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    Very difficult list to compile. Can we do top 20 instead?? Lol, that would take ages if we only post one a week. Can we ned the rules and post one a day?

    In any case, I'll kick off with my number 10 choice:

    Down & Out

    The 1993 Devotional tour is still one of my very favorite tours from them. I still love the DVD from that tour too! I'm looking forward to it!

    I hope to see KC again when they come back here. I love that they are still going strong.

    Yeah, they produced consistently better music than their prog contemporaries throughout the 80's, 90's and beyond IMO. Thrak, and The Power to Believe are very strong albums. The trio of albums with Adrian Belew in the early 80's took a bit of getting used to.

    Depeche Mode on June 3rd in Philadelphia. 8)

    Enjoy! Love DM.

    Last saw them on the Devotional tour back in 1993, and they were superb.

    As for up and coming gig's, I'm hoping to see The Orb at some point and in some shape or form over the summer, but I've got tickets for King Crimson in November. Thankfully as you get older the time goes quicker and the wait doesn't feel so long! X/

    I listen to some Genesis every week, even if not a whole album. I drift in and out of prog rock, but Genesis seems to be a staple for me.

    I tend to revisit albums and play them to death for a while, before reurning to a few tracks per week routine. I seem to always go back to The Lamb, Trick of the Tail, and..and then there were three!