How do you like to listen to your music? All things hi fi and format.

  • All the points 1 -3 are true , but point 4 which you glaringly omitted or forgot is of course that vinyl is simply better because it is. ^^

    You are also so completely wrong about playing a record in your car.

    I'm glad you took my comments in the spirit in which they were intended - i.e., good-natured and with humor/humour.

    If you are of a certain age and always loved your vinyl and never saw a reason to stop, I completely respect that point of view. (I am a bit mystified how/why vinyl caught on so much among millennials - that I don't really get.) I'm certainly not "anti-vinyl" - without listening to music on vinyl, I never would have become a proper music fan. One of my favorite scenes from the movie Almost Famous is when the young boy (i.e., the main character) is left a box of records by his sister when she leaves home. His playing her copy of The Who's Tommy is one of the most memorable parts. I am, however, against vinyl snobbery - i.e., those who like vinyl themselves and then are completely dismissive of all other formats as if there are no downsides to vinyl at all and nothing to like from the other formats. (Your comment above was obviously tongue-in-cheek, so it was appreciated.)

    It depresses me a little that people still listen to mp3s so often, and with earbud earphones to boot. Yes, I completely get the convenience aspect, but I hope those folks are listening to their music in a superior way sometimes. Like you, I like something physical to look over while listening - heck, I consider the artwork an essential part of the music-listening experience. Oh well, maybe the streaming/downloading sites will come up with a way for album artwork to be more prominent; it seems like a real missed opportunity that it hasn't already happened.

    Anyway, thank you for introducing the topic! :thumbup:

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • I'm sure as time goes on I'll be streaming more and more. As I said a vinyl now is usually a special occasion / release. I like my second hand stuff,often to complete or add to existing collections of certain artists. I don't do walking around with headphones on . I can't get into music when out and about. Also I like to speak to people ! I like my iPod for the car . I worry that I spend too much money and don't listen to it enough. On the other hand some people collect stamps , some pepper pots so why not LPs and CDs. Having / owning the stuff is quite important to me. I don't keep it all as pristine as some. I have friend who is Beatles collector and half of his stuff remains in shrink wrap!! Records are there to be played and black vinyl best as you can see the dust! Don't like snobbery on music at all . ( Though I do look down my nose at coloured vinyl) it's just not right. I have a version of Hounds of Love only available in pink! What a rubbish colour. Vinyl junkies feel sorry for those that are missing out . CD and download fans think feel we are plain barmy. I once saw Nusery Cryme and Trespass together in a cardboard case with nice picture on the front and called The Genesis Collection Volume One in a charity shop so of course I bought it even though I already had two copies of each. With boxes now have 4 copies of each . I would still like volume two which is Foxtrot and SEBTP though I've never seen it. Also I have all 4 original covers of Abacab. I'm not mad honest! I do like a bit of good natured arguing / banter on anything really.

  • CASSETTES!!! Was talking to as second hand record shop owner recently and he told me that Cassettes are now making a comeback. "Well I never ! " I said. And then today I order bundle favourite band of the moment and a cassette is thrown in! I won't play it my tape deck is broken.Probably through lack of use. Wouldn't play it anyway. Never liked them . They were only good for the car and my car now doesn't have tape player. Do people really want these things? They were always rubbish. They don't look good, they often had a hiss , they stretch and get ruined. Album track order often got messed about. Why o why o why? I ask myself and any of you of course.

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