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    I considered that, too. Whilst the shows on the North American leg of the tour saw some fine performances of the end section of Supper's Ready, by the time the band reached Australia, there were clearly some vocal problems which resulted in the song being replaced with Afterglow.

    Phil has always said he enjoys singing Supper's Ready, though, and has no issue with fans considering it to be the best thing Genesis ever did.

    On the WCD tour, Phil caught a cold which resulted in a concert in Miami being cancelled. Subsequent to that, he lost a lot of his mid-range and Mama had to be dropped from the set. By the time the tour reached England, his vocals didn't seem as powerful as they used to be, although he still gave it his all on stage and some of the melodies on stuff like No Son Of Mine and Home By The Sea were sublime. After the stadium tour, Genesis did an "encore" tour of smaller venues throughout Britain. I caught the band at Earls Court and Phil's vocals were still in good shape.

    That's something I never considered: The difference in vocals necessary between a stadium and a more intimate venue. I caught two WCD shows in Philly on back to back nights. After a little research (and The Movement live database), I found that they did not perform the TIOA medley on the first night with a report from an attendee that Phil sounded "off." I remember the 2nd show being the better of the two.

    From what I remember Supper's Ready was off the table from the get go on the 2007 tour. Never heard the reason. I kind of remember reading something from management saying, "No Supper's Ready, so don't even ask."

    Well, you know that when they were looking at what old material to play on the We Can't Dance tour, Phil suggested they perform Supper's Ready but was voted down.

    I didn't and that's interesting. My question would have been wether Phil's voice could have handled Supper's Ready. Correct if wrong, but didn't he have some issues with it on the IT tour and it was removed from the medley? I know Phil had issues with his vocals on the WCD tour as the encore of one of the shows I saw was cut short.

    One for the Vine is a song that many seem to view as one of Tony's better compositions. I just can't get into it. The lyric/story for me is kind of obvious and does nothing for me. Musically it just seems to wander aimless, particularly the melody of the verses. There are a couple of bits I like, particularly the outro. But a lot the rest of it feels stitched together rather than flowing organically.

    This is actually a perfect example. A song that we could probably say an overwhelming majority of the fan base loves. If I shared your opinion on OFTV, which I don't, I'd probably be afraid to admit it.

    I hate Many To Many. Really. I can`t stand it. I always skip it, when I listen to And Then There Were Three.

    And also Say It`s Alright, Joe.

    These really suck.

    Honest question: How do you really feel about these two songs?

    Say It's Alright Joe is another one that gets a fair amount of love that I could have added to my list.

    After you dumped on MadManMoon????!!!!!! How dare you!?^^^^^^ Seriously though, I don't think anyone can be convinced to like or dislike a song.

    Back in the days, when even my love ballads had to be in 7/8, I would admit that had trouble saying out loud that I actually liked FYFM.

    I'm starting to think I may have desecrated a sacred cow here, haha. Guess I'll have to buy the beer to remain in good graces 8)

    Maybe there's another post of "Songs that you're afraid to admit you like" I have a few of those as well :)

    So many of the songs mentioned here are ones I love ^^

    There are none that I truly dislike, but some I like less than others. My big one is In the Cage. It's a fine song, but I don't see what the huge fuss is about.

    ITC is an interesting one. Not the best piece off the Lamb and probably not on par with similar songs from previous albums like Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, Watcher, Hogweed and such. I do think ITC benefited from being a part of the live set for so long. I also have a soft place in my heart for ITC as it was my intro to "old" Genesis on Three Sides Live.

    Great replies!

    To address a few of the others...

    Get em Out By Friday-Not a fan of this one. Shame they didn't replace this with Stagnation on the Foxtrot tour

    DOAV-I mentioned this in another post, but the context of the opening to that song is really one of Genesis' most powerful moments as a band. But it's really two songs. I was so enamored by the intro that it took me a while that the rest of the song didn't really measure up to it.

    HBTS-I find the live versions of this song (both parts) work really well. The album version pales in comparison. And the lyrics really do need the intro Phil gives it live.

    MOOT-Another one I guess I don't get. I remember having this conversation with a friend of mine ages ago. He was a lover of MOOT and I'm like, dude, Duke's Travels/Duke's End? ^^

    After having been around this forum and others, having been a fan for 35 +years and having numerous conversations with Genesis fans, I'm coming clean...There a handful of songs out there that I feel like the vast majority of Genesis fans adore, but I, quite honestly, don't like those songs. So here's my list. Feel free to knock me in any way you wish. I'm free of this burden :)

    Mad Man Moon-Maybe I just don't get it, but I think this song is a downer. Other than that section in the middle where the tempo picks up, this song is largely forgettable for me.

    Chamber of 32 Doors-I actually used to think this was a pretty good song, but comparing it with the rest of the music on the Lamb, not that great of a song.

    Open Door-Always one of those songs that folks think should have replaced Please Don't Ask or Alone Tonight on Duke. Honestly, I think it's slightly better than PDA and a push with Alone Tonight and those are the weakest tracks on Duke IMO

    Many Too Many-Seems to be loved by a lot of folks, just never did anything for me.

    Does anyone else feel this way about any Genesis songs? Use this thread as an "airing of the grievances" and we'll get through this together. ^^

    I also reserve the right to change my opinion on any of these songs at any point in the future...

    Although not a medley, here’s another ‘what could have been’ moment in the band’s history. In much the same way as they planned to do with the Duke Suite, they originally planned to release Moonlit/Cinema/Aisle as a single side-long track. Once again, fears of a ‘Supper’s Ready’ comparison stopped them and the track was split to effectively book-end the album. Here’s a fan edit of what this astonishing track might have sounded like. You’ll have to practise the suspension of disbelief with the lyrics, though they could arguably make sense viewed through your T.S.Eliot spectacles. 😀 Enjoy!

    Fascinating! I never knew this. Thanks for the info. It's interesting to wonder what Supper's Ready would have looked like had they written the Moonlit/Cinema suite first.

    Here's the 27 min 'Duke Suite' as originally intended for release as side 1 of Duke. Instead they tore down the temple and sold off the individual bricks.

    Always wondered why they didn't put this on the album like this. From my understanding they did perform the suite live in this order. I don't considered full songs strung together medleys at least in the Genesis definition.

    I have mixed feelings on the Genesis medleys. The ITC medley on TSL (the one with only 3 live sides) was my intro to "old" Genesis. Absolutely love that one. Such a joy discovering the album originals in my Genesis journey. The other side of that coin was the Old Medley on the Way We Walk. This one felt forced as if they knew they had to tip their hats to that era. Loved the ITC medley on Live Over Europe even though I thought the transition to Dukes Travels was a little rough.

    My question in all this is, "What would the fans rather have seen live?" Some bits and pieces of songs over 15-20 minutes or 1-2 full songs? Like instead of the 15-20 min old medley, do all of Cinema Show or Firth or whatever.

    Steve played with them as well. Love what these guys do. Saw them for the first time in 2004 and it was like being in a time machine. I was barely born when Genesis toured for SEBTP so my knowledge was limited to still photos and really crappy VHS bootlegs. TMB brought it all to life for me. I've seen them countless times and it's always a great show. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this new tour.

    So I chose "dislike" but I certainly wouldn't say I hate the song. For me probably in the bottom 3 songs on Duke and pretty easily the weakest of the live tracks on TSL. That being said, I can't really put my finger on why. The song just feels like something I have to go through if I'm giving the whole album a listen, not necessarily something I enjoy like a lot of the other tracks.

    Excellent point actually. I think the band shared the same trepidation fans had and it must have been quite the relief when Volcano emerged from the first jam sessions. Sort of: 'OK, we still have it'. Very strong opener.

    "Relief" is a pretty good word to describe it. Contextually, I think Down and Out is a similar song with Steve's departure. Although the band was seemingly more established with regards to the fans at that point. It conveys a similar power as well. And other than the little keyboard bit at the beginning has the same guitar riff-drums-pounding bass similar to DOAV.

    I'll go with Dance on a Volcano not because it's the strongest song that Genesis used to open an album with. Heck it's not even the strongest song on that album. But...given the context of this song and the "unknown" of what the first album without Peter would sound like, the first few notes of DOAV might be (for me at least), one of the most powerful moments that Genesis had. I imagine owning and loving the 5 previous albums and wondering if everything was going to be ok when the lead singer leaves and then buying Trick, coming home and putting the needle down...