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    i don't think they did, but the wikipedia article for genesis refers to them in past: "genesis were an english band...".

    Yes, that's a problem for encyclopedists when the band in question never dissolved and always said "never say never" and so on, while being apparently inactive for years.

    There have been discussions about this:…)/Archive_3#Status_active???…chive_3#2006-2007_Reunion…/Archive_3#Active_or_not_?…#Disestablishment_in_2012?

    As far as I have gathered there is now a consensus on Wikipedia regarding old bands that are inactive to the extent that renewed activity is regarded as a temporary reunion. But we should always listen to the band members themselves, however much kremlinology we need.

    I'm glad they didn't. The 'unplugged' thing seemed to be ubiquitous at one point and it kind of got a bit "who's next". I'd have been a bit miffed to see them jump on that train with everyone else.

    As solo artist Phil did an unplugged show for MTV. It was in late 1993 or in 1994. A date and time was announced for broadcast, but then for some reason it wasn't broadcast after all. I was very disappointed at the time. Of course it's available now, but I don't remember since when. It's available on Youtube and I have a bootleg of it.

    Phil's voice can hardly cope with his own material and Genesis' is far more demanding.

    That's sadly true. But they played most of their hits and important songs in 2007 and they don't have to do the exact same thing again. That means they could do a completely different project: play an unplugged show with selected songs, or (my dream) record an album with newly written songs.

    Nic on drums is an excellent idea! I have watched videos on Youtube of Phil's current tour and I'm amazed of Nic's performance. As long as the inspiration and the emotion is there I support every Genesis project. Nic will simply be the fifth session/live drummer since Phil took over the vocals. No big deal. However, no matter how good Nic is, I will miss Chester, but he seems to be out of the picture for obscure reasons.

    "Hang In Long Enough" is a song which I have loved ever since I first heard it in 1992 (after having become a fan of Genesis when WCD was released). But only a couple of months ago I started to really listen to the lyrics. There's a very positive and optimistic tone to the lyrics, something like: don't give up, if you keep trying you will succeed. Is there more meaning in the lyrics than purely that? I don't know, but there are some peculiar wordings in there too.

    That's fantastic news! I have for years had the intention of collecting songs which he played drums or sang on, but so far I haven't done the research and haven't sorted the songs I already have. Also, I don't feel like buying an entire album of some artist just because one song features Phil. But this box set is a valuable start! Now we just have to figure out which songs are missing!

    Of course there are a number of songs from the Flaming Youth album missing, but I already own that album and I recommend it to anyone not having it. Also he sang a duet with Frida from ABBA, called "Here We'll Stay", which is not on this box set. Well of course one could go on and on with this, especially regarding live appearances.

    A few days ago I was listening to Big Big Train on Spotify. I'm an album listener, so I almost always listen to albums in their entirety. Now, when the BBT album ended, Spotify decided to play me some other music. Among these songs were one by Unitopia, which immediately caught my interest. I'm now getting to know this band and I like their music a lot.

    Listening to the album Covered Mirror, Vol. 1 I was very surprised to hear lyric lines I recognized very, very well. It turned out to a "Genesis Medley" that they had put together. It consists of five songs from the PG era, adding up to 10 minutes. The first of the five songs is one which I always thought was very good and which could have been a hit under other circumstances. It remains almost forgotten and neglected and I wish Genesis had played this song on the reunion tour in 2007, but I understand why they didn't. Which song is it? Well listen to the medley! ;-)

    The last half of the medley consists of "The Carpet Crawlers" in its entirety. I'm not a big fan of that song, although of course it's a masterpiece, but I have to say I enjoyed this cover very much. Unitopia should have recorded "The Carpet Crawlers" separately in my opinion, as it's really strong and the band puts their own mark on it.

    Mike is holding his smartphone showing Tony and Phil a video clip of last night's show that some fan uploaded to the Internet. Tony and Phil are watching with interest to see what their show looks like from the audience, whilst Mike doesn't pay much attention because he's already watched it. That's my guess! ;-)))

    As so often I like the live renditions more than the album version, and this is certainly the case with "Misunderstanding". Here's a nice example of "Misunderstanding" live in 1982.

    At the moment I'm recovering from an experience of one-sided love I had this winter and spring. At the time I could totally relate to (most of) the lyrics to "Sussudio", for instance: "Ah if she called me I'd be there, I'd come running anywhere." Now one month after my last (unanswered) SMS I'm sure there's another Collins song for me. Maybe "Find A Way To My Heart", which is really beautiful - musically and lyrically.

    "No Son Of Mine" (with lyrics by Collins) was the song that made me a fan when it was released in 1991. The lyrics really struck a chord with me and the boy in the video was approximately my age. I had had terrible arguments with my parents, although it was never a case of the kind of abuse you imagine based on the song's lyrics and the video. So yes, that song I could relate to.

    When Both Sides was released in 1993 I was 18 years old and liked But Seriously a lot, especially songs like "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven" and "Hang In Long Enough". As a new and enthusiastic fan of Genesis and Phil Collins I had huge expectations on his new album. I bought it on the day of release, but then when I listened to it there was this despair. I really wanted to like the great Phil Collins' new album, but the stripped-down arrangement left me with the lyrics - which I at my age really couldn't relate to. I remember how I tried to suppress my disappointment. Now, 25 years later, I better understand and appreciate the lyrics of Both Sides.

    I've been a fan since 1991 and for many years I didn't care much for "Misunderstanding". However, during the last couple of years that song has grown on me (as have others), so I can now state that I actually like the song. As always with Genesis I'm fond of live recordings, and this goes for "Misunderstanding" as well. I prefer the dynamic live version before the studio version.

    Some other Duke songs were mentioned. I happen to be quite fond of "Man Of Our Times", "Heathaze", "Alone Tonight" and "Cul-de-Sac" (never played live, not released as singles), and the same goes for the second side of Shapes and the non single/no live songs on We Can't Dance. All these songs are somewhat overlooked and in my opinion very good songs.

    I’m a fan of all eras of Pink Floyd, but I have to say I like the Barrett era the least. The reasons are: 1) I don’t like Barrett’s voice, 2) some of the songs are too quirky and simplistic for my taste.

    On the other hand I really love the 1968–1972 era, which I find has been unfairly overlooked, obviously due to the monumental success starting with Dark Side. Thus I was very happy with the early years box set which I bought instantly. I often listen to bootlegs from especially this era and find them more interesting than the studio albums. They did a lot of improvisations and rearrangements of songs, which means you can follow the development of a song over the months and years. For instance, there are multiple quite different live versions of „Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun“, „A Saucerful Of Secrets“, „Careful With That Axe, Eugene“, „Astronomy Domine“, and „Interstellar Overdrive“, which make the studio versions somewhat pale by comparison.

    When I heard about Nick’s concerts I initially got the impression they would play Barrett era songs, but then I realized the set list has the same scope as the box set, which makes it much more interesting for me.

    Set lists may be found at…ason-s-sos-2018/index.php