Revisiting ... Chapter & Verse

  • That is a shame because he is a gifted writer. However, I can fully understand him not wanting to do another - why write about a period of the band that he doesn't particularly care about? We won't get a better chronicle of the band's live performances up to 1975; Paul's book sails about as close to perfection as it's possible to get.

  • I purchased my copy of 'I Know what I Like' in 1980, while in line to see Steve in concert at The Roxy in L.A. Someone was selling them there.

    Many years later, I took the book to another of Steve's gigs, at The Strand in Redondo Beach, CA, to see if he would sign the book.

    A roadie took the book to Steve backstage after the show. Awhile later, the roadie returned the book to me, signed by Steve Hackett, Chester Thompson and Armando Gallo. I was as giddy as all get out. The book is well worn, but I treasure it greatly.

  • I finished reading Chapter and Verse a couple of months ago I think. I enjoyed it, but I thought it didn't really have an ending. I just sort of turned the page and said, "That's it?" I enjoyed all the quotes from different people about different stages of their career. I learned a few things I didn't know.

  • Cyanide wand, to be fair Chapter & Verse could have been in two volumes, but like all good books... tons of information at the beginning

    and then it gets light near the end of the book...


  • I think the Genesis Oficial book its a good book , strange we don`t see any pictures of the album the book.

    Armado Gallo`s books were great, i like very much Robert Ellis Book.

    Alan Hewitt `s books are very weak,and with many errors.

    this last book from Jon Kirkman about "the Lamb" it seams something is missing..and again Alan Hewitt ...made some mistakes about the "the Lamb" tour dates ..he is mainly a 1976/2007 Genesis fan so i think he should not write about the issues of the Gabriel Era.

  • I got the hardback C&V when it came out. It didn't tell me much I didn't know but what the hell, I'll read pretty much anything about them. I liked the segment on the development of the varilites, and was intrigued by Banks saying he was so upset the band didn't get asked to play at Live Aid he couldn't bring himself to watch it.

    There are some pretty basic picture editing mistakes in my edition.

    I've always loved the idea of a Genesis book giving them the same treatment as Ian McDonald gave The Beatles in the superb and forensically detailed Revolution in the Head.

    Abandon all reason

  • I think they also planned to publish a C&V audio book back then, with our heroes speaking/reading. What a pity this didn't happen ...

    For real??? We need to put pressure on them to do that!! i would love to listen to that all day. I have phils book both American and British release and the audio book.