The wonderful CONSEQUENCES. Lol Creme and Kevin Godly.

  • Does anyone else own or know this gem? Lol Creme and Kevin Godly left 10cc in order to develop their Gizmo, an attachment to a guitar to make it create unusual synth like sounds and to work on the concept of Consequences which became a triple box concept album with great artwork. Most people hated it . I loved it and still do though not played for an age.

    I was doing the game section here , of songs with weather when it suddenly made me think of this. The concept is the weather / earth turning against humanity . As the human world is getting destroyed a divorcing couple argue about trivia with their solicitors. Seems more relevant now than ever. It has two sides of great music to start followed by three sides of dialogue all done by Peter Cook ( apart from the female voice) indispersed with music, songs ( including a duet with Sarah Vaughn) and subtle and not so effects . It's funny , witty , clever and shows Peter Cook for the ( drunk) genius he was . A really great listen especially with headphones. Side 6 is an instrumental which I never got into but that always remained irrelevant to me. "Five o clock In The Morning" ( as good a 10cc song as ever) and "The Flood" are my highlights. Released 1979 I have only known one other( sadly passed away now) to know and love this. We used quote lines from it as we would from Monty Python. The Gizmo didn't take off as synths became able to do it all. The album was too expensive and obscure for most and was released at a time when the big concept album was about as unfashionable as you could get, it was a massive flop. Most people seemed to hate it but it remains a favourite of mine . I, like most of you have an attention span of more than 3 minutes. Does anyone here know this album ?? It would be nice to find someone who does. Even if you hated it liked do many others.

  • I can only say I know of it and very clearly remember its release, seeing it in record shops, and hearing about it. I also recall them demonstrating the gizmo on TV. I've not knowingly heard any of the album.

    I really liked 10cc and you could increasingly hear the more edgy and interesting side of Creme and Godley emerging in their work before they departed.

    They did varied and intriguing stuff as a duo and of course created some innovative videos. But the triple album passed me by.

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  • Are "an Englishman in New York" and "Snack Attack" on this? I've always assumed they were, like both of them.

    The Gizmo also features on Blue Guitar by Justin Hayward and John Lodge, though John Lodge is not on it, it was Justin & 10cc, about 3 years prior to it's release. They were just passing time in Strawberry Studio, Stockport, and Justin had a spare song. Some spare, eh?

    Justin's "All the Way" compilation includes the original version of Blue Guitar, it had the Halle Orchestra and some extra backing vocals added for the single release. The Gizmo is more clearly heard on the original version.

    I am lucky to be able to say I have been in Strawberry studio, Stockport, though it was some time later, 1980 in fact, by which time it was in different hands with a different name, Pluto studio, I seem to recall.


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  • Are "an Englishman in New York" and "Snack Attack" on this? I've always assumed they were, like both of them.

    No, Consequences pre-dates both those, it's their first album. I think Englishman is on Freeze Frame, and Snack on Ismism along with Wedding Bells and Under My Thumb.

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