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    I always wonder how many of the fans who bought albums like IT and WCD and were new to Genesis, are still die hard fans or was just a passing music phase in the 80's?

    Good question! I don't know, but today's loyal fans who are younger than 50 surely discovered the band through their IT and WCD hit songs. I am one of those fans. I discovered Genesis when "No Son of Mine" was released in 1991. During the coming year I listened to the band's back catalogue and quickly embraced the whole Genesis world. This autumn I will celebrate my 30th anniversary as an all eras Genesis fan.

    Any chance 'Jesus He Knows me' will be on the setlist ?

    The lyrics maybe a little controversial tbh

    Listen to the lyrics and watch the video! The song is about hypocrisy and double standards within certain groups of Christian preachers. It is not a criticism of the Christian faith in itself.

    TV-evangelists of that kind who want to enrich themselves by taking money from ordinary pious citizens while themselves living a luxurious and decadent lifestyle may find the song controversial. On the other hand, people who want the Christian church to be decent, honest and true to Christian ideals would surely agree with Phil Collins' sarcastic remarks in the lyrics.

    Today the Genesis Official Store sent out an e-mail regarding the anniversary of FGTR, the 52nd anniversary ... Regarding what the band thinks of this album and how little interest they have shown for it, I was very surprised to see not only the ordinary merchandise, but also the album itself (as an LP) for sale in the official store.

    Does this mean anything? Maybe Tony and Mike have finally decided to pay the price Jonathan King wants for the rights to the music? And maybe there will soon be another re-release, but a final one, by the band itself?…rom-genesis-to-revelation

    That was a nice listening. I'm glad they filmed it all professionally and I'm looking to seeing that film - either as a bonus to a concert release or as a stand-alone release.

    Of course I sincerely hope that the tour will take place sometime soon, but to be honest I don't see how that would fit in with the current political development in the UK and in Western countries as a whole.

    Woodroffe being phoned by Peter Gabriel during interview, well that may be a clever way to hint to loyal fans that some kind of reunion is being prepared. Or it means nothing at all. But I've said for years now, that if a reunion with Gabriel and Hackett should take place it should be short - only a few songs on a couple of concerts. Anything beyond that is unrealistic.

    Regarding the singing in Home By The Sea: no, that's not Collins, it has to be one of the backing vocalists.

    There's a film sequence with marching people wearing gags. What song could that be intended for? I came to think of a line in Carpet Crawlers: "There's only one direction in the faces that I see." That's how I perceive people when out on time – faces without expression.

    Or maybe Land Of Confusion will be illustrated with a scene from our present insane society?

    That's interesting indeed! During recent years my musical taste has developed more and more towards heavier rock, with for instance Dream Theater and Galahad. This song by Better Strangers certainly has enough melody to satisfy my taste. It will be interesting to follow this band.

    But of course, had it not been for Nicholas being involved I would have neither heard of this band, nor paid any attention. Always when there is a connection to a group or an artist I like a lot I am willing to explore what the associated musicians are up to.

    It would be possible to listen to music by Genesis, by a Genesis member or by a musician with connection to Genesis for a whole day without getting bored.

    .... and remember that on Tony's monitor there was "New Duchess" listed, which obviously means they have been working on new versions.

    That sounds very interesting indeed! Well, I trust the judgment of my old heroes and I'm curious as to what they will give us this time. It will be different, but as long as the feeling is there my loyalty and appreciation remains.

    I had forgotten about ”Living On My Own”. Wow, what an impressive song! It was released in September 1985, so it may well have inspired Phil in the same way as Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” did in 1982.

    What Phil does after “Throwing It All Away” in the Berlin recording linked above actually sounds like one of those vocal intermissions by Freddie Mercury, as far as I remember anyway. I’m trying to find it now in order to compare. Maybe it's on the Wembley live album (recorded in 1986).

    “Throwing It All Away” is a nice song in the studio version, but the live performance is something very special. I really like Phil’s vocal exercises at beginning, middle and end: “Deedaeeeh!” (Or how to spell it …) Also, this is one of the instances during concert when Phil interacts with the audience. I’ve always liked how Phil interacts with the audience in various ways. There’s a truly magic recording of this song from Berlin on 8th June 1987: Phil delivers some really powerful singing and the audience is a bit slow with the response at the start but all the better and enthusiastic later during the song – and for another minute after it finished. Many people rightfully praise Freddie Mercury for his stage persona, but I think Phil deserves to be mentioned too in this respect. I mean, how many artists are actually “playing” with their audience in the way Phil does?

    I’ve listened to the very first concert of the Invisible Touch tour, on the 18th of September. The “Deedaeeeh!” is there, although as somewhat of an embryo. Of course it developed during the tour until he reached his vocally strong and very confident performances later on the tour.

    Now, I have a question. Where does “Deedaeeeh!” come from? How did that come about? My hypothesis is that this playful vocal exercise actually stems from the recording sessions. We know how the band used to work: they jammed and Phil sang nonsense lyrics. Sometimes the actual lyrics took inspiration from the nonsense singing. When they wrote “No Son Of Mine” Phil sang something that sounded somewhat like that, which then gave the song its title and theme. So maybe it was the same when Mike wrote the lyrics to “Throwing It All Away”? And doesn’t “Deedaeeeh!” sound a little, little, little bit like “Throwing It All Away”?

    I’ve never heard the band or anybody else say anything about the live version of this song, so I am curious if you any of you know anything about it.

    Detroit 18th of September 1986:

    Berlin 8th June 1987:

    Now i am just looking forward to having a great night out and appreciating a band that has been part of my life for 40 years and may be the last may not be perfect but i can live with that and just make the most of the moment

    That's the spirit! I mean, for us real fans the band members are part of our extended family. We discovered and loved them when they where young, creative and inventive and at the height of their performance, but along the way we grew fond of them in a way. I'm a lifelong fan of those guys! When it comes to concerts, it's not that important to me. I would love to see them on this tour, but if the cost is too high I will be just as happy with new audio and video recordings.

    I completely understand why they won't record a whole new album. But if they feel like it they could write one or two songs and play them on this tour. That would be the easy way for them to be a bit creative and test the waters, so to say. But sadly I don't think it will happen.

    Phil at the first concert of the 2020 tour:

    “Well, tonight we’re going to play quite a lot of really old songs. [pause for cheering] And yes, most definitely some really, really old songs too. [pause for intense cheering] In fact, we may also play some new songs. [pause for confusion] Yeah, really, here’s a tune we wrote during rehearsals earlier this year.”

    So why did they visit Madison Square garden NYC?

    As far as I've gathered Phil lives in NYC nowadays. Tony and Mike may have only visited him there, as old friends do. Then they may in addition have had a meeting or even rehearsals there. I hope that is the case. Tomorrow we will know!