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    You know, I rather like this rearrangement - well done! :thumbup:

    IMHO, the instrumental tracks (i.e., "Unquiet Slumbers" and "Quiet Earth") shouldn't be separate tracks (I don't mind them being separated from "Afterglow", though - that works for me as far as the poll is concerned).

    A tough album for me to pick favorites - I love the whole thing. And yet, if I had been fortunate enough to have been the producer for it, I would have agreed with Steve that their working on the nascent "Please Don't Touch" should have been included instead of "Wot Gorilla?", and I would have preferred "Inside And Out" to AIAMN. But, those are just niggles - it's wonderful as it is - yes, even "Your Own Special Way", prog anoraks.;)^^

    Hard to pick three, but I went for "One For The Vine", "Blood On The Rooftops", and "In That Quiet Earth", with an honorable mention for "Eleventh Earl Of Mar".

    As the thread is all things Bowie, I thought I'd comment aimlessly on this: I really got into him after hearing I'm Deranged on the lost highway soundtrack. I subsequently became a huge David Lynch fan, and particularly of Bowie's performance in the Twin Peaks movie. He played a deeply mysterious FBI agent that - despite what amounted to a cameo - became an essential part of the story. The Twin Peaks revival was being heavily talked about and I think had started filming when news of his death broke. There had been intense speculation firstly about whether he would participate or not, and then whether he had had a chance before he died. The production was incredibly secretive... Zero details before it actually started to air.

    Ultimately he obviously never did. Lynch said he didn't understand why Bowie had declined, not knowing he was sick. Apparently also Bowie wasn't happy with the Louisiana accent he had put on for the original part. So to somewhat honor his feelings about it, Lynch hired someone from Louisiana to voice the role, and turned the agent into a giant industrial machine that looked a bit like a teapot (not Lynch's intention but he had put a spout on it without realizing what it would look like). It speaks to the strength of Bowie's performance (or at least his Louisiana impersonation) that when I first saw the revival without knowing the truth, I wasn't sure whether it was actually him reprising the role. Which was kind of cool.

    Funny how secrets travel...

    And a P.S.!

    I loved his performance in Fire Walk With Me too. (And I love all things Lynch in general, Twin Peaks in particular).

    I'll also add Into The Night - another slightly more than a cameo role, but he plays it well (he plays a hitman, I believe). A very 80s film (Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Goldblum were the big stars in this film - enough said); still, the brief and unexpected appearance of the man himself makes the film more interesting by definition.

    ^ An "all things Bowie" thread should indeed include his film career. It's a chequered one. Most of the time I didn't much like hs acting but I did like his Colin the hitman in the rather overlooked Into The Night. I loved his Tesla in The Prestige, probably my favourite film performance of his (and an excellent film overall). I say 'probably' as I like The Man Who Fell To Earth.

    I have this little personal list of my favourite scenes in films depicting people having a drink - any drink, not just alcohol. The most obvious one being the beers in Ice Cold In Alex. Another good one is the Billy Zane character in Dead Calm thirstily drinking the fresh-squeezed lemon juice prepared by Nicole Kidman. Travolta sipping his vanilla coke in Pulp Fiction. The reason I'm droning on about all this is that I include on that list Bowie (Newton) in The Man Who, shortly after arriving on Earth, eagerly dips his metal cup into a river and gratefully drinks.

    Hadn't thought about his acting when I set up this thread , so great for bringing it up. couldn't tell if his acting was crap or great. Certainly intriguing. Always Bowie. He held you just looking at him . He was perfect fit for MWFTE. Haven't seen the other two mentioned or Twin Peaks. My favourite Bowie film is Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence . And of course there is the Genesis connection - The Last Temptation of Christ .

    You two named my favorite performances of his on film, i.e., Tesla in The Prestige (one of my very favorite Christopher Nolan films, and he has had a lot of great films), Newton in The Man Who Fell To Earth (I also like this film very much, despite its being considered by many as a "completists only" kind of film), and Pontius Pilate in The Last Temptation Of Christ. (Could anyone play Pontius Pilate as well as Mr. Bowie? Of course not - what a silly question.)