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    Ones I'm aware of from We Can't Dance (off the top of my head):

    • No Son Of Mine – Korg Wavestation ("Ooo's"), Ensoniq VFX (brass sounds, not sure which ones), Emu Emulator III ("Elephantus" guitar sample)
    • Jesus He Knows Me – Ensoniq VFX ("FLORIDA-KEY", "FAT-BRASS")
    • Driving The Last Spike – Korg Wavestation ("WHEEL Vox"), Roland JD-800 ("Hearts of Space"), Ensoniq VFX ("VERYBREATH", "AMEN-CHOIR")
    • I Can't Dance – Roland JD-800 (Special Setup), Rhodes MK-80
    • Hold On My Heart – Korg Wavestation ("Whisper Voices"), Roland JD-800 ("Hearts of Space"), Ensoniq VFX ("EL-PIANO")
    • Fading Lights – Korg Wavestation ("Mini Lead", "Warm Strings"), Ensoniq VFX ("SIZZLEBRASS" layered with another brass sound one octave higher, possibly "BRASS-STAB")