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    Saw a Barry Williams Show CD single and it had two tracks of the song, the "Unadulterated" version (which I assume is just the single) and also an "Adulterated" version ... anyone know what that's about? Does it have different lyrics or something?

    I would like to know your (anyone's) honest thoughts about the songs on the Spot the Pigeon EP:

    Match of the Day


    Inside and Out

    I'll save my opinions for now but suffice it to say, these songs confuse me.

    Thank you

    the first and last tracks of each of those sides share the same number of words?

    the lamb lies down on broadway - 6

    the grand parade of lifeless packaging - 6

    dodo lurker - 2

    another record -2


    Let the setlist speculation begin!

    Well, it must be safe to assume that Domino (Part 1: In the Glow of the Night and Part 2: The Last Domino) will be in the list, ya?

    I find it fascinating that part of this song's title is the name of the tour (mostly because it is one of my absolute favorites) - does it mean anything or is it just a catchy way to say, "this *might* be the last ... tour"?

    As for other songs, well, I'm expecting more hits than usual--maybe we get the dropped ones from TIOA like In Too Deep (in lower key), That's All (which still sounds good today methinks), and/or perhaps the full Cinema Show (if they key and chords and tunings are figured out).

    I have done this, too, but for other people either giving them songs they already like or trying to get them into Genesis a little bit. It all depends on their tastes. But it often works because I believe there is enough variety in Genesis that anybody can find something they like from the catalog.

    For example, for someone who liked Zeppelin and Sabbath I tried to compile some heavier, rhythmic, and guitar-centric stuff (I try not to go over 1 hour or else it could be overkill):

    Down and Out

    Can Utility and the Coastliners

    Dancing with the Moonlit Knight



    Firth of Fifth

    In that Quiet Earth


    I think The Knife would be a good part of this but again, I kept it under an hour.

    I quite liked this mix and sequence so I made a copy for myself.

    Everything great about early Genesis was here on Nursery Cryme and in my humble opinion, it only got better from here (i.e. I think Foxtrot, Selling England, and Lamb improved upon this foundation). Some quick thoughts that maybe haven't been said before:

    Musical Box - I love it, of course, but the family doesn't always like it when I play it in the car when the parts get loud and soft so suddenly and so often--but I love it.

    For absent Friends - could have used a chorus, otherwise ok

    Hogweed - Love the guitar work - still sounds great today

    7 Stones - oh sweet mellotron!

    Harold the Barrel - people forget these guys had a sense of humor

    Harlequin - vastly underrated song (even by the band?)

    Fountain of Salmacis - nothing, nobody, nowhere, never has done anything like this and if they tried, it wouldn't be as great as this masterpiece - and if you haven't played the outro/guitar solo at bookshelf-shaking-full-volume (particularly the live version on 3SL) or at 11 then prepare to be transported out from your body

    In the outro of A Trick of the Tail, a few bars after "hello friend, welcome home," there's a little grunt or "hmph" sound, like a little creature or something just crossed their arms and pouted. I don't know what it is or why it's there but I always find it funny. Sadly, it's slightly lost in the box set stereo remix, hmph!

    Here's the Rolling Stone article dated August 15, 2018


    Collins spoke to Banks and Rutherford when they saw his solo show in London last summer. “They both were raving about Nic,” says Collins. “Mike made the appropriate comment of, ‘He just gets it. He just gets what is needed and what is required and why you’re doing this for that song.’ I thought that was a wonderful thing to say. He was 16 at that point. I think that, yeah, if we did anything I think it would have to be with Nic on drums because I don’t think I’m capable of it. I think their opinion of Nic is high enough for them to take him onboard as part of the band.”

    ... Probably won't happen, but never say never huh?