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    Kevin Gilbert covered The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway in 1994 for its 20th anniversary.

    Toby Fox is rumored to be a fan, since a lot of Undertale (and even some cases Deltarune) contain lots of references to Genesis.

    Can - Ege Bamyasi (1972)

    Germany, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Rock

    Can were a band that was usually ahead of their time, and this streamlined, 40-minute release that followed the massive Tago Mago is no exception.

    Genesis - Wind & Wuthering (1976)

    UK, Progressive Rock, Symphonic Prog

    I picked up the Japanese SHM-CD (pictured) this weekend at a little record shop in Virginia, and I thought my promotional Atco LP of the album sounded great!

    I'm with you there. Although I do like "Afterglow" I think it works better on their live albums, Seconds Out and Three Sides Live. The rhythm shift in the second half of the verses is nice, and you won't hear that on Wind & Wuthering.

    It's not too bad, but not great. It probably works better within the context of Wind & Wuthering, the song by itself is kind of a snoozer, or maybe I'm experiencing Genesis fatigue recently. Also, I didn't know it was about a mermaid until someone brought it up in the infamous "Songs I'm Afraid[...]" thread. I figured it was about Rutherford's experience with his significant other while working with Genesis (for 7 years at that point in time, so it fits in with the lyrics). Wot Gorilla is worse.

    Nice to see Cocteau Twins members! 8) (Robin Guthrie doesn't make the cut, eh?)

    Guthrie is a good guitarist, but IMO he wasn't as expressive as Kevin Shields. I think the mix of Fripp and Shields on guitar would have a nice balance of technicality and sonic character.

    I must check this Lizard album out. If it’s anything like ‘England’, which I adore, I’m in for a treat!

    It's not too much like "Selling England," both share a medieval aesthetic and some other aspects but are totally different albums in the end. It's not that easy to find, you know how Robert Fripp is with protecting his music. I blindly bought my copy, the 40th anniversary CD+DVD pack, at a now-closed Borders in Sterling, VA back in 2010. And I'll give you this sampler from DGM's official YouTube channel itself, from the Lizard suite. If you like this, you might like the album overall.

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    Really? We’re supposed to like that awful sugar ballad from Mike.

    I think we should have a thread titled "Songs I'm Afraid to Admit I Like" thread, because I don't find Your Own Special Way terrible. It's inoffensive, and a nice breather after One for the Vine. And to be honest, I wouldn't miss it if the song was taken out of W&W in favor of Inside and Out, though I wouldn't know where I'd place that song in the album's sequence.

    My man. Thank you.

    When I was recently revisiting Genesis I've noticed some songs or albums I used to like just don't do it for me anymore. Why put out Duke if it's not going to have Evidence of Autumn or Open Door, one of which is possibly my favorite Genesis song? The biggest surprise for me was my most recent, and first critical listen of "shapes," only to find out I liked it better than "Trick" or SEBtP. That's almost sacrilege within some circles in the Genesis fandom, but I really don't care.

    And I don't really care for Firth of Fifth. I don't get how it's so revered among fans. It's nice, and starts out promising, but after all nine and a half minutes I feel something was missing. The song, and most of SEBtP in general, remind me of King Crimson's Lizard album, which is not only an album that I've heard first before Selling England, but came out an almost good three years before. It may not be as politically-minded as Selling England, but in my opinion, Lizard, and its titular suite in particular, has more engaging music and a better fleshed-out fantasy world. Why listen to Firth of Fifth when the Lizard suite, or to be streamlined, Cirkus exists?

    Which brings me to this. I think Selling England by the Pound is overrated. Trespass to Foxtrot are superior albums, and I find Selling England to be just about as good as Calling All Stations, which, to me, means they're both mediocre-to-slightly-decent. Maybe because I am an American born in the 1990s, I simply won't "get" Selling England unless I researched political affairs of early-1970s Britain, and I don't find that particularly fun.

    And here's a controversial opinion. Trespass is my favorite Genesis album, and my runner-up is, wait for it... We Can't Dance.

    Drums: Bill Bruford

    Piano: Yvonne Loriod

    Keyboards: Jarboe

    Guitars: Robert Fripp and Kevin Shields

    Bass: Simon Raymonde

    Vocals: Eric Clayton and Elizabeth Fraser