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    O was speaking to someone in ticketing recently, and they mentioned that empty seats recently fan be chalked up to vaccine/ illness issues. They are getting calls about refunds because of vaccine requirements plus people looking for refunds when people are not feeling welland awaiting covid tests.

    a you went brand new arena, that I guess was supposed to be awesome with acoustics. How did it sound.

    I was blown away with the set list. I knew 80-90% possible songs but to hear Duchess, Dancing With the Moonlit Knight, and believe it or not that was the first time to hear Afterglow live. I like how they changed the medleys up too. I loved the melodic versions of The Lamb, Follow You Follow Me, and That's all.

    Back in '86 I got to hear Supper's Ready prior to them replacing it with Afterglow.

    Fantastic show!!!

    Cool report. I am sad about missing out on Duchess in Chicago, but The Lamb and Follow you worked! That would have been great to see your 86 show. Great pictures.

    You nailed it. I had NO idea what the old melody was, even HBTS, Mama, etc. All I knew was IT, WCD, and TIOA. We had NO way of knowing what they played, or where to find it.

    Right, me too. I knew about the 70s stuff, but you would never hear it on the radio. Even Mama never got played in the states. From the Shapes album it was that's all, and occasionally Taking It All Too Hard. When I heard the Medley, it was sharp and vivid, and as a musician, it blew my mind listening to FOF and trying to replicate it, btw failing!

    So I get why people may not look fondly on the 80s stuff, but it was an opportunity for kids like me dig deeper by the medley.

    Lol, now all the songs are the old medley.

    I'll always look at 92 medley fondly, because I was a 16 year old at my first Genesis concert, MTV generation you know. I really liked this new music coming at me I never heard. The screens illuminating DOAV were vivid, the 13 string was sharp, Chester kicked in, and a thrilling vocal from Phil, and from that moment on, I was an all eras fan. It was fun going to these things pre internet called record stores and finding Selling England, because it had 2 songs from the medley on it.

    Very fun times starting to dig into PG Genesis and loving what I found.

    Love the report. Thank you, and Madison is fantastic. Very moving report. I would have preferred Duchess too, but your report about the elderly couple who was been through a bit and then came to life, hasn't 2020 21 taught us to really enjoy the moment rather than quibble about details that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things. I looked around the crowd several times just trying to absorb it and taking it in knowing that this has been a very difficult time for so many people and it was just great to be with everybody again. Be well.

    Awesome report Foxtrot. Amazing that you got that seat upgrade. Reading your post is getting me even more excited for the show next week. Cheers mate!

    Forgot to mention that somewhere during Second Home by the sea I noticed Phils seat was empty. I was concerned and hoping he was all right then I looked at stage left, Phil decided to take a little stroll! He went to the drum Riser and I hung out until the final vocal of second home by the sea. I know ow this is grasping but he seemed to go on and offstage a bit faster then in the past. All wish him the best of health.

    To tag on to what others have said.... It could definitely be the city. It'll be interesting to see whether the crowd reacts similarly in those old Genesis strongholds - Philly, Montreal, Toronto come to mind. There's also a weird age/nostalgia thing potentially kicking in. Those "IT" fans are probably about 50ish nowadays? The "older" fans are very late '50s and '60s. With the pandemic, it's quite possible that the older people (also the ones more likely to have some health issues) just aren't going into crowded spaces yet. Boy, that makes aging sound appealing lol. I'm nearly 59 and I'm still not entirely sure about sitting cheek to cheek with 20000 other people, to be completely honest.

    And BTW, it was loud!!! Chicago has been a long Genesis stronghold, much like most of the cities on this tour. But like I said, a lot of people seemed to travel for this gig, so they were invested totally.

    Funnily enough, I was more emotional at end of 2007 show. Not that Fading Lights wasn't or anything. For me, it was just a gas seeing the guys again, it was more a joyous celebration than youtubeland, which was more sad for me.

    Mask up Bass and 12 man and if you go, let us know.

    just got home from second Chicago show and let me tell you, the YouTube videos aren't doing anything justice.

    So the range isn't there as before, but Phil was on key, nice pitch, and dare I say hit some tough notes in Throwing it All Alway and Domino.

    Couldn't believe how any out of towers there were. Travis from Sacramento, Bill from Milwaukee, a nice couple from Omaha, and Dave from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. All said the same thing, no west shows we are coming out .

    Great vibe with age group 40 to 70 for the most part. Nice mix of non white people too. Very cool.

    Went with misses, who it's her first Genesis concert, and a convert when I showed her what Album tracks look like.

    Had last row seats in the nosebleeds, and then, 20 minutes before the show, we get tickets to the 11th row. Others up top started to join us. So I asked the usher and he said the band releases some tickets based on once they get the stage in there, if there's more space then needed, they go get real fans and say thank you. Was blown away.

    Same set as night before...Some quick thoughts...

    Nice Collins hit with real power. Got a good look at him and Tony all show and he made SHBTS and Domino into something that we haven't seen live before.

    Tony's fingers still can work Cinema Show well.

    Daryl owned FOF tonight. His best version yet.

    Couple technical keyboard issues when power went out for about a bar, but hey, that's live.

    Phil still messes up Home By The Sea lyrics and Domino, but that's been happening since 1986.! He was in great spirits busting Mike and Daryls balls and the voice is pretty darn good, zero embarrassment if people were afraid.

    Domino was Intense! Love when Nic clicks those sticks and Tony goes to town.

    Acoustic set works. The middle song, not gonna spoil that if you don't know, was different but it worked great. Mama was on point.

    Great night, I've got work soon but I'll share more later.

    Thank you Genesis

    Hey folks,

    Just got home from the second Chicago show and the setlist was the same as the first night.

    Took a whole day for me to accept no Duchess, but I just thought I was glad to be in the building with Genesis.

    Otherwise great show, very loud most of the show, started at 810, ended at 1030, my wife's first Genesis concert and was bowled over.

    Hope you all enjoy the shows your scheduled to get to.

    These are the days of our lives, so remember.