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    If I went alone hahaha, it's obvious that I won't achieve anything. They must be good friends of Tony Smith, Phil or Concord people. It's not up to us to try to convince them to release anything. We can express our opinion, but we do not decide about it. We'll see what happens - I think that in the future we will hear some of these recordings from different years. And if not? It's hard. We will not force anyone to do anything. Unofficial recordings will remain. We'll just ask people if they have anything. This is what brings the effect - not once after the questions, people showed unofficial things - real unique items. I am curious about what the future will bring.

    Eh. I really think a lot of people will watch and listen to it. In 2 days, 2,000 people watched 35 seconds of Do The Neurothic video. 35 seconds. Is that little? All it takes is a good marketing promotion, looking for unique items, the work of NOT A TEAM, but sound and image engineers - and I'm sure a lot of people will buy it. Full bootleg from rehearsals plus unknown songs that have not been played in concerts and practiced in rehearsals. Usapcfan presented a very good idea how this problem could be solved. The argument for these attempts is also that at the beginning of the tour these songs simply sound better. An example is Driving The Last Spike, Domino from 1986, Mama from 1983, Dreaming While You Sleep and many other songs. I want to know, for example, what Abacab sounded like in rehearsals in 1981. Phil has a much better voice at the beginning of the tour. Unfortunately, I can't help it that the team doesn't want to hire these 10-15 people. In their place, I would have done it right away.

    We'll see how it goes. But really, this idea of this box from the We Can't Dance album would be sensational, as presented by usapcfan. I would buy it immediately if I had the opportunity, even if I had to save money every month. However, this is currently unrealistic.

    I'm just annoyed, as always, by extreme pessimism that something will NEVER work out. It will come out - it won't work out it won't work out. More and more unofficial recordings are coming out - 2021 and 2022 were sensational in this respect. We never know what will happen in life - I was shocked myself by Living Forever or the 1986 Rosemont soundcheck. Not to mention Hannover 1987. Somehow, no one removes these videos, so apparently it doesn't bother the team. I really wouldn't be surprised if something comes out in 2 years. And if it doesn't come out? Then we'll be looking for something unofficial. And that's it. In the end, even in 10 years we will get something - after all, these recordings will no longer be in the archives until the end of the world. Recently, a fragment of the Led Zeppelin concert video has been released. We really don't know what the future holds.

    On such boxes, however, they would really earn a lot of money. You just have to be willing to work a bit and put in the effort. I mean sound and image engineers. I will not change my opinion that they would lose on such boxes. Not true. I know that releasing such boxes now is completely unrealistic, but I know that with good marketing a lot of people would buy it. But it takes some work here.

    But I know it - I just don't understand it and I won't understand it. In their place, I would do what I said. And as for the quality? They hire 5, 10 sound engineers to remaster it all and track it down. 2 years of work and the box comes out. I know that what I write is not possible at the moment - only in their place I would act completely differently.

    I'm sure most fans would buy it without hesitation. :) I'm completely serious. Just look around the internet a bit. People are waiting for something new - no matter what era. :) And the tour from 1992 is close to people, because they remember it best - next to those from 2007 and The Last Domino. And what you presented - these are often new things. :) Demo for Fading Lights? It would be a huge surprise.

    The Tell Me Why recording was never heard. And the question is superfluous - of course I would buy it. :) That's probably clear. :) Of course, I would change a few things - the recordings should be from these rehearsals before the tour, unknown. :) But even if Mama is with the Astrodome and Carpet Crawlers with Southampton, I'd buy it. I'd even put the money aside for a few months and buy it. :)

    And by the way, those 97,000 people just watched the movie for a month. Really let people from the band do a proper research, research how many fans want these unique performances, e.g. from rehearsals. The 35-second clip for Do The Neurothic was watched by 2,000 people in less than 2 days. I guess that means something.

    A very good setlist. :))))) It's a pity that the recorder wasn't allowed in Mama or Dreaming While You Sleep, but he did a fantastic job anyway. Thanks to usapcfan for the info and this tracklist. For now, I doubt it, but maybe someone will come to their senses and publish it someday - either for free or for a fee.

    I wrote that 30,000 fans from one group!!!!!!! And the fact that the same people watched the clip are certainly exceptions - many people already have this movie on their computer. Do you know how many Genesis fan groups there are? Certainly about 200, 300 of different kinds - smaller, larger or very small. Oh - you also forgot that Genesis is liked by fans of Phil or Steve. A lot of people will buy it if it's well-promoted. The tour from 1992 is one of the most liked by fans. Maybe less than the 70s, but it was and is liked - I know that it was from it that the team made the most profits. Unfortunately, I did not find the number of people in the world who bought this box, e.g. from 1983-2007. But I will. And the fact that only 50,000 people will buy such a box is complete nonsense. The problem is that no one wants to do a good media promotion of these recordings. You have to put in a bit of effort here. That's why there are excuses like people won't buy it. Please forgive my tone, but let the people from this management take a risk, do a proper marketing promotion and I'm sure they will reach up to about a million people. It also depends on whether it will be a single attempt or a box of several attempts. If there will be a box additionally, e.g. with a concert, a few million will be fine. But it takes a bit of effort.

    A lot can be done with a good promotion. People would love to see the full version, for example Driving The Last Spike in the original key, Fading Lights or Dreaming While You Sleep. Plus it would be great quality. Mama was also played very rarely in 1992. I will not mention Way Of The World or Living Forever. So really don't tell me few people would buy it.

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    - 97 thousand. :)

    It wouldn't lose any value if they just put a price on it, put it on Amazon and that's it. I'm not saying that all recordings are free. People can save money and pay. But no. I don't get that. For me, this is the attitude of collectors who are already advanced in age, who patronize others, younger - and from other countries - because they consider themselves to be the elite.

    You know - I understand everything, really. But 30 years have passed. More. It certainly has commercial value, but wouldn't it be better to put these CDs on the internet and pay for them? Damn! I would and a lot of fans would too. They would make money and the fans would be happy. Therefore, forgive me - but I do not understand that they do not want to let it go public. Yes, no young fan of the band will ever hear that. An offer is made - these CDs cost so much, please pay. I don't understand this extreme stubbornness, especially since rehearsal songs are a nightmare!

    It's hard for me to say - in my opinion, the band or the Concord company have recordings of rehearsals. Besides, in 2004, Phil wrote in some chat room that he had EVERY Genesis audio sample recorded. Hard to believe, but that's what it said. There will probably be more live releases in the future - but when? I do not know. It's really hard to say. I bet by the end of 2024.

    The person who posted this wrote that there is no Way Of The World from this rehearsal - but we don't know if there are any other recordings from other tours or other rehearsals from 1992. This man gave us a lot of fun but he is completely unpredictable hahaha . I thought that there was nothing else - and here you are. After New Years I'll try to ask what else he has.

    Fantastic video. Is Land Of Confusion, No Son Of Mine and almost full version Driving The Last Spike live. :) Furthermore is a lot of interesting pictures... computers from 1992, the work of English workers in the 19th century, shown in the video Driving The Last Spike - or Phil's short harmonica playing hahahaha. A really great Christmas present was given to us by David, a great film. The only drawback is the lack of other tracks, but it doesn't really matter. :)