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    Always found Foxtrot to be the most unbalanced of the 70-77 albums (with the exception of the Lamb which is probably due to the volume of material) in that the highs (Supper's) are very high and the lows (Time Table, Friday) are very low. I'd put Can Utility and Watcher on about the same level, both above average songs. I like the Live version of Watcher better which probably speaks to production as has been mentioned. Though I like the album, it's probably my least favorite of the era.

    There is a part where Phil sings a different lyric in the live version of ITC. The original lyric is "In a trap, feel a strap. Holding still. Pinned for kill." Not exactly sure what Phil sings in that part but I'm pretty sure it's on both the TSL and Live Over Europe versions of the songs. Does anyone have any info on that? Like what the lyric is, when it originated and why?

    Don't judge, but this the first Tony Banks song I've ever heard. As in, I listened to it a few minutes ago. Definitely has a Genesis feel to it, but at the same time not Genesisy enough to be Genesis. Kind of cool to see one third of the band removed and allowed to go about on its own. Interesting origin to the song as well-thanks for the info. No rating given as I'm not really sure what I'm comparing it to. It is, at this point, both the best and worst Tony Banks song I've heard.

    I come to this song from a different angle, I guess, in that I heard the version on Hit before I heard the album version. I actually thought the Hit version "was" the album version. What a surprise when I listened to the original! That being said, I feel that the original is over-produced and not anywhere near as powerful as the stripped down version.

    This song is actually one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard which is surprising in that it's just piano and voice. The lyrics and the passion with which they are delivered (not to mention the subject matter) nearly move me to tears at times. Because of its power, I actually include this song in my 5K race mixes along with tracks by Rush, Metallica, Pearl Jam and Green Day.

    It's a 15 for me.

    In Steve's version of the song, he follows the line "forever to be joined as one" by singing "one flesh." I always thought that was something he added to the song (along with an acoustic guitar intro and various brief instrumental bits). However, I just noticed last night (some 40 years after first hearing the song) that Peter seems to sing the same thing in the original version! Just not very loudly. Anyone else ever notice this? Am I hearing things?

    (For the record, I have an early CD copy of the album, predating the Definitive Edition Remaster. Maybe the line is more audible on later reissues?)

    I thought Peter also sang the line on the 1972 "Belgium TV" video. Could be wrong-haven't watched that one in years. Regardless, I always sing that line whenever I play the song :)

    when I bought the album back in the day, I thought I had a copy of a mispressing. I told my cd-seller and he said, the pressing was okay and that there was a hidden track on the album. It was the first time, I heard, that something like hidden tracks existed.


    Yes, The Nirvana hidden track was called "Endless Nameless" and it wasn't on every pressing of the CD ( I remember tooling around town with a friend listening to the CD and when it ended there was silence for several minutes before we realized the CD hadn't reset to track one. We looked at the time display and realized it was still going so we sat and waited until the hidden track played, which was, as we said forgettable. I checked my copy of Nevermind when I got home and it did not have the hidden track.

    Can totally echo what was said above. I felt they played everything they had to play and a little bit more. The little bit more being Ripples and probably Duke's Travels/End. Felt Hold on My Heart was a little out of place, but also don't really like this song, so it's more probably more bias than anything. Los Endos should have been the closing number, but that would leave a large group of fans bewildered-particularly those who were there to hear the numbers that followed...

    Theres one on Green Day's Dookie as well. Not a long pause between it and the last track, maybe a minute or so. Kind of a crappy song musically, but humorous none the less. If I remember the Nirvana track had a 10+ minute pause.

    I've always found it odd that the medley for which Genesis appear to have got the most criticism from a section of the fanbase is the Turn It On Again medley that they started performing during the Mama tour...

    What the good Dr. says makes a lot of sense. For me the TIOA medley was a waste of precious concert time that could have been used for playing something from their own catalog or playing the full song of something they "medley-ized." As a fan I prefer the 1970-1980 era but find very little fault with the band's output after that. The TIOA medley, however, was a low point for the band IMO.

    Just picking up on a couple of previous points.

    Admittedly the jam section of IKWIL only contains snippets of other songs, which doesn't quite work for my definition of a medley (at least give me a full verse or chorus or major instrumental section). That said, I do find the snippets of the old songs interesting - DWTML (around 5:02), Stagnation (around 5:41), Visions of Angels (around 5:48), Blood on the Rooftops(around 6:29) on the Seconds Out version. The inclusion of the DLMBM is definitely there around 7:19. I'm sure there are other bits in the jam that I haven't yet connected to their origins. The 2007 tour version reprised the BotR bit and then the Stagnation bit when the jam kicks in after the tambourine routine. I don't particularly like the WCD version with snippets of Follow You, Follow Me, etc.

    With regards to resurrecting Supper's Ready in 2007, given that they lowered the keys of various songs for the 2007 tour and Phil seemed to handle them, then they could have done the same for at least a portion of Supper's Ready. If Phil could sing a lower version of Mama, which is a grueling workout for his higher range, then the end of Supper's Ready should also have been possible a few steps down.

    Great info! Will be listening again and paying attention to the time display. 😁

    I agree that Supper's Ready, or at least a snippet could have worked in a lower key. All the other songs worked. My understanding though is that Supper's Ready was off the table from the get go. I kind of remember a Q&A or info piece coming put after the tour was announced saying such. Perhaps someone could confirm or deny...

    Mama is one that would have been on this list for me. That is until I saw it live on the Turn It On Again tour. The song was so dark and heavy and loud. I remember the background of the stage being a blood red. Just a powerful moment. Up until that point, it was just an "eh" song for me. Not any more. It clicked for me that night.

    I picked the middle one but I'd say I'm probably somewhere between that and liking it. Agreed that the TSL version is much better than the studio. I also agree with some of the sentiment on the Lamb. It's always been this outlier album for me-very different from the previous 4 and obviously different from what followed. The music is amazing (granted a couple clunkers in there) but I always felt like there was this story (that I don't really like or understand) hanging over the music causing me to feel like I was missing something and not getting the full experience.

    Did they perform the TIOA medly on the WCD tour? I thought they just performed TIOA as a standalone song in 1992.

    I really don't think that by 2007 Phil could have coped with Supper's Ready (although he does sing the line "And it's hey babe" on the audio version of Not Dead Yet and it sounds lovely!).

    My memory says they played the medley. Everything I've looked up says they did not. I know what my memory is like so I'd say it is a safe bet they did not do the medley.

    The story I heard was that the intro was played for part of the SEBTP tour, but Tony had a major bungle one night and they removed the intro portion of the song after that. If anyone has some additional info, would love to hear it.

    I like this one better than Misunderstanding, but think it's the weakest song on the album. That being said, I typically don't skip it when spinning W&W. Almost seems out of place on the album. Perhaps would have benefited from being on a different album, but I have no idea which one.

    I responded by reporting it directly to an Admin. Supper's Ready. Really. I thought it was implied that criticism of SR was off the table when I started the thread. :D:D

    Really?! My word.


    Haha! I say that in the spirit of this thread. OFTV is one of "those" songs that I feel is revered by fans, esp those of the '70-'77 era. Personally, I love it, but I can see how admitting one does not like the song could birth some sort of backlash that one doesn't want to deal with, so you just don't admit you think it's a clunker.

    Here’s another great medley. ‘I know what I like’, from ‘Seconds Out’ with that great segue into Stagnation. Enjoy!

    There's also a bit from Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and Blood on the Rooftops (although I haven't quite found that one yet) in there as well.

    Was so surprised and delighted the 1st time I heard this. Also nice to know this bit stayed with IKWIL for years to come.