Extra CDs for Seconds Out from the Live 1973-2007 box set

  • I was going through my CDs and noticed something odd. I have a second set of Seconds Out CDs from the Live1973-2007 box set - one in the original packaging in the box set and a second set in individual unlabelled sleeves (but the same design on the CDs themselves). Can anyone with a better memory than me help clarify? Was there an error and a second set of corrected CDs was sent out?

  • They are definitely extra CDs. The Seconds Out package in the box set has two CDs and a DVD. I'm talking about an additional set of two CDs that look just like the ones in the package, only I have them separately in plain sleeves. They are not the DERs, they are not the older CDs (have these two in their own respective cases).

    So why would I have these?

  • Interesting comment on 5.1 from someone who bought the new version

    Bad bad bad! Sorry, I'm not a real audiophile, but the 5.1 mix of Seconds Out really demolished this album for me. The set has long been a super favorite of mine and somehow, even with the better sonic fidelity, the 5.1 mix somehow took the "magic" away from the sound. The prior stereo mixes made it sound like an "event," with lots of mystery and walls of textured sound. Now, it's just a loud concert. Hackett's subtle guitar (e.g. Carpet Crawlers) is criminally buried. Seems like they wanted to crystalize and bring to the forefront vocals and drums. (hmmm, Phil bias?) Drums do sound really nice and rich though -- you can definitely hear the distinction between the two drum sets / players. Nice to hear Rutheford's bass popping though, and not muddy blend like past mixes. Sorry, but I'm going back to my 1997 stereo cds.

  • I disagree. I really enjoy the 5.1

    it may be a matter of how to use your system, what kind of system etc




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  • Indeed, the comments on Stevehoffman etc, seem to like the 5.1. I'd guess most people's 5.1 system is not as good sounding as their Hi-Fi, the cost being generally prohibitive. But hearing it around you is a whole different experience.


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  • I think the 5.1 Seconds Out sounds amazing, and the new stereo mix is really good as well.

    I don't really see the "loud concert" comment as a problem for me. I'd always felt that the original mix of Seconds Out was way too polite sounding and the new mix added some power where it needed it. I don't think it sounds loud for the sake of just being loud, I think it sounds live...

  • There was an error in the pressing of the original stereo CD's and Rhino offered corrected replacements. I think there was a track index in the wrong place.

    Thank you for clarifying! I will compare the two sets to figure out which one is correct.

    The 5.1 mix is really enjoyable and different. It is great if you want to focus more on the individual parts, particularly if you sit in the middle of the speakers.