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    I was sick as a dog this day 40 years ago with something quite serious. But there was no way was I going to miss this gig. So against all my families advice my girlfriend at the time who understood the importance of the event rented a car so as to make the journey down and up from Leeds a bit easier. She drove me down and back up after the show while I was under a pile of blankets in the back. We sat at the top of the bowl for the support bands and then made our way nearer to the front for the start of Genesis. And for two hours in the pouring rain I forgot all about my woes and was transformed somewhere magical. They did the perfect setlist and I loved every second.

    I always thought that they would find an excuse and do it again one day. But alas it was not to happen. And too late now. Shame. These five blokes created the best art ever created IMHO!!! But I am so glad they did this show. And so glad I saw it. This was the only time I saw pg front Genesis.

    Cheers, Nigel

    Hi folks,

    OK after a bit more searching I have found the whole of the Documentary and performance from the NASA gig that I have on VHS here on youtube:

    and if you go to around 47 minutes you can also see Lovers Leap has both Mike and Tony on guitar. The other songs have Nir on limited percusion. But there is no Drennan on this performance.


    ....and on the same promo tour Genesis played at the Kennedy Space Center In FL performing a four song acoustic set with Tony playing guitar on Not About Us. I have the whole show on a VHS tape somewhere boxed in my loft but nothing to play it on! I could only find this poor Q clip on youtube of NAU but not the whole performace:

    NAU was followed by Lovers Leap and I am pretty sure Tony played guitar on that too but I cant find any clips on youtube. has it dated 28th Aug 1997

    No Son of Mine

    Not About Us

    Lovers Leap

    Turn It On Again.

    ....and I think this would be Rays (and Nirs) only US gig that they ever did with Genesis!

    Yeah, there is a hole in my life now. Since I was a young teen I have always been looking forward to the next Genesis tour. And even since 2007 I always thought it just might happen agian. But not now.


    We still have lots of Genesis related live music to look forward to. SH tours all the time and just seems to get better and better. MR has a long UK tour booked for next year. And strong rumours of a PG tour. So lots to look forward to. Its not over yet. And who knows maybe some combination of Genesis members migth be tempted to put something together. I wish TB would do an outing of somesort. He could put a great band together and play some of his solo work mixed in with some Genesis. Wouldn't that be cool. And I have alwasy wished Ant Phillips would give some live work a go. I went to an Ant tribute show a couple of years ago where AP was in the audience and recieved applaus but sadly did not venture onto the stage.

    And then there are loads of good tribute bands out there. I will be going to see The Watch in a couple of months. They are such good musicians and play the music brilliantly.

    Never say never.......?

    I saw a lot of the Genesis gigs on their 92 tour (23 in total). Which included the first two in TX and the last outdoor show at Knebworth and some of the indoor shows later in the year. The first two TX shows were good as its always exciting to see the band again after a long break (1987) and they did include Mama which was then dropped. But Phil had not found the rhythm of the tour yet and perhaps was not 100% well. The following week I was over in FL for the two shows there. He was struggling at the Miami show and then at the Tampa show he walked off stage after the first two songs. Two days later they played in DC which I went to and he was feeling much better. After the rough start to the tour he seemed to find his stride. A few weeks later I flew over to Europe and followed them around to a bunch of shows. Phil was performing way better at this point. And later I saw the two UK outdoor shows both of which I thought were brilliant. Later in the year I flew back to the UK and saw a bunch of the Earls court shows and the Manchester show. The later was probably the best of the shows I saw that year. IMHO!


    I have seen 81 Genesis shows as follows:

    Duke (6) 1980: Sheffield, ManchesterX2, Bradford, Newcastle and Liverpool.

    Abacab (9) 1981: Koln, Brussels, Londonx3 and BirminghamX4.

    3 Sides (6) 1982: BirminghamX2, Deeside, Leeds and EdinburghX2.

    SOTB (1) 1982: Milton Keynes.

    Mama (1) 1984: Birmingham.

    IT (7): 1987: Paris, Glasgow, Leeds and Londonx4.

    WCD (23) 1992: Dallas, Houston, Miami, Tampa!, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Seatle, Paris, Gelsenkirchen, Hockenhiem, Goteburg, HannoverX2, Leeds, Knebworth, Manchester and LondonX5.

    CAS (6) 1998: Birmingham, London, Newcastle, Manchester, Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park.

    TIOA (13) 2007: Berlin, Leipzip, Frankfurt, Manchester, London, Toronto, Buffalo, Pittsburg, PhiladelphiaX3, Washington DC and Denver.

    TLD (9) 2021/22: BirminghamX3, ManchesterX2, LeedsX2, Liverpool and London.

    ...OK, Tampa was only two songs before a sick Phil walked off stage. But I still have the ticket stub and still paid the money so I am counting it as a show!

    ...and I did see the three song sound check for Koln in 81 (while stood on the stage)(I had been a roadie for the afternoon)...

    and Genesis Solo:

    Peter Gabriel (21)

    Phil Collins (9)

    Steve Hackett (22)

    M&tM (7)

    and still counting!!! SH, MR both have tours booked and PG rumoured for a tour next year!!!

    Cheers, Nigel


    OK I am two years late to answer Christians original post on Toyah. But I was a fan of hers back when she started. I think 'Toyah' was also meant to represent the name of the band at first. But for me the first two albums were great. Sheep Farming and Blue Meaning. The later has the track 'Ieya' coming in at 8 minutes long. Its not prog by any stretch. But I still love that track. I lost interest in her after these two abums but when Tony Banks worked with her in the mid 80s it resparked my interest in her. And I still play those two early albums today.

    I do watch Toyah and Fripps Sunday madness. Bonkers both of them. But lots of fun.

    Cheers, Nigel

    interesting topic.

    I will start with my 3 fav perfect (all none Genesis related) songs of all time:

    Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world

    John Lennon - Imagine

    U2 - One

    And Genesis (and related):

    The Lamia

    Darkness (pg)

    Mad man moon

    From over 100 choices so far only about a dozen feature female voices, though both those numbers reduce a bit when duplications are factored in. I'm not criticising our choices, it's just an observation of something I've noticed before in other threads - female voices are rarely mentioned around these parts.

    OK - a few of my fav female fronted albums:

    Kate Bush - Kick Inside

    10000 Maniacs - In my tribe

    Sandy Denny - old fashioned waltz

    I went to Thursdays O2 show. Loved it. Very emotional. I saw nine shows from this tour in total (the first seven here in the UK + 2nd Liverpool + 1st O2) and loved them all. Very sad to think that this will be the end. But I am pleased they pulled it off. I now have seen 81 Genesis concerts in total. I have all my Genesis ticket stubs proudly framed hanging on my dining room wall. Huge THANKS.