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    I've always struggled to hear that is definitively Tony singing backing vocals on Silver Rainbow. On the one hand it does sound a bit like him but it sounds a lot more like Phil's falsetto voice to me.

    As for Mike... I've always gotten a sort of Pete Townsend vibe from his vocals. The trick is I like his singing in smaller doses but in one song you hear pretty much everything Mike's voice is capable of. Having him sing Just A Job To Do would have been interesting, but at the same time Phil absolutely killed it on that one, and it's unfair to even try to compare what the two are capable of...

    All in all I do wish Tony and Mike would have continued to sing more harmony vocals. One of the changes I lament that is rarely mentioned about post-'75 Genesis is the loss of the vocal interplay between Pete and Phil. I don't think Genesis could have been as good of a multi-lead singer band as Chicago or even Mike & The Mechanics but it certainly would have brought a different slant to things.

    I agree that ship has sailed. The improvement I would hope for are more in the realm of including songs that were left on the cutting room floor. I so want the drum duet in the Mama video to go into Los Endos. I don't know if they filmed the other medley on that tour, but I would love to see something beyond the single camera stuff they have released from rehearsals.

    I'd love that too, but I'm pretty sure all of the missing songs are on that same ship.

    Which is a shame, I freely admit. While there's always a chance something might be discovered sometime down the road (the TSL Bluray was an unexpected benefit of the film masters turning up after the Movie Box was made) I'm at peace with the notion that what we've got is what we're going to get.

    There's literally nothing wrong with Genesis suddenly being featured on YouTube, even if it's "just" the concert films we already own. Seeing the band back in the mainstream spotlight has been one of the few bright spots in these last few months for me.

    As far as "improvements" go I believe that ship has sailed. All have them have remixed audio and Three Sides Live was shot on film, which is why they could eek out a BluRay release, but the Mama and We Can't Dance tours were shot on standard definition video tape, so there's no way to improve the visual portion of those.

    In particular The Brazilian which is edited really fast on the Wembley video. Thanks again and keep it coming!!!

    You are not wrong! I was watching the Wembley video a couple nights ago and I had forgotten just how poorly edited a lot of that video is. Abacab is another one where the cuts are so quick you can't tell what is going on at any point in the song. It's a shame the Mama Tour and The Way We Walk have such poor video quality, because they're both edited much more smoothly and a lot easier to watch otherwise.

    The first one is easily my favorite by a pretty wide margin.

    I went for the first three, but Word of Mouth and Beggar on a Beach of Gold could switch places depending on mood. That said, I haven't listened to Beggar start to finish in a long while, maybe I should...

    I often wonder if making the album seem "more prog" might have been as simple as beginning with Tonight, Tonight, Tonight instead of Invisible Touch...

    For my own playlists I usually keep all of the songs and just slot in the non-album tracks where I think they'd disrupt the flow the least. In general I trust the band's track order choices (Duke and Genesis being my personal exceptions) but I'm so used to the original running I try not to disrupt that too much.

    When I set up my album playlists I also kept Land of Confusion pretty far apart from Feeding the Fire, due to the lyrical similarity. I still think of these albums in "sides" so I also enjoy your symmetry of ending each side with an instrumental.

    I like the ballads, but just as importantly I think they provide a better balance to the album.

    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight, Firth of Fifth, and Cinema Show for me. Probably not surprising choices, but the only debate I had was possibly choosing Battle of Epping Forest in place of Moonlit Knight. In the end I chose Moonlit Knight because I think makes a stronger statement overall and it's a hell of a way to open an album.

    The official reason quoted at the time was that the tape ran out on the night.

    If that's true, I can imagine the scenario... The recording engineer, being told the album was 90 minutes long, brings with him "plenty" of tape to record the show. Then, during the show, realizes to his horror that the singer's between song talk is awfully long... :P

    So upset that they decided not to come to Wales, tour everywhere else in Britain but two fingers up to Wales, thanks for nothing, absolutely gutted.

    I guess it's all about perspective. When Genesis toured in 2007 the closest show was a six hour drive for me, and I usually travel nine hours for most of the Steve Hackett and Musical Box shows I've been to. My sense of British geography isn't great, but it seems all 15 shows in this entire UK tour could fit into that same 9-hour driving radius... Obviously affording tickets to all of them would be an entirely different matter...

    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, In The Cage, Back in NYC, Chamber of 32 Doors, The Lamia, and The Colony of Slippermen were my choices.

    Having 6 slots to fill made it a little easier to choose without feeling like I was slighting other great songs, but it's still tough.

    I think The Lamb's greatest strength is the way the interludes blend things together. The album is truly greater than the sum of the parts, pun intended.

    For the purposes of a poll like this they're hard to choose, but I think Ravine and Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats are some of the moodiest and most evocative music Genesis ever recorded, and they're the two tracks I listen to out of context the most.

    I have no doubts Nic is going to be great with this. He's been great on Phil's solo tours.

    The real surprise for me is Phil planning on doing any drumming at all. I'd be perfectly satisfied even if he didn't play, but I'm pleased he's even considering it since I think that implies he's physically feeling a bit better.

    I think North American dates must be coming at some point I just hope the mad dash for seats won't be too brutal...

    I think it will play to their (current) strengths, and should hopefully discourage trying to compare current Genesis with the past too much.

    I also think new arrangements of old songs is the closest we're likely to get to new material, in spite of how much I'd love to hear them create music together again.

    I agree Duke's production is messy but I still rate it higher than ...And Then There Were Three..., which is their worst-sounding album, production-wise for me.

    I think the 2007 remix helped Duke not sound so muddy, but the squashed dynamics introduced more problems than it solved IMO.