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    I like this one a lot, one of the best hooks they ever had. A bright shiny hook for a song about the male orgasm. A much better lyric subject from Banks than his previous efforts about dinosaurs, mice, ropes on fire and whatever the bloody hell Vine and Moon are about.

    It lifts the album back up following the trough it hits with Alien, Taking and Job which come after a strong first side. Then as mentioned above, it leads on to a very nice conclusion with It's Gonna.

    This weekend it's been what I think of as typical Scottish Highlands weather, ie wind, rain and sun altogether at once and one after the other in quick succession often within a minute.

    It reminds me of just how little rain we've had since we moved here in 2017.

    Getting back to you as promised on the Palin show. I was front row, directly below him. :love:He's still OK to look at but never mind that. The first half of the show he talked about his new book Erebus which was one of the ill fated ships on Franklin's North West Passage expedition. In the second half he just told stories from his career from being at Oxford to his last trip to North Korea. It ended with the German version of the Lumberjack Song & then we all got to sing the Lumberjack Song with him.

    Oh, and he mentioned Genesis along with Zeppelin & Floyd when he talked about the financing of Holy Grail. It turned out the guy next to me was a big Genesis fans & has been on a couple of Steve's cruises & will be seeing Phil in January at the show I'm attending.

    Sorry for the delayed response, it was good to read about the Palin show. I've seen him do a couple of similar shows and he is very good. And a Genesis mention into the bargain!

    Earlier I mentioned a performer Daniel Kitson who does live shows that aren't easily categorised, being somewhere between stand-up comedy and theatre, and that he occasionally tours his shows in Australia. He's bringing his latest one over, called Keep. In this one, as he often does he's playing himself as a character, this time who has indexed every single object in his house and garden and the show is him sitting down to read out every single one of the thousands of cards to us.... But things quickly take an unexpected turn.

    I saw him do the show in London and while it's not one of his best, even when he's slightly below par he's still very funny and engaging.

    Last week I saw a stage adaptation of the film Berberian Sound Studio. As with the film, it's about an engineer brought in to oversee the sound effects of a gory Italian horror film in post-production. Through his increasingly surreal experience we see how he has shut himself off from the world and the effect of this isolation on his state of mind. It was an excellent well-staged show with very good performances.

    I finally finished my binge-watch of my all-time favorite British drama (and semi-comedy) Ashes To Ashes. To be honest, I really consider this series parts 3, 4, and 5 of the story that is started by its 2-season predecessor (which I also love) Life On Mars. In fact, since I am already feeling withdrawal symptoms, I am going to watch Life On Mars again very soon. It really is a great show - both series. :thumbup::thumbup:

    I avidly watched Mars but for some reason I just didn't bother with Ashes. I don't know why, as I am a big fan of Keeley Hawes and had enjoyed Mars. But you say it's a semi comedy? Mars sometimes played on the culture clash aspect for laughs, do you mean in that way?

    Genesis link - Philip Glenister is a fan and listed Lilywhite Lilith as one of his top 10 favourite songs.

    Pre-Mars, he and John Simm were in the superb one-off drama State of Play in which their characters had a different sort of tense relationship. It's one of my favourite TV programmes and I still watch it every year. When something is such high quality one series of 6 episodes is all you need.

    Meanwhile I am enjoying the latest series of Shetland and the new crime series Baptiste whose lead character previously featured in another crime mystery series The Missing.

    Well, at any point in the last 20-30 years, reuniting for a tour, or for any reason at all, would have been wonderful.

    But that is a period during which PG was very active with his own career immediately post-So, approaching Us, setting up Real World and becoming involved in various projects behind the scenes. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this was also the period when he had personal issues to deal with. All of that would be enough of a barrier to reuniting but on top of that is his resistance to divert away from his solo career trajectory with what he regarded as a backward step - he once likened it to being told, while working at your job, that you've got to go back to school.

    Genesis were post IT touring, pre-WCD, doing solo stuff. I suppose it seems maybe there was an apparent lull in the years leading up to CAS but then PC had just left and makes it very clear in his book how relieved he was to be out of it. There was absolutely no chance of it happening... except in the hopeful minds of many fans!

    it had a creepy voice saying "WALK TWOO DA FI-YA!" at the beginning and at least one other point in the song.

    Blimey, that's not how I remember it! You make it sound more comical than creepy! I recall it starting with a sort of treated rasping voice reciting the title and yes you're right it crops up again later. I wasn't keen on this song, it had an element of "will this do?" that can happen when musicians are asked to do a film song. I found it substandard, as though he'd dug up an offcut.

    Some of his later film songs were better and the album should be interesting but with each reheating of old stuff he's done over the last 15 years I become more convinced he's got nothing new to offer. I wonder whatever happened to all the songs he said he had stockpiled, and to the planned I/O album.

    Oh yes, I think Prodnose had had a few when he made that comment about Queen. I always liked them, myself.

    Well yes he probably had, although he's often mentioned them fairly dismissively on his radio show.

    He said they came into One Stop Records when he worked there, before they were known (when they were still Princess?!) to give out some promotional stuff for their 1st album.

    I saw A Private War today. It tells the story of Marie Colvin's work as a war correspondent for the Sunday Times, working in some of the most dangerous war zones. She and her photographer Paul Conroy broke the story confirming Assad was massacring his own citizens. It's not comfortable viewing at times but very compelling and really tense in a few scenes. Great performances from Rosamund Pike, Tom Hollander and Jamie Dornan.

    Neil Finn/Crowded House/Split Enz

    Good choice. Neil Finn is such a great songwriter.

    Two of my favourite lines from any song ever:

    Don't stand around like friends at a funeral


    The guilty get no sleep

    In the last slow hours of morning

    Brilliantly evocative. I saw Crowded House a few times, their comic banter was a joy.

    I don't know Frightened Rabbit, what are they like?

    All I can conclude from this thread so far is that I'm lagging very far behind others here when it comes to Hackett fandom. The most I can muster in answer to the question is

    VOYAGE - Tower, and that's not even a favourite it's the only one I actually like at all

    PLEASE - (scratching my head and can't come up with anything)

    SPECTRAL - title track but Tigermoth runs it a close second

    DEFECTOR - Steppes

    CURED - probably Nightmare but I have a soft spot for Overnight

    HIGHLY - (more head scratching... and some thoughtful frowning....) probably Camino but quite like 151

    FACES - (yet more head scratching.... the frowning's now quite fierce and there's a fair bit of sighing.....)

    and after that it's one big shrug, but to be fair I stopped regularly listening by then so I'm not familiar enough with the albums to pick any favourites. About 10-15 years ago when I occasionally went to his gigs and he was still focused on his solo output, there were ones I really liked from the post-Faces stuff but I don't know what they were. I think I recall Mechanical Bride and Vampire With etc.

    In fact - I may have asked this before, apologies if so - but maybe I can get some recommendations for albums between Faces and Wolflight. The above favourites give a clue as to what I prefer, I tend to go for the starker more off-piste stuff (love Tower, can't stand Hierophant).

    From that list, I was torn between Close and Plague, voted for Close. I couldn't be bothered trying to think of one not on the list. I don't think I'm all that interested in 'epics'. There are a few pretty good ones on the list, I quite like Thick but while something of a Rush fan I never much liked their long tracks. I know 2112 is meant to be this great classic but once it gets past the 'Overture' (!) that's me done.

    ^^^ Awaken is possibly my favourite Yes song. It has everything a Yes-head could want. It's overblown, mostrously pretentious, earth shaking, speaker blowing, brilliant and beautiful. Love it! I like that album too. Some moan about the muddy production, but apart from the title track, every song is belter IMO.

    Awaken is kind of all the things people who don't like prog, and always dismiss it, think it is. But while it's nowhere near being my favourite Yes track I do quite like it and partly for the same reasons as you! I almost admire the way it seems to be saying "So you think this is what prog is? Well okay, yeah!" and just defiantly wallows in it. In particular the second part, and the way it goes from a tiny little triangle tinging, to power chords, resounding demented-genius cathedral organ and a choir... none more prog! For all the same reasons it comes across as cartoonishly prog, but I still like it.

    On balance yes I'd probably "moan" about the production on GFTO, on the basis that it is pretty bad and in fact I think it ill-serves the grandiosity of Awaken. Better, sharper production would have made it even more impressive. Ditto Parallels. Turn is okay and Stories is like having super-sweet glittery cake icing rubbed into my eardrums. Unlike you, I like the title track. After Tales and Relayer it was good to have a relatively short stripped-back opener to the new album, mirrored in the simpler starker cover imagery which was a relief following a long run of fantastical Dean stuff that became very formulaic.

    The Beatles come top of the pile, then jostling about on the next level down along with Genesis are Radiohead, XTC, Magazine, King Crimson, Bowie, PG, Madonna (hopefully no-one will be picky enough to point out the last three aren't bands).