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    I fancy putting together a playlist of the most Genesis-sounding instrumentals from all the G members.

    Things like - Banks' Waters of Lethe, Ant Phillips' Sisters of Remindum etc, Rutherford's Out Into the Daylight etc.

    Any obvious ones I might not have remembered? There's probably loads of Ant Phillips you could put in there.

    Mike has always been positive about these things - never rule anything out. And I mean - why not? If it doesn't happen, it wasn't his "fault".

    As I wrote elsewhere: I believe* Steve and Peter will appear somewhere during the tour (if that happens) and they will do one last track together as a five piece on stage. Only problem: when and where?

    * this is only an assumption!

    Interesting you say that - I did get a feeling that maybe they already have something like planned from the way he spoke about it. I didn't want to say that because it was only a feeling. Fingers crossed!

    Listened to this lovely interview with Mike Rutherford, and in it he discusses the inevitable question of why PG isn't involved in the tour. What surprised me is how positive Mike sounded about the potential for Gabriel to be involved in the reunion at some future point - perhaps for a cameo. He even says something along the lines of "well let's get part one out of the way first and see how we do" - it seemed almost as if they have already discussed the possibility? (I really liked the mention of the band doing Zoom catch up calls as well - it really seemed like the band are closer than ever)

    I really enjoyed what Phil had to say about SR in his autobiography and how proud he still is of his playing on Apocalypse. And rightly so, as others have said... it's one of the most powerful pieces of music of the second half of the 20th century IMO

    That's interesting - for me that's a strength. I like that it was never conceived as a 'story song' and just started wandering off in different directions as they expanded on it. Imposing a story on it would've been too 'forced' in my view - and maybe a bit too 'prog cliche' as a 20-minute track with a beginning/middle/end story, which just wasn't them - and might well have skewed it in some way we'll never know. It reflects their organic manner of working - "oh this is good, let's do this" - and also the way we think, which is to jump around a bit rather than linearly.

    I see what you're saying, but for me it sometimes reminds me too much of what SR is - a collection of songs bolted together (even though it was of course done masterfully). Plus it has the structure of a beginning / middle / end story, it's only the lyrics that don't match that. I was interested by the comparison Phil makes in his autobiography between SR and Tubular Bells and I suppose SR works better if you think of the lyrics as more impressionistic, almost like another instrument.

    Is it that both songs ( portions of Suppers Ready) are written in the 1st person?

    That's it! Well done. Yes, it's only really the framing "story" of Supper's Ready that's in the first person (one of the only things I don't like about SR - it starts off as if it's going to tell a story but then it just... doesn't)

    You're up next

    Great answers so far, but I'm looking for something a bit more straightforward!

    Hint: there are lots of other songs like these throughout the rest of the Genesis catalogue, and it arguably doesn't apply to all of Supper's Ready

    Wow. Great question. Hidden in plain sight.

    For the new question: is it Apocalypse in 9/8 (time signature) and ABACAB (chord sequence)?

    I agree with thewatcher, most likely you taped the Knebworth gig which was broadcast - I too recorded it. That would be your VHS copy. The dvd was of course filmed at London Earls Court.

    Yes I think you're both right. If it was shown on VH1 that would make sense. I'm still mystified as to why the Earls Court footage was not familiar to me, but I guess that maybe I got the video as a birthday/xmas present and for some reason assumed it was the same as what I had recorded already - so I never bothered to watch it! Very daft of me if so!

    I noticed that we final open air gig of the WCD tour took place yesterday, 28 years ago at Knebworth....

    time flies so quickly, but we do have a decent video of that. The show was broadcasted by PREMIERE; which was a brand new pay TV station in Germany at the time - and it was broadcasted for free

    That reminds me, I have a slightly odd query about this Knebworth footage. In 1993, as a young fan, I had the VHS of The Way We Walk live. At some point a few years later, I must have got rid of it or sold it (I can't quite recall). Later, when the DVD version was available, I picked it up again, only to be surprised to find that it was NOT the show I remembered! Fast forward to the Youtube era and I came across the Knebworth show: THIS was the show I remembered watching many times as a kid! So how could this confusion have come about? How could I have seen that German footage many times, when I lived in the UK? Was it ever shown on UK television??