Steve talks about SEBTP... but where did this video go?

  • GENFAN79

    Changed the title of the thread from “Steve talk about SEBTP... but where did this video go?” to “Steve talks about SEBTP... but where did this video go?”.
  • I thought they rehearsed this below Una Billing's dance school? The same place were they rehearsed Foxtrot.

    And as for Steve's claim that fusion music hadn't existed before this album, he's dead wrong. Miles Davis created that genre circa 1970 with the landmark recording Bitches Brew. Every musician who played on that album went on to form their own band, including John McLaughlin who created the group Mahavishnu Orchestra. I single McLaughlin's band out because both Steve and Phil have mentioned them during earlier interviews concerning Selling England, Phil saying that the record was made during his "Mahavishnu phase" (this was in the interview recorded for the Nick Davis remix) and Steve with his laughably outlandish claim that their playing on this album would give McLaughlin and his boys "a run for their money" (this was in the book Chapter And Verse).

    I only made it halfway through this video. The moment the live clip of Steve's band came on with Widow Twanky on vocals I switched it off.