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    1. Selling England By The Pound

    2. A Trick Of The Tail

    3. Foxtrot

    4. Trespass

    5. Wind And Wuthering

    6. From Genesis To Revelation

    7. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    8. ...And Then There Were Three...

    9 . We Can't Dance

    10. Duke

    11. Nursery Cryme

    12. Genesis

    13. Invisible Touch

    14. Calling All Stations

    15. Abacab

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    C-Live Collective (Clive Mitten) - The Age of Insanity

    Brand new album from the bassist of Twelfth Night. Clive Mitten's solo album. 2 tracks re-written from the original Twelfth Night band, including Geoff Mann plus his son singing. Sadly Geoff passed away!...:(

    3 brand new tracks written by Clive Mitten. I really love this album a lot!......8)

    Backing Vocals – James Mann (7)

    Drums – Fudge Smith

    Guitar, Backing Vocals – Mark Spencer (11)

    Lyrics By – Clive Mitten (tracks: 5), Geoff Mann (tracks: 1 and 5)

    Music By, Arranged By, Producer, Keyboards, Orchestrated By, Bass, Acoustic Bass, Electric Guitar, Drum Programming, Noises, Effects – Clive Mitten

    Piano, Keyboards – Stephen Bennett

    Vocals – James Mann (7) (tracks: 5), Mark Spencer (11) (tracks: 1, 5)

    I'm a huge Twelfth Night fan...8)

    Founded in 1978 in Reading, England - Disbanded in 1987. They reformed between 2007 and 2012, again in 2014.

    TWELFTH NIGHT emerged from the Andy Revell Band formed at Reading University, where in 1978 they won a talent competition. Geoff MANN was an artist friend of the band from the moment in 1977 that he knocked on Andy's door to find out what record Andy was listening to and discovered that it was just Andy playing guitar! The embryonic band consisted of Andy and Brian Devoil (drums), with Mr Rick Battersby managing the dry ice.

    After Clive Mitten joined in 1979, TWELFTH NIGHT as a band were born and got straight down to the work of recording. A live LP followed several tapes and experiments with other musicians, including one Electra Mcleod who performed vocals for one tape only. A vocalist was needed - but where to get one? Many were auditioned - including Geoff, who also performed a gig or two with the band and wrote some words for "Sequences".

    A successful series of gigs was followed by the band being booked for the Reading Festival - the first local Reading band to have achieved this in the history of the festival. After much deliberating, Geoff MANN, the backdrop painter became Geoff MANN the poet, lyricist and vocalist.

    It's important to consider the musical, social and political climate of the late 1970s - early 1980s to get a handle on what TWELFTH NIGHT were about; The roots of the music lie mainly in Andy Revell's HACKETT/HILLAGE guitar sound, but GENESIS, early PINK FLOYD and WISHBONE ASH are the most obvious influences. It has been said that there is a punk element to TN, and while there is a certain amount of aggression, that energy comes more directly from NWOBHM than punk. MANN's vocal style and lyrics may be laced with anarchism, but they run a whole lot deeper than that - Geoff was a deep thinker and poet, and later became ordained. His words attack the idle non-thinking majority in a cajoling way, they attack the governments at a grass-roots level and they attack the nonsense of war - but also support the positive aspects of life, like love.

    After MANN left (amicably) to join the church in 1983, a new era of TN started with Andy Sears as vocalist. TWELFTH NIGHT are still making music in one form or another - but it tends to be fitted around the day jobs. Sadly, Geoff died of cancer in 1993.

    The "MANN-era" music will live on in prog as being something particularly special, as it goes several steps further than even FISH-era MARILLION, with whom the band are often (mistakenly) compared.

    2 Ferrari's and 2 Mercedes lead the group!!....^^

    Vettel wins Pole !!...X/

    Surprised at Hamilton's pace here? Weird!! :/ But!,... I'm thinking and hoping a plan is in place, could Hamilton beat them at the start or wait over the race.

    At a remote studio deep in the heart of northern England's "Rural Capital of Food"...

    Andrew Latimer, Denis Clement, Colin Bass and Pete Jones recently had a brief rehearsal period to reconnect and consider material for the upcoming performances. Much merriment ensued after a hard day's night and all four are looking forward to hitting the road in May.


    The 2018 tour is breaking ground in new territories and also revisiting familiar ones. But there are some absent friends such as Scandinavia, France, Germany and both North and South America. Camel have not toured these territories in many years and there were no financially viable offers for the band to do so in 2018. It now seems highly unlikely there will be any dates added on the present schedule. Camel Productions can say for certain that the 17th September Royal Albert Hall show will be the final performance of this year. There are still a precious few tickets left and they will soon be sold out.


    During Camel's long history, many fans have been able to meet and spend a few moments with the band after a show. This very down-to-earth group of musicians have enjoyed this unique experience. However, during the random Meet & Greets on recent tours, there have been a few worrying moments. Crowd control became a serious issue. When several hundred fans queued for autographs and selfies, it became quickly evident that demand could not be met in the time available. At two shows, when fans realised the band had to leave before they could get their autographs, they surged forward nearly overturning a table, crushing the band against a wall. Thankfully, no one was injured but it brought to mind keyboardist Guy LeBlanc's experience in 2003 when he was nearly pulled off the stage by a fan. A monitor cabinet broke his fall, but Guy fractured a rib.

    At another Meet and Greet, an over-zealous fan gripped Andrew Latimer's hand in a vice-like handshake. He refused to let go despite Andrew's shouts of protest and he badly bruised Andrew's hand. The injury cast doubt on his ability to play the following night. Luckily he was able to play but the seriousness of it cannot be underplayed. An injury to any band member can bring down a tour. Had this 'fan' fractured Andrew's hand, it would have ended the tour then and there. It was imperative there be a radical change to the Meet & Greets on future tours.


    For a number of years Andrew Latimer has been challenged by arthritis in his hands, more so in recent years. He tells us he now finds it too painful to shake hands with anyone and so, with no disrespect intended, Andrew will not be able to shake hands and we ask that everyone respect this in turn. We would all rather he continue to play his guitar than risk silencing that gift.

    The other change is an end to the random access Meet & Greets. They will now be offered only as a VIP Package in limited numbers to take place in a private environment before a show. In this way, both the band members and the fans will have time for an autograph, photos and a brief personal chat in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Please be aware that only one item can be autographed due to time constraints, so please only bring your most treasured item. This will give everyone a chance to have a memorable one-on-one moment. If you are interested in a VIP Package, please contact the venue for more information.

    We trust everyone will understand the need for these changes. Camel have always been open, accessible and generous to fans and that includes all band members from 1972 to the present. But we no longer live in the same time as we did in the 70's. That openness was very special. In this New Dawn, the changes throughout society are so great that those days are now truly gone by. Would anyone in 1976 have tolerated watching a 2 hour live concert, during the performance, through a 3" x 5" screen?

    Camel ask that no mobile phone, tablets, video cameras or any recording devices are used during the performance The band would much prefer to play to the faces in an audience as opposed to an array of arms with electronic devices held in the air, obscuring the faces of fans. Camel Productions received a number of complaints from fans who couldn't see for all the devices equally obscuring their view, let alone the distraction of the bright screens shining back at them. The intimacy and magic of a performance is lost for everyone when the focus is interrupted in this way. CP and Camel would very much appreciate your cooperation.

    It's hugely important that everyone enjoy the tour, both band and fans alike. Camel on the Road 2018 has an exciting new element. With the exception of Japanese fans, who were the first to experience Pete Jones' phenomenal contribution to Camel, tour 2018 will offer a first opportunity to do so for fans in Europe, England, and the Middle East. Pete Jones is a wonderful addition to the group so don't miss the chance to see a performance and enjoy the magic of this enduring and endearing group that is Camel.