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    Agreed. If they aren't going to re-release, at least keep the box sets in print for new fans (like me!) :|

    I'll echo what many said above - the boxsets are really good. The "Live" and the "Movie" boxsets are easily obtainable on Amazon. You'll have to purchase "When In Rome" separately, but if I were a betting person, I bet you already have that (they still need to put that out on BluRay, though). If you want the other three studio boxsets, eBay is the way to go. For reasons I won't go into here, I became separated from my boxsets and I was able to replace them all on eBay and Amazon in less than a month start to finish.

    If you have a player which plays SACDs, you'll want the UK/European or Asian versions. If you don't have an SACD player and you're quite content with CDs and DVD-Audio, the North American sets will do the trick. (If you are thinking about the import versions, know that, unless you have a region-free DVD player, you won't be able to play the DVDs here. As you may have figured out, I have a player that will play both SACDs and imported DVDs - if you ever want information for such a player, just send me a PM - that goes for anyone else too! ^^

    But, yes, great info above - I concur with all of it.

    This is great. And they are touring an excellent setlist right now (the 1977 show, right?). I have already registered to receive news on their website.

    Yes! It's one of the things I like the most about them - that is, they primarily play the songs from the W&W tour. It's like hearing an expanded version of "Seconds Out" every time they play! 8)

    If the greater Philadelphia area is a convenient concert-attending location for you, there is another Genesis tribute band called Trespass who makes the rounds. They primarily center on the Gabriel-era, but the last time I saw them in March, they included songs from ATOTT too. Their website is

    Just follow the instructions there to get on their mailing list - they do send out e-mails about upcoming shows. However, I think they update their FB page more often than their website - that is here:

    Also, if you don't already know about them, keep your eyes open for The Musical Box. They are a Gabriel-era tribute band, but they are the best - you get the whole experience with them. They recreate the feel and sound of the old shows perfectly. Their website is here:

    As Christian (our webmaster) said in another thread, they are performing a special cross-eras set which they are calling an "extravaganza" - that is, instead of recreating a concert from a particular era (e.g., Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot, SEBTP, The Lamb, and once they did even ATOTT), they are doing a career-spanning set featuring songs from "Trespass" to "Wind & Wuthering" - their doing W&W songs on this tour is a first for them. They won't be back in the States until next spring (i.e., 2019), but they ALWAYS play the Philly area, almost always at the Keswick. Here's the announcement about that:…1977-tour-dates-s662.html

    Also, Steve Hackett has been playing the old Genesis songs from Nursery Cryme to W&W heavily since 2013, and he is still going strong - he played in Collingswood, NJ just this past February (at the same place that this Saturday's "The Genesis Show" is). He is going back to Europe over the summer (I think he's in South America or Asia now), but he is continuing his Genesis-themed shows with an orchestra in Europe this fall. He first did this show as a one-off in Buffalo last year or two years ago; I suspect he will try to bring this show back to the States early next year as well. His website is:

    There - that should keep you going for shows! ^^ Now, all we need is Tony to come up with a Genesis commemoration...

    THANK YOU!!!! THIS IS PERFECT!!! Anyone know if they have any other shows planned for 2018 besides 4/21?

    You're quite welcome! ^^

    They usually tour pretty regularly - I bet they'll post more shows shortly after this coming Saturday's show. Who knows? Maybe they'll announce their next show at the show.

    They played the Keswick in suburban Philly last December 30th - that was the first time I saw them. I was so impressed that I'm never missing them again. :thumbup:

    Before i discovered the complete history of the band Genesis (and fell in love), i only knew Genesis as the band that did Duke through We Can't Dance. But i'd hear people say things like "Genesis was at it's best when Gabriel & Hackett were in the band". So i always assumed the best albums had Gabriel in them. But as i discovered the full history of the band, it seems fans actually like the two post-PG albums more than the PG albums. It's like the peak of Genesis was actually post-PG and had Phil on lead vocals. Is this a fair assessment? I was surprised, but now i agree as well. ATOTT and W&W are two of my top three picks (SEBTP being the other). Do people think it's interesting that Genesis actually survived just fine without an amazing talent like PG, and even did even greater works?

    Yes! I think there are more than a few here who like the 4-man band version best (myself included). ATOTT (IMHO) always sounded like the more proper sequel to SEBTP than The Lamb did. The Lamb was completely sui generis to my ears - great, but wholly unique in the Genesis catalogue. ATOTT and W&W continued the classic, established "Genesis sound" starting with Trespass all the way up to SEBTP.

    I was always amazed that they were able to lose PG and continue and then lose SH and continue - neither of those are easy things to overcome. Heck, even in the early days, losing Ant Phillips made them consider not continuing briefly. They really are one of the most resilient bands ever.

    I'm really looking forward to this tour. I have seen them do every one of their tours (Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot, SEBTP (both black show and regular), The Lamb, and even the one tour where they did A Trick Of The Tail). This is the first time they are mixing everything up - I bet they will do songs other than "The Knife" from Trespass (but will probably do "The Knife" too), and they have never done songs from Wind & Wuthering before.

    This is one to see for sure! :thumbup:

    May 11, 2013 - St. David's Hall - Cardiff, Wales

    then again on

    October 24, 2014 - Royal Concert Hall - Nottingham, England

    Both Genesis Revisited II shows

    Then, very recently,

    February 17, 2018 - Scottish Rite Auditorium - Collingswood, NJ, USA

    (Bonus dates given because they all celebrated the glory of Genesis... 8)

    The finale of the "Conspiracy of Hope" stadium tour to benefit Amnesty International at Giants Stadium - June 15, 1986.

    Also featuring at the show: Lou Reed, Bryan Adams, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Howard Jones, U2, and The (briefly-reunited) Police - obviously a great day of music for a great cause.

    That's really a nice instrumental. I always enjoyed listening to that one. Shame Tony didn't do more of that kind on later albums Still and Strictly Inc.

    I agree - I really like his non-classical instrumental work (and classical too). His "Soundtracks" collection is one of my favorite CDs of his.

    Are you listening to it? ;)

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    Tragically, mine was late too. Late September 1986, "Invisible Touch" tour, The Spectrum in Philadelphia.

    The best part of the show was the oldies medley - In The Cage/Cinema Show (excerpt)/In That Quiet Earth/closing section of "Supper's Ready". It got a HUGE ovation. :thumbup:

    I was just barely too young to see the Mama tour shows in Philly. These were captured well on bootleg, so, if you have heard them, you know how good they were. Oh, to be a year or two older at the time...

    Greater Philadelphia area (yes, that includes you, NJ, Delaware, NE Maryland, southern NY, and anywhere else in PA), after seeing these guys at the Keswick last December, then Steve Hackett in February, then The Musical Box and Trespass in March, why not top it all off at the Scottish Rite Auditorium on April 21st by seeing The Genesis Show again? That's right! There's no good reason not to! [Blocked Image:]

    Here's the link again - see you there!