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    Hi everyone,

    i'm new here but i have to share my little story.

    Coming from Italy, i attended the concert of 17th,

    asked my 15 years son to be with me.. he accepted

    my story:

    i knew Genesis in 1988, buying IT, and Phil in 1989 with But Seriously

    therefore 15/16 , i fell in love with their music , exploring the rest of their production in the years after..

    in 1992 , finally my first ever concert : Genesis in Nice .

    then.. i saw them a couple of times (1997, 2007) and Peter and Phil, several times...

    i grew with them, as many of us.

    so, after 30 years, during which they all represented the soundtrack of my life, i had the privilege to “close the circle “, again in France, moreover with my “little boy “ with me…

    the show, for me was as the first ever 30 years ago:

    pure EMOTIONS. i thank God to have had this opportunity.

    Ok, seeing Phil (my Idol Phil) in that conditions was sad, but the also seeing myself in the mirror compared to when i was 18 could be a bit sad..:-),

    and also the for 80% of the public may be...:-)

    time goes on for everybody, sometimes better (i'll pay to reach 71 as Mike and Tony..) , sometimes worse..

    I cried many times, a lot on Afterglow..,a bit when i saw Phil leaving the stage, realizing that for me it was really he last time.

    technically speaking:

    - musicians were on top,

    - Phil's voice , so so, but acceptable (lowered keys of the songs have permitted to me ti sing along with him...for one time)

    - sound was FANTASTIC,

    - Nick's drumming wasn't that Jazzy as his father was, but it were so powerful that fulfilled the execution with the energy that Phil's voice didn't have, and gave again a particular "youth" to pieces.

    it was for me one of the keys of the show

    at the bottom line :

    My son was with me, for two days in Paris, he enjoyed the trip, enjoyed the show ,

    for me it was marvelous, i closed the circle believing to having passed to him a part of my life , in that place, in front of "my" Idols,

    hoping he could find a passion like this and feel sensations like these one day.

    thank you Phil, Mike, Tony, Peter, Steve, Chester, Daryl, Nick, Ray, Antony, ..Daniel and Patrick