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    I was at the concert on March 7th. Honestly, I thought Phil's voice was worse, but he sang well instead!

    The sound of the band was really powerful! A real shame, in my opinion, that they haven't played more instrumental '70s albums pieces. In the Mercedes Arena I realized, unfortunately, that people of my age know more about the '80s songs than the old ones, so, I think, that's the reason why Genesis survived through the years.

    You may like it or not, but that's the way it is.

    Ps: I want to thank the admin Christian because he gave correct and precise logistic information about the gigs in Berlin that was very useful, especially for a person like me who came from Italy!

    They start rehearsing this week and will then head to Berlin a few days before the first show there.

    Let's hope they don't go to Berlin just for a vacation...
    Look at the link that I report below... good news? bad news? 8|
    A greeting from Italy!…hraenkungen-kabinett.html

    With the easing that has now been decided, Brandenburg is implementing the phased plan that the heads of government of the federal and state governments decided last week. Berlin is also planning to relax, but the Senate does not want to discuss this until its next Senate meeting on March 1st.

    A user of the Facebook Group called "Genesis the last domino? Tour 2021 & 2022" wrote yesterday: "The Amsterdam shows are uncertain to go on at the moment because these are party useated events. A pressconference next Tuesday (tomorrow? :/ next week? :/ - this is my question ;))will give more information.