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    Mozo, I was there , as Max Boyce used to say.

    Music aside, my overwhelming memory will always be the rain. I can't remember a time when I have been more drenched.

    The build up to the main event just seemed to go on and on, broken only for me by Talk Talk who were excellent. A man in front of us, clearly off his head on his now empty 3ltr cider bottle, about 6'4" somehow cleared a space. His hair stuck to his face in the rain while his long overcoat looked like he'd just emerged from a bath. He announced that the catering was so shite he was going to eat mud. And he did! Great handfuls of it. Then he went off in search of more liquid fuel.

    Still it poured.

    Then that muppet Jonathan King came on to introduce Peter and Genesis. I remember him getting a less than warm reception. Plastic bottles filled with mud whizzed passed us heading his way.

    He left the stage rapidly and I swear to this day at that moment the rain stopped.

    My personal highlight was Carpet Crawlers, Peters voice crisp as a biscuit in a scene of now dark muddy Bowl devastation. No one cared. It was what we had come for. Our reunited idols.

    We had been there since midday and the time had passed so slowly until the coffin entered, then like a flash it was over.

    I was 21and had been introduced to Genesis by a cousin when I was about 11 or 12.

    A year later in 1983 I was at Selhurst Park to see Peter, the Thompson Twins and the awful Undertones.

    I've been fortunate over the years to see Peter and Genesis many times.

    I have never returned to Milton Keynes Bowl :)