40th Anniversary of PETER GABRIEL's third album ("Melt")

  • Today is the 40th release anniversary of Peter Gabriel's third album, also known as "Melt"

    What do you think about this album today? Did you buy it when it was released? Tell us your stories

    In the meantime, this is our review:


  • I remember hearing that the record company weren't happy with the subject matter of Family Snapshot and dropped him like a hot potato when they heard an early mix of the song. Peter also couldn't afford a regular band at the time which is why there's quite a few guest musicians on the album. They're just a couple of tidbits about the album.

    Musically, for me it's the album where Gabriel found his groove. I don't think there's a bad song on there and it still sounds great to this day, with Not One Of Us proving as sadly relevant as it ever did.

  • This is still my second favourite album after So. It contains the two songs which made me a fan (apart from Solsbury Hill) i.e. Games Without Frontiers & Biko. It is spellbinding throughout and Phil's contributions are a bonus. But no, I didn't buy it on release. I didn't buy it until I had a CD player. I wish I could be more eloquent about it.

  • I must admit I bought the first two PG albums because I was a Genesis fan. Loved Solsbury Hill and quite liked a lot of the songs but the albums didn't do that much for me. ( Although they have grown on me more over the years) 3 though was a different story . It hit me straight away. Had a very different quality to it, as in it had different quality or style to anything else. Always one of my favourites . Despite this PG seems to have the rare gift of getting better over years so all of his albums since are lodged in amongst my favourites!