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    A lot can be done with a good promotion. People would love to see the full version, for example Driving The Last Spike in the original key, Fading Lights or Dreaming While You Sleep. Plus it would be great quality. Mama was also played very rarely in 1992. I will not mention Way Of The World or Living Forever. So really don't tell me few people would buy it.

    It wouldn't lose any value if they just put a price on it, put it on Amazon and that's it. I'm not saying that all recordings are free. People can save money and pay. But no. I don't get that. For me, this is the attitude of collectors who are already advanced in age, who patronize others, younger - and from other countries - because they consider themselves to be the elite.

    You know - I understand everything, really. But 30 years have passed. More. It certainly has commercial value, but wouldn't it be better to put these CDs on the internet and pay for them? Damn! I would and a lot of fans would too. They would make money and the fans would be happy. Therefore, forgive me - but I do not understand that they do not want to let it go public. Yes, no young fan of the band will ever hear that. An offer is made - these CDs cost so much, please pay. I don't understand this extreme stubbornness, especially since rehearsal songs are a nightmare!

    It's hard for me to say - in my opinion, the band or the Concord company have recordings of rehearsals. Besides, in 2004, Phil wrote in some chat room that he had EVERY Genesis audio sample recorded. Hard to believe, but that's what it said. There will probably be more live releases in the future - but when? I do not know. It's really hard to say. I bet by the end of 2024.

    The person who posted this wrote that there is no Way Of The World from this rehearsal - but we don't know if there are any other recordings from other tours or other rehearsals from 1992. This man gave us a lot of fun but he is completely unpredictable hahaha . I thought that there was nothing else - and here you are. After New Years I'll try to ask what else he has.

    Fantastic video. Is Land Of Confusion, No Son Of Mine and almost full version Driving The Last Spike live. :) Furthermore is a lot of interesting pictures... computers from 1992, the work of English workers in the 19th century, shown in the video Driving The Last Spike - or Phil's short harmonica playing hahahaha. A really great Christmas present was given to us by David, a great film. The only drawback is the lack of other tracks, but it doesn't really matter. :)

    The best album with Phil discography. I Don't Care Anymore, Do You Know Do You Care and Thru These Walls especially. The West Side, Like China.... Classic. The tour was great too. I would give half of my lecturer's salary for a few months and settle for one meal a day hahaha just to find out if Do You Know Do You Care was played in pre-concert rehearsals hahahaha and to listen to that version. It would be a revelation!

    We have another huge surprise for Phil fans. On one of the channels for Genesis fans on the Internet, 2 Internet users yesterday found one VK site (I used to use it for research work and downloading books) - and it turned out that they found ..... Phil's video from the concert in Philadelphia on June 19 1994 !!!!!!!! It may not be a proshot quality, but it is undoubtedly a pleasure to watch and listen to this concert. 🙂 So far, there is only a bootleg on the Genesis Movement. The setlist is generally standard, but Drum Duet, I Don't Care Anymore, and Don't Lose My Number are missing. I hope you will forgive me for "promoting" the Russian side (I hope that the Russians who are on the forum here and do not support Putin's regime, his entourage - or the war, will not take it personally). There is simply no other Phil's concert anywhere else - and it is unique. 🙂 Thanks to Phil Collins / Genesis / Brand X for adding this show almost 7 years ago and to 2 users Internet for finding this show.

    Please note that the link will direct you to this concert from Philadelphia from 1994. :)…=video-21680177_171503439

    It turned out that 11 days ago 2 video songs by Phil proshot from the concert in Bangkok on March 27-28 1995 were added to Youtube. :) This is the video I see for the first time. Great version of Don't Lose My Number and Survivors live. If anyone has a full Bangkok video, please add it to Youtube. :) Below I am sending links.

    - Don't Lose My Number

    - Survivors

    Really - some of you accuse me of being unrealistic. You are entitled to a word of criticism, I accept it. :) But for Concord to gain money, they only with advertising and Tiktok will NOT ACHIEVE YOUR CASH BACK! NO MORE COMPILATION! It does not take great intelligence to understand that a refund is practically possible ONLY BY CONCERTS. And if the concerts are to get people to buy it, they have to be NEW, UNRELEASED CONCERTS. How much will Concord profit if they re-release The Way We Walk on DVD again? Or Wembley? Slight compared to how they let Toronto go in 1986. :) People are waiting to see Supper Ready live from 1982 and 1986. Not only a group of older fans, but really Genesis with difficulty, but also reaching the 30-year-old generation. It is enough to show Phil with Chester on drums - this can also encourage young people to listen to Genesis and, for example, to start learning to play the drums. Just like in my case. :) We will see what will happen and here there is no need to weave some unknown theories. But I'm really pretty sure there will be something new by 2024 - and probably a video. And rather, it will be a "commercial" period for the company to earn a lot. Maybe they'll even play 1987's "full" Hannover or something from 1986. Besides, a lot depends on whether there will be any new Phil solo videos. Phil has gained even more popularity as a solo artist and he is "identified" with Genesis. When people reach for Phil's video, they will reach for Genesis subconsciously. :) We're just waiting for now and let's not delete in advance that nothing will happen. Time will tell.

    I did not know. They actually recorded 2 full rehearsals during the pandemic? Uuuuuuuuu. This is surprising information for me. There is definitely a lot of material from the rehearsals. Phil himself wrote that ALL Genesis rehearsals were recorded. He wrote it in 2004. I just don't know if it's audio or video. And I'm sure these tapes are now in the Concord archives. I wrote - we are waiting. Concord must definitely get its money back, and there will be something to be released in a year or two. :) And it's something new that will guarantee a large flow of money. The only question is what. Surely the shows in the 80s were recorded - like the Toronto from 1986. There is a great picture, but we don't know what about the audio sound. That's what sound engineers are for. We are waiting, we will see what will happen. Academic intuition tells me that we will see some new Genesis videos by the end of 2024. Will we see rehearsals though? This is hard to say.

    Well, because Genesis will no longer have an impact on it, I am 80% convinced that something new will come out in 2024. :) To reach the young generation, ONLY compilations are not needed, but video material - DVD, Blu -Ray. Whatever. It also means that commercial material will be released to get money back - for example concert from 1986 or 1987. Besides for "older" fans - just release 2 full videos from each tour plus a good advertising campaign - they will make up for it within many years this money. We'll see what comes out of it - anyway, it can't get any worse. Nothing has been practically new for 15 years. :) Therefore, something 80% new will be by the end of 2024. May I be right.

    Exactly. It also makes me a little surprised. :) This transaction, however, was also probably prepared for a long time. Phil wanted to get rid of it - I suspect he didn't want to fight for this collection in his family. And ex-wifes will get nothing.