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    I have a sad addition. We've just lost Judith Durham, voice of the Seekers. Check out their majestic version of The Carnival Is Over. RIP.

    Lovely voice, made a few timeless records and left the stage (well The Seekers). I love that she just wanted to sing and avoid all the hoopla.

    Born in 1960, if I had to pick one decade it would be the 1970s. The best decade for album releases, A Trick of the Tail, The Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zeppelin IV, Rumours etc. There has been great music produced in all time periods but the albums I play the most were released when I was at school.

    Dave Gilmour should play Glastonbury and invite Kate to sing on a couple of songs. She is perhaps more likely to appear with him and reprise their performance at the Secret Policeman's Ball in 1987 (Running Up That Hill), and The Royal Festival Hall in 2002 (Comfortably Numb).

    Everyone is left in no doubt that its Steve's show, but I agree that Nad should be centre and let off the leash a little to liven things up. He tends to shuffle on and off. Can't blame Steve for doing the Genesis material (they do it well), it is obviously a lot more remunerative than his solo work (I bought the early stuff but then lost interest). Always wondered if he ever had any regrets about leaving Genesis.

    I would expect she has been invited to headline at Glastonbury every year. Even guesting with another artist would be great, imagine her duetting with Paul McCartney.

    I think not recording the London shows is the final act in their disregard of fans' wishes over a long period. It was a tour of arenas rather than the stadia of the 2007 tour, and there would have been many people who couldn't attend but nonetheless would buy a recording.

    Clearly, Phil was struggling and his voice is not what it was, but the tour was the final act in the band's long history. They put out Sum Of The Parts on blu ray when nobody would have asked for it, yet they are not bothering with their swansong, I don't get it.

    During their pop phase, Phil was front and centre and he had a bigger influence on their band material than he had had during the 1970s. I really view this as similar to the change in Marillion when Fish left (although Phil didn't leave until later) and although some fans liked both incarnations, many of us were left behind. Jesus and Dance are lightyears away from Watcher and Vine and I think this is why there has always been a clamour by older fans for a collaboration with Peter and Steve. Certainly during the 1980s their concerts were very pop heavy, with the classical material languishing as the 'old medley'.

    What are your favourite live recordings, whether on CD, DVD, BRD, or even VHS. I have limited myself to one per artist:

    Genesis - When in Rome DVD (sadly!)

    The Moody Blues - Lovely to see you BRD

    Hawkwind - Live 79 CD

    ELO - Wembley or Bust BRD

    David Gilmour - Live at Pompeii BRD

    Neil Finn & friends - 7 Worlds Collide DVD

    Blue Oyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening CD

    David Bowie - A Reality Tour DVD

    Glen Campbell - Live in Sioux Falls DVD

    Dido - Live at Brixton Academy DVD

    Camel - Live at RAH BRD

    Eric Clapton - Lady in the Balcony 4KD

    a-ha - Unplugged Summer Solstice BRD

    Steve Hackett - Total Experience Live in Liverpool (had the most trouble with this as I have more by Steve than anyone else) BRD

    Justin Hayward - Spirits Live BRD

    Various - Concert for George BRD

    I think there have been two incarnations of Genesis, not with and without PG, but between classical Genesis (up to Duke) and popular Genesis (post Duke). Duke was the last studio album I bought, as the more Phil influenced material left me behind. I can listen to the newer songs when included on live recordings/DVDs etc, but otherwise I don't play the more recent popular stuff.

    Does 'cool' mean liked or fashionable. It was never fashionable to like ABBA, but everyone did (many secretly!). I think it's partly because Genesis transcend narrow categorisation. I don't think it's hyperbole to compare their compositions to the great classical composers. When you strip their sound down to just a piano arrangement, you can hear how special they are and how long-lived their music will be.

    It's the same with Bowie, when you hear Rick Wakeman play Space Oddity and Life on Mars, you realise how special he was (if you didn't already).

    Great interview, thanks for the heads-up. As TS says, the 2007 Rome concert was spectacular. So what about a blu ray Tony? you managed to put one out for Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets. And don't make us wait too long for the other Genesis projects, none of us are getting any younger - apparently except for you!