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    Only two of those songs are new, right? Hmmm.

    Par for the course for him now. Do a new album, then play a couple of tracks from it on tour in a show otherwise comprising a Genesis album and a handful of his own old stuff.

    It smacks of having no conviction in his own new material but most fans probably don't care. The shows are popular and I don't begrudge him or the fans that but I do think it's a shame in some ways.

    Christianjames I interpreted your question as being whether a resale is allowed, to which I think the answer is yes. Some of the big providers such as See, AXS and TM have their own resale platforms which allow a small markup and will add a service charge to buyers. There are also 'ethical' resale sites such as Twickets which are face value plus sc. Please don't go-go via Viagogo as they're scum. Good luck with finding the ticket a new home. Which gig is it?

    Ok Christian. I have deleted it. I am still getting the mood of this Forum.

    Understandable, but I'm sorry I contributed to your feeling of disquiet about your post. For my part I was just trying to convey, in what I hoped was a fairly lighthearted way, that normally I'd swerve DM pieces but because this one was about Genesis I couldn't resist clicking. It's the general style of those pieces I dislike, but in no way did I feel any irritation at you for posting it. As Christian says, your decision to remove it, completely fair enough. :thumbup:

    Because The Daily Mail is such a trustworthy, respected and respectful newspaper....

    While I do agree that in interviews Phil seems frail and his speech is a little slow, he comes alive when he sings. I really don't think he enjoys the publicity side of this any more. he just wants to sing and do the gigs.

    And he's made that abundantly clear since first talking about coming out of retirement back in 2016.

    I hate those DM online pieces - well, I just hate the DM generally anyway but those web articles are horrible and now, because it was about Genesis and I dumbly clicked on it, I feel stained and ashamed! One thing that bugs me in pieces like this (and the DM is far from alone in this) is how they embed the tweets to show how "twitter was awash with concern" but then quote from them anyway. One of those tweets by the way - "I hope they're not just using him for the tour". Bringing to mind an image of the other two physically dragging him on to a tourbus as he protests.

    Phil's appearance has made it's way to an article in the guardian focused mainly on his health, including the comment that it has 'raised concerns on social media'. Hope the tour can go ahead but more than that I hope Phil is ok. He's only 70. He looks very uncomfortable all the time but I'm sure they wouldn't be going out if it wasn't feasible or if he didn't want to.…n-barely-hold-a-drumstick

    Good couple of second mentions there, "the 70-year-old drummer and singer", "the eight-time Grammy Award-winner" and the also rather long-winded "1970s progressive rock band Genesis" - see my wittering on previously about the 'variations enigma'.

    I think that all of you in the UK are fortunate in that you're likely to see an uninterrupted tour; I'm beginning, however, to have serious doubts about the North American tour's viability after a month or so on the road in the UK, the traveling involved in his state, etc.

    I'm generally optimistic but I do think there might be something in this. I'm glad I'm packing in some of the UK shows and especially excited seeing them in my adopted home nation of Scotland, as well as in my birthplace London. But yeah, I worry how viable the US dates will be, let alone rest of Europe.

    As I'd said earlier, I've never been under any illusions about the nature of his performance on this tour. I'd always thought this is a final chance to see one of my favourite bands, despite how different it'd likely be. From the start I thought there's no need for the '?' in the tour title. It will be sad seeing him like this, but I never had any hesitation in seizing the final opportunity to hear the music played live and that overrides any misgivings. I really hope the US and the rest of Europe get that chance too.

    It strikes me even as I try to explain this that it might be more enjoyable if it was scaled back. Perhaps just the marquee games of the week and simply choosing who will win each game.

    Definitely keep it to 8 to 10 per round, that seems to work best for the european football one we have. But may I suggest that also like that one, we do predict scorelines and apply the same system of 3 points for an exact correct prediction, 1 point for correctly predicting the overall result. So for instance, I've gone for Dallas 18 Tampa 26. If that's the actual score I get 3 points, if it's not the score but the result was a Tampa win, 1 point. But hey it's your show, your rules! In some ways it might be more feasible to predict a correct soccer score, less so for NFL? I'll be led by you.

    I would try but I don't follow American Football.

    Neither do I but what the hell, here goes - and I have done some minimal research for what it's worth:

    Dallas Cowboys 18 Tampa Bay Bucs 26

    Pittsburgh Steelers 24 Buffalo Bills 32

    Arizona Cardinals 25 Tennessee Titans 21

    Seattle Seahawks 13 Indianapolis Colts 19

    Cleveland Browns 26 Kansas City Chiefs 20

    Chicago Bears 10 LA Rams 24

    Baltimore Ravens 32 Las Vegas Raiders 21

    As I said, I'm up for this on the grounds I know absolutely nothing about it. But that's a lot of games!

    Also, when you say "Dallas at Tampa", do you mean Tampa vs Dallas, ie played at Tampa's home stadium?

    What do the figures actually represent?

    Aw, nothing wrong with a good sturdy handshake, and a look straight in the eye. To me it shows respect. At least that’s how I was raised.

    I think the handshake has long been a token gesture. A look straight in the eye sounds potentially unnerving!

    As I said, I don't see why a greeting has to involve any physical contact unless it's hugging or kissing a loved one or close friend. Swapping sweat, skin flakes and other microscopic particles and micro-droplets of other bodily fluids with a stranger you're meeting for the first time... nah.

    Hopefully one good thing to come out of the pandemic will be the end of handshakes, a ridiculous and sometimes slightly nauseating custom. Elbow-bumping can sod off too. There's absolutely no need for physical contact when meeting people. A nod, a smile (or in my case a sort of half-scowl) and a a few kind words of greeting are all that's necessary.

    Massive kudos for getting an Eraserhead reference into the 'What Genesis shows will you attend' thread!

    I'm still on the fence about doing a second night in Boston but thinking if I don't, I will regret it.

    I considered invoking Kramer, Marge Simpson or the Bride of Frankenstein but opted for Henry.

    You will indeed regret not adding Boston 2. You'd sit there thinking about it happening and feeling excluded. For my part, as ludicrously expensive as this 4-gig extravaganza is, I have no qualms about it as there's no question in my mind that this is finally it and that makes it huge for me. I'm fortunate enough to be able to do this so I'm doing it.

    what's the arena like in Birmingham

    I'm in Block 3 row MM, hopefully it's not an obstructed view

    You'll be up near the back of a rear block audience right, raised, the equivalent of about 2 blocks back from the stage. It won't be too bad but like all venues you'll be at the mercy of anyone in front of you who's very tall, has a huge head, high hair like the Eraserhead guy and a coldstream guard's hat. But if he's not there - not sure he's much of a fan - it should be ok.

    I found one other Genesis Podcast which I listened to and I did not enjoy the Revelation Music podcasts which inject humour which I did not find funny at all. It fell very flat. I like the Tabletop ones as they love the music as much as I do. I guess everyone reacts to things differently and it is a matter of taste.

    The humorous asides on Tabletop are one of the problems for me. It does come across that they love the music for sure but their discussion style is starting to grate on my nerves. One other thing, which is unfair on them but nevertheless a fact, is that two of them have extremely annoying voices. Yes yes I know, they can't help having the voices they have and as I say it's very unfair but there it is, it's a huge drag factor for me.

    Maybe I'll try Revelations just for the hell of it.

    Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud died this morning, aged just 39. She'd had breast cancer, which is much more treatable now but a year ago revealed it had spread to other parts of her body.

    I'm assuming there probably aren't any Girls Aloud fans here. As far as manufactured pop acts go I really liked them, they had some good catchy songs and put on a good live show. It's very sad news she's died so young.