Spanish painting restorations

  • These crop up every few years. Some lunatic tries to restore a damaged classic painting and makes an absolute balls of it. I invariably find the results hysterical. As in can't control myself laughing. The best example is the famous 'monkey Christ' one from a few years back. But there's just been another. I laughed. I include a link below in the hope that you might too!

  • Hilarious! How do these "art restorers" their hands on these? You'd think there would be some legal control of who can "have a go".


    There is a church bell

    That rings on the hour

    Filling the streets

    Stopping the world awhile

  • The middle one of the Murillo looks a bit like Sylvester Stallone. In all cases the 'restorer' might just as well have done two dots and a line.

    It's made me think in turn of how much fun you can have by searching "worst waxworks". There's a sample result here where you can try guessing who it's meant to be then click on the answers, but doing a search of your own routinely yields hysterical results.

    Abandon all reason