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    Like others in the thread, I have mixed emotions about Phil touring. Obviously, I would love for him to be performing, feeling good about himself, and overcoming whatever demons he's fought the past decade. I read his book and know how fragile he is.

    At the same time, charging $500 for floor seats and $200 for nosebleeds rubs me the wrong way. Phil is a very wealthy man and does not need to gouge fans in this way. (Or maybe he does.) Especially if he is performing seated and relying on autotune. Perhaps a speaking tour would be more appropriate. Or maybe it's not too late for him to rehab his way back to being able to stand.. But the clips I've seen on youtube are not worthy of the ticket price.

    I'm also a bit miffed he did not bring back Chester Thompson. I get that he wants to put his son in the spotlight, but it just isn't right. His son needs to make his own mark, not play drums for his famous dad. Chester was an integral part of Genesis and Phil's solo work going back to 1977. Phil's son could do a guest song or something, but the main guy behind the kit should be Chester.