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    Makes you wonder why he left doesn't it?

    Anyway, I think you're far too into your prog to subjectively discuss the issue of it being very much a minority genre. I imagine you hate pop music, too, yes? :rolleyes:

    No, I like a lot of pop music but mainly the classic stuff from 60s to late 80s. I tend not to buy much pop music now with the exception of ELO, Depeche Mode, Bowie and A-ha. On the subject of me being too into prog to discuss the issue subjectively, I beg to differ. I am aware of the success or not of many bands who I have followed over the last 50 years to allow me to comment subjectively. I have followed the genre since 1970 and continue to do so. As with all genres of music, some artists will command a larger listening/buying audience to others. It happened/happens with prog as much as it does with every other category.

    In the last 18 months Marillion and Camel sold out the Royal Albert Hall in less than an hour. Steven Wilson's last tour sold out in many venues including the RAH. Steve Hackett has been more successful with the Genesis shows too. Even in the hey days if prog, only a select number garnered large audiences. I saw Genesis in 73 and audience was in the hundreds. Only in the 80s did the band go huge as a result of a more commercial/less proggy route. Finally, Big Big Train have increased their audience by many since first touring in 2015. I have seen many of the classic bands like Tull, BJH, Caravan, Camel, Crimson and even Yes in half full venues. Oh and Roger Water almost sold out the 12,000 seater venue Glasgow Hydro last year.

    Well, it was popular upon its arrival in the late sixties, when it was new, exciting and vibrant. Popularity started to dwindle when bands started to believe their own hype and became boring and repetitive. Another twenty minute song? No, thanks.

    I would imagine that prog rock is now a niche genre, a bit like jazz fusion or Peruvian folk music.

    Kim Beacon is a proper singer.

    Not talking about the late Kim Beacon. I was referring to Tony deciding to do the vocals in The Fugitive.

    I think prog rock is more than a niche genre if you consider the popularity of post 70s prog scene - Rush, Hackett, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson. Marillion, Camel, Roger Waters, Moody Blues, Opeth, Neal Morse, Saga, IQ, Riverside et al. Clearly most won't sell the units the prog luminaries did such as ELP, Floyd and Yes etc but tours tend to be sold out or well attended.

    I kind of agree with both of you - ACF is my favorite, but I don't think any of them are stellar.

    I will stick up for "Bankstatement" and even the "Soundtracks" compilation - I like quite a bit on both. I have a feeling I would like "Strictly, Inc." if I could ever locate a copy. I was always a fan of Jack Hues from Wang Chung. What I have heard from it I liked; I've never heard it all.

    Are you struggling to find a copy?

    ACF from my side of things, his first was his best. Perhaps since it came at the tail end of Prog and has that feel to it throughout (plus being the forever prog head I am), so goes my allegiance to that release. I like much of what he did thereafter but 'Curious' is my number 1. :thumbup:

    My favourite too. Of course prog never went away and still a strong force in music albeit largely ignored by the masses.

    You beat me to it. Also a keen and talented horologist, his documentary on Marie Antionette's watch 3 or 4 years back was superb. RIP Nicholas.

    Another gem has left us. A lovely, kind and gentle man who my wife met many years ago. Sad but he got a good innings at 96.

    This concert is amazing! I could watch it over and over. Rikard Sjöblom (ex-Beardfish) is on guitar, keys and backing vocals. Blew me away how good he is. Nick D'Virgilio (ex-Spock's Beard) on drums and backing vocals. The rest of BBT are top shelf. I wanted to get this as a DVD for my brother, but I can only find it in Blu-Ray, which is fabulous!

    Only available on blu ray. Band decided against DVD

    Strangely enough, it's not been a favourite if mine and sounds very dated and far removed from even Duke never mind earlier classic stuff. However, listening to it in 5.1 brings an improvement to my ears. Still not a classic though but still worth having for several worthy tracks.

    Yep, I'm still alive, and I've decided to return after a very, very long break. I don't think posted here in maybe over a year now. I can't remember.

    I'm really sorry. I'm back though :) But while I was gone I managed to correct a lot of problems in my life - like my lack of a social life (I've made a huge number of friends this year - dozens upon dozens - and I'll explain how soon, it's very weird but it's an interesting story!) and I'm of course still listening to a lot of music, the odd bit of Genesis included.

    I'm honestly really pleased this forum is still at least active to some degree. :) I'm going to make an effort to post here semi-regularly now.

    Welcome home young man.

    RIP. I recommend the entire Joyride album to anyone - especially the title track. She had a fantastic voice. I had no idea about her ordeal.

    Very sad and I have been a fan since the debut. I even have her 3 solo albums - 2 of which are in Swedish.