GENESIS - UK/Ireland Tour 2020 rescheduled for FALL 2021

  • Absolutely zero chance of these shows in April. I think we all know that.

    As for when, it's anyone's guess. My fear is that they may just opt to cancel the whole thing but this really depends purely on Phil surely. He's the one with the health issues.

    The future looks so uncertain on all levels and what tomorrow may bring, who knows!

    Quite a striking post.

  • Not disimilar to my thoughts... may be pushed back to 2021 or not at all. May depend on how band feel about the whole effort involved. Keeping safe and healthy is more of a reality...time will tell, but expect an announcement within next few weeks

  • As announced this morning it will take until autumn to offer vaccines to all over 18s so I think late autumn is the earliest viable date for large venue gigs. Smaller theatres etc might be able to open sooner with various measures in place. So I think Genesis have choice of going for spring 2022, or deciding that it’s too far away and cancel and maybe do a streamed gig now that they have rehearsed. Personally, although nothing beats a live gig, I’d be happy to get my money back and have a streamed gig or DVD of new live stuff. Then, if they are fit and willing, they can always announce a new tour later on. It’s a great shame but obviously there are much bigger issues to worry about and I think they would be better trying something online now to make the most of the rehearsals and cheer us up. It also makes guest appearances much more viable for whoever is up for it. It also means they can reach the whole planet in the same way and not just the UK.

  • yes good points made. Lots of other bands putting out virtual/streamed performance. Would be nice to maybe see a couple of tracks from rehearsals stuck on YT...Just to keep us all going in these tough times

  • The main problem I think which hasn’t been mentioned is Money!, that’s why it hasn’t been cancelled for sure. How much money has been invested in these concerts probably a few million on stage sets and everything else such as hiring of concert halls. So I doubt we will be offered a refund which I would take now. To be honest if they cancel again I think it’s really taking the fans for idiots. Wasn’t it Jon Bon Jovi who cancelled a tour to enable the fans to have their money back rather than it be held by the promoter ?. I do think the streaming show is a good idea and I would pay part of my refund to view it.

  • I’m not speaking specifically with regard to the group, I’m speaking about the inability to get a refund. With respect as far as I’m aware you can’t get a refund unless they cancel the whole thing. I have 20 concerts all which have been moved back once at least, various artists of course and it is the same with all of those concerts. Ticketmaster don’t offer refunds unless the event is cancelled completely here in the UK. Most of the concerts I have booked were initially booked before there was any sign of the virus anywhere. The genesis one was booked the day of them going on sale As far as I was aware Coronavirus wasn’t an issue here in the Uk at that time I think there may have been one or two cases in the UK, it certainly wasn’t the terrible problem it is now.

    The only issue with it is eventually some of these shows are bound to clash it’s inevitable. But I personally would gladly take a refund. I think this could be offered to all those who would rather not go and I bet there are a lot who have had second thoughts.

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  • I didn’t know that when did this become available , I’ll look into that thanks . Apologies I wasn’t aware of that at all. When was there this change of policy?, as I’ve got a few lined up which I wasn’t aware of been able to claim a refund ?. Must be a new thing.

  • I for one would get literally nothing out of a streamed gig. I cannot see them doing this without an audience in any case. Might as well sit at home with a copy of 'When In Rome'!

    The audience would be at home? I see your point but we have to adapt to circumstances. I'd love to see them playing together again.

  • I guess it's only matter of time until we see another announcement and dates will be postponed until the end of this year (at least).

    Also, I wonder how many non-UK fans will attend the shows in the UK (and non-Irish in Ireland).

  • Moved to September (of 2021, hopefully). Here’s a short snippet from a rehearsal:

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  • The right and only call with April so close. Incredibly exciting to see some rehearsal footage too.

    Sad to see Phil sat down as well as there only being one drumkit. Not discounting the possibility of a second being wheeled on for the encore or something like that though.

    Different to see backing singers too.

    Daryl and Nic in particular sound great and I'm liking the look of the light show. From the looks of the displays, Domino and Land of Confusion will be certainties but we knew that already.

    Who else spotted Mike's double-headed Rickenbacker?

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