.!!!! Or vice versa. Can talk about KB all day. I remember getting WH on single and later TKI album and loving it. Favourite gig ever was KB at Hammersmith 2014 I was so lucky to get tickets. Best KB album is Aerial unless I'm listening to SW or HOL or the Dreaming or RS. It's unusual for fans to want to hear later period music of their faves but KB just got better over the years.

  • Just looked at the current standings in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame official fan vote leaderboard to see Kate Bush is currently 16th & last! The New York Dolls who surely were really influential are only just ahead of her at 15th, & Todd Rundgren is only 9th.

    Not that I think the RRHoF is important, I was just surprised at such low rankings :(