Phil Collins - We Fly So Close

  • Following the discussion in the Collins album poll thread here,

    I was wondering what you think about his track We Fly So Close?

    I remember that I was a bit surprised when I first heard it. It wa slong, very intense and had this strange combination of acoustic and electric guitars (playd on keyboards?) and the drum machine.

    So what do you think? Good, bad? Too long? mood?

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

  • It's a masterpiece this song. When i listen the first time this song, i was immediatly enchanted for this dark, spiritual and haunting ballad of his career. Not only her best song of her Both Sides, but also one of her best tracks of his career. Depiste the longer, this is the best thing to describe the beauty, the emotion, the moody interpretation of Phil, the sensation of joy and sadness in the same time during the song and her incredible chorus. My favorite track of the album.

  • I agree that the melody to me is absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are confusing though in some ways and unclear, but I could definitely listen to this song over and over without a problem. Is it fair to say that he probably used a synthesizer to get the Spanish style guitar since I understood he played all the instruments on the album?? I agree it's a shame he did not consider doing it live. I'm a huge fan of the Both Sides album but only came to appreciate so much in this last year. This song as well as I've Forgotten Everything to me are amazing pieces. I only found out recently that he apparently did I've Forgotten Everything live a few times I guess at the beginning of the Both Sides tour?? I have never heard it live and its not on YT either. Makes me wonder why it was not included on the Both Sides extended cd that had live cuts from the album? I guess he also did Can't Find My Way live too? But returning on topic yes I'm amazed that it was never considered as part of the tour setlist.