Your favorite tracks on ... "...But Seriously"

  • Your favorite tracks on ... "...But Seriously" (pick THREE) 19

    1. Hang in Long Enough (3) 16%
    2. That's Just the Way it Is (3) 16%
    3. Do You Remember? (1) 5%
    4. Something Happened on the Way To Heaven (3) 16%
    5. Colours (9) 47%
    6. I Wish It Would Rain Down (13) 68%
    7. Another Day in Paradise (4) 21%
    8. Heat on the Street (0) 0%
    9. All of my Life (6) 32%
    10. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (2) 11%
    11. Father to Son (0) 0%
    12. Find a Way to My Heart (9) 47%

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of ...But Seriously.

    My favorite song of the album for me and also my favorite song of his career was Another Day in Paradise. This song was a masterpiece and i love all about this song: the differents ambiances in the song (like the calm guitar), her dark vibe during all the song, her opening very strange, dark and mysterious, the beautiful vocals harmonies of David Crosby with the voice of Phil, the differents styles during this song (the drums, similar of In the Air Tonight, add a RnB beat at the last half of the song, the first half was more a pop/rock ballad), the interpretation very moody and calm of phil, her incredible sound, the chorus incredible (''Oh Think Twice, It's just Another Day for you and me in Paradise'' make me so touching and rest in head all the time). Her most original song of her album. In the lyrics, i apprecied the fact he talked about a huge problem of society in this song (here about the homeless, and the music video convey more this idea), like many songs of the album (That's just the Way it Is, Colours, Heat on the Street).

    PS: You have choice three songs max in the sondage

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  • Some track names are wrong, please correct that!

    why not stick tongue scheme Harold introduced with his Favorite tracks polls? (Genesis albums).

    my choice

    Hang in long enough

    I wish it would rain down

    Find a way to my heart

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

  • Christian

    Changed the title of the thread from “Favorites songs of ....But Seriously” to “Your favorite tracks on ... "...But Seriously"”.
  • Some track names are wrong, please correct that!

    why not stick tongue scheme Harold introduced with his Favorite tracks polls? (Genesis albums).

    have made some corrections and also changed the thread title to be in line with the Genesis album poll questions

    as for myself, it's obviously I Wish It Would Rain Down and All Of My Life ... an Saturday Night...

  • Thank you :)

    I have picked Colours, Something Happened and I Wish It Would Rain Down

  • That's Just The Way It Is, I Wish It Would Rain Down and Find A Way To My Heart were my 3 choices

    “Without music, life would be a mistake”

  • The album also had a great B-Side, You’ve Been In Love

    ok, around the world in 80 presets was also great 😎

    Yes, the three b-sides was very good. The ...But Seriously was her best period (i like all the songs of this period) and this album was my favorite of him. My favorite B-Side was That's How I Feel. Similar in the sound of Heat on the Street, this song was very beautiful, a incredible beat, more punch to Heat on the Street. I noted the presence of Steve Windwood in the organ in this song. Phil said in interview he played organ Hammond for three songs in recording sessions, but only one finished in the album (All of My Life). I know That's How I Feel was the second song that Steve Windwood play organ (i heard the organ Hammond during the end), but where is the third song then Steve play organ?

  • Hang in long enough


    I wish It would rain down

    I also like Saturday night .... and All of my life

    But I find That's just the way ... and Do you remember rather boring.