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    :D:D:D Keep telling yourself that, sweet-chips, and eventually you might convince yourself it's true. But until you can tell the difference between Firth of Fifth, The Return Of The Giant Hogweed and The Musical Box, you'll still be a confused, bitter, pitiful little man.

    I can't believe you've responded so aggressively. In your introductory post, you claim to be a Buddhist. What kind of Buddhism do you practice in Liverpool? It's unlike anything I've ever come across in S.E. Asia.

    OK, I get it now! Duchess has made your playlist but you don’t love it. Fair enough! I do love it, however. It’s one of those tracks banging on the door of my top 10, along with Mar, Squonk & Stagnation. At a pip I’d go for Mar despite that dreadful ‘daddy’ lyric. It’s got such a powerful build to it and is even now still growing on me. (Sorry, Squonk, you’ve been demoted yet again!)

    I also think you might be underestimating how much I like ‘Duke’ as an album. Whereas you are somewhat apologetic for liking side 1 of ‘Genesis’, I feel no such guilt over ‘Duke’. I’ll admit that it’s an unbalanced album with the collaborative work far surpassing their individual compositions yet, apart from the strong exception I take to Collins as a song writer in general (There’s only so much sickly sweet saccharin I can take. Such a pity Noel Gallagher never got his severed head in his fridge) I would take the album over Trespass anyday. I would acknowledge though, that if we consider their output in the 70s then both these albums which bookend the decade are the weakest* (No doubt, you’ll understand from my earlier post that I’m disregarding the radio-ready piffle that followed as being beyond the pale)

    *excluding ‘The Lamb’ of course, which we both consider to be experimental tripe.

    ...and let’s not forget the other great strength to Duke is Phil’s drumming. It’s rare to come across a song so convincingly transformed by the drum track as ‘Duchess’.

    I would like to believe we can go beyond the boundaries of personal taste and particularly with the benefit of hindsight, admit some artist have been relevant for a certain period and then not so much. I might not like Duran Duran but they had their say. I might like Alison Moyet with Yazoo and solo but she stopped being relevant a while ago. Nobody can dispute the legacy of bands like the Police or Talking Heads and if you are into that even George Michael will be regarded as a gifted songwriter, particularly after his death but artists like: The Specials, Madness, Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw, Ultravox are really not in the big league

    I agree! There has to be more to it than personal taste. There was a lot of froth in the 80s. Fun but froth. The bands that made an impact are those such as The Smiths. Too many were simply those who got themselves a wacky haircut and jumped on the bandwagon. Anyone still playing Flock of Seagulls? Their natural home is an 80s compilation CD. I doubt their albums ever had much substance.

    Ha ha! Yes, I am a ‘Philly boy’ but this is too well written for me to be annoyed. I can understand how frustrating it must have been to see them change into a fully fledged pop outfit.

    Is it really true about Abacab and the booing? I can’t believe it.

    Totally! Mama is a runner and rider with me bouncíng around with a couple of others just outside the top ten. Some say Genesis were "descending into pop" about now but Mama is as original and imaginative a song as you could imagine ever hitting the charts. Collins claims he ripped the spooky laugh from Grandmaster Flash but he's doing himself a disservice - it's a different sound completely.

    Yeah, I agree with you. We are Philly boys together! The pop era with Phil Collins is the best one but Mama is number 1 Song not number 5.

    Chicago do nothing for me, much like most of your posts, where hyperbole would be preferable to contrived disagreement and confrontation.

    Be careful Foxfeeder, StillCan’tDance is a troll. He will attack you personally. He has done it to others.