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    Ok, so my Disc one starts with Pacidy, followed by Shepherd. Assuming all copies are like this?

    Also, the count in by Phil before Get 'em Out By Friday has been chopped out.

    Is there a consensus yet if these session versions replace the best we have already?

    UPDATE - according to a thread on SHF, North American copies have the error, UK/Europe does not

    Yes, mine does this, too. The CD text is wrong as well (the text appearing on screen showing the track name) displaying "Shepherd" while playing Pacidy (and vice versa). The CD text for Mama also displays as being from Lyceum 80. So, there are some QA issues.

    Found a mostly positive review of the set from Paste Magazine: "Genesis Pull Off The Impossible With BBC Broadcasts: A surprisingly cohesive boxed set of live odds and ends reconciles the iconic English outfit’s two disparate legacies."

    Made a trip to Cleveland, OH the other day and visited the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. I hadn't been there in many years and Genesis were inducted since that time. So, I sought out anything about them and left a little disappointed. There was nothing except the bare minimum to represent the band. There were lots of clothes and guitars from many others but not even a pair of Phil Collins drumsticks or anything like that anywhere. I honestly didn't expect much, but I hoped for something small.

    The bare minimum included the plaque representing the artists inducted each year; for Genesis, that was 2010. Here are pictures of the plaque which includes their signatures:

    Genesis plaque at Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees wall

    Genesis plaque with other 2010 inductees

    There were also screens where you could find all inductees and a selection of their music to listen to with attached headphones. Here are the tracks they used to represent Genesis as their "Career Defining Playlist":

    The Musical Box

    Supper's Ready

    Watcher of the Skies

    Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

    Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    Back in NYC

    Dance on a Volcano

    Eleventh Earl of Mar

    Follow You Follow Me

    Behind the Lines


    No Reply at All


    That's All

    Invisible Touch

    In Too Deep

    Land of Confusion

    I Can't Dance

    Hold on My Heart

    ... so, basically they chose one or more from each album from NC to WCD. I was surprised by Supper's Ready and I don't imagine most people standing there for its complete duration, but good to be represented there where some people might just want to hear what it's like. I'm glad Back in NYC is there since I think it rocks. 11th Earl of Mar is a surprise since I thought Afterglow would represent W&W. The rest isn't surprising but I thought Turn it On Again would be there. I think Throwing it All Away would be a better ballad pick than In Too Deep. The lack of Trespass and CAS isn't a surprise since those albums include people who were not part of the induction. Kind of a need "set list" if you will.

    The gift shop included vinyl sales and there were three Genesis albums:

    A Trick of the Tail ($24.99)

    Seconds Out ($34.99)

    Duke ($21.99)

    Peter Gabriel's solo plaque was there, too (2014 I think)

    I thought I'd share all this, for the record.


    Please excuse my ignorance...

    What does: "Not encompassed in the acquisition are the participation of Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett in the early Genesis albums" mean? So, as far as Genesis stuff, does this mean just material from "And Then There Were Three" onward? Or does it mean all Genesis albums (presumably "Trespass" and onward) and no solo work form PG or SH?

    It's ... weird, which is why I love it, which is why I don't play it much, which is why when I do play it, I play it loudly.

    Sometimes I play it and skip skip skip songs, other times I'll let it ride--and still find something surprising--and still find something that makes me cringe.

    What's weird? Well, there's what I think a section of pure magic and elation that is the second half of Alien Afternoon... which is stitched to this bumbling reggae-wannabe section with "woke up in the morning"-triteness lyrics... which then segues into this wall of sound and yearning in the second part (which was pretty amazing in the live versions I've heard) that takes my breath. But as a whole? What is it?

    That's sort of my overall feeling for the album, maybe, I don't know, it still confounds me. Maybe I'm confused myself because I think I might actually really like Small Talk. What's wrong with me?


    3SL was my first introduction to their 70s material--hearing the Cage medley was an incredible experience--I didn't know what I was hearing, it was so different from anything I'd heard. I was particularly fond of the Cinema Show section because it sounded so uplifting and powerful. I knew I had to dive deeper into the Genesis catalog at this point and what an adventure that was/has been/is.

    I'm guessing the Old Medley from TWWW may have had a similar effect on others to pique their interest in the old material.

    In short, it's magic

    Yes, I was there last night in the packed house of the Nationwide Arena.

    As always, I was captivated. It was such a wonder to see them live again--it feels like a fever dream.

    I don't know what to say I'm still letting it all sink in.

    The visuals were spellbinding, particularly the domino lights.

    The crowd was great--I noticed those on the floor stood up the entire time.

    As far as songs/setlist the highlights for me were:

    • The acoustic set - I enjoyed the rearrangements
    • Fading Lights (wish it was the whole song but it was nice to get a new medley)
    • Duchess - oh my god this song is the one that struck me hard - it was a beautiful rendition and this truly makes me wish for a CD of the show

    Only negative was the sound/acoustics - maybe my seat location was bad but the amps/speakers seem to have issues to my ears. It was like a firehouse constantly on full blast. There was no balance or dynamics - it was all screechy and echoey. Or I'm just getting old? I saw them in this same venue in 2007 and either I've rose-tinted memories or the sound was much better then.

    The performance was very good and it all worked around Phil's voice--I didn't think Mama could work but he made it a brand-new level of menacing with that growly take. Nic was on fire. Mike jammed hard in every beat. Daryl brought so much depth and energy. Tony, his stoic self, was the maestro as always.

    So, huh, no Abacab and nothing from Trick? I know, can't get it all in What was there was great especially Duchess :)

    Rolling Stone updated their top 500 songs list, which they made in 2004, to take a new broader look at pop and include more recent influential pieces. I scrolled through pretty quickly and only found one track by any Genesis-related artists:

    Article here: In the Air Tonight is at 219

    I was kind of hoping to see something like Land of Confusion or No Son of Mine make the cut, or M&tMs Silent Running, Miracle, or Living Years, or even Sledgehammer or In Your Eyes from Gabriel, but I didn't see them (perhaps I scrolled by too quickly)

    They certainly are.

    The above and eg HMV listing doesn't suggest 'edit' for anything other than Abacab so it's safe to assume the rest are as normal with segued tracks obviously fading out, with it remaining to be seen if Duchess fades in or starts as the single did, which would be better.

    with some calculations, if we take all these as full album versions (except abacab) then runtimes are:

    CD1: 1h 17m 11s

    CD2: 1h 19m 45s <-- that's really close to the max, full abacab couldn't fit

    here's my excel math in the attached image (for funsies):


    is Duke's End actually an edit of Behind the Lines' beginning, bumped next to its counterpart at the end of Duke's End and mixed in transition to TIOA? (i.e. like the live track from the 07 tour?)

    Will Cinema Show segue into Afterglow? If not, is there a fade-in to Afterglow? (otherwise you get a bit of In that Quiet Earth when Afterglow's drums start)

    Duchess will fade in/out? (lookin' for clean edits here people)

    Is Firth of Fifth the whole song or are they recreating the '07 live cut with a segue into IKWIL?

    Is Tonight, Tonight, Tonight the whole song or a shorter version (again, like the live '07) and segue's into IT?

    Moonlit Knight: at one time they did the beginning of this song and after the "selling England by the pound" lyric, they went into CC -- is that what they're doing here?

    ... okay if this is a studio version recreation of live versions, then I'm in. I've edited some tracks like that myself but would enjoy a pro version.

    I got Columbus - here's how it went

    Logged in 30 minutes early

    At 10 early it refreshed the page and said wait to be put into the queue

    At 0 minutes I was put in the queue with 600+ ahead of me (not bad)

    When that ran up I got the map screen of the arena (here's where it got slightly weird)

    I picked a section that (when I hovered my mouse over it) said tix were $250

    I found two seats near the front that were available (already many unavailable)

    Clicked next ... message said those seats were taken!

    Found two other seats in a same-priced section (other side of arena)

    Clicked next ... same message that I was beaten to those seats

    Found two others seats in a same-priced section

    Clicked next ... total is $1,200! what?! The price suddenly changed for that section!

    Clicked back to find new seats and now many are filling up

    Found some "at the very tiny people at the back" section - sigh

    Clicked next ... message said "sit tight, we're getting your tickets"

    ... waiting ... waiting ... then it times out and says "the timeout is give everyone a fair shot" (>:|)

    I go back *again* to the arena map and now there's hardly any seats in the price range I want (and none where 2 are together!)

    SUDDENLY! A bunch of seats become available! (I guess others got timed out??)

    Found two seats *near* the first section I was trying for - GOT EM!

    I'm pleased enough with my seats and the price (I expected over $200 - got them for $250 ea.)

    but lordy lord I CALL SHENANIGANS on the deceptive pricing, the "available" seats becoming "unavailable" when I clicked to buy them, the unfair timeout (when it was them, not me, who was taking their time), and the sudden re-emergence of seats!

    Good luck everyone! I saw seats priced at $800+ and those weren't even on the floor.


    Not for nothing but Silver Rainbow would be a very odd song to end an album on.

    That said, it's a very odd song no matter where it falls in the running order. I'm very fond of it.

    Agreed and agreed. The song just doesn't make much sense, but it's what I love about it

    I think I started a thread like this (maybe?) and I had the same rules but I added one more stipulation: it can only have a complete runtime of 45-50 minutes--that's when it starts to really hurt!

    An odd one to do is the "Genesis" album because, there were no B-sides were there? The solution for me would be to simply remove Illegal Alien and include the long versions of Mama and It's Gonna Get Better, then mix it up a little.

    Mama (long version)

    Home by the Sea

    Taking it all Too Hard

    That's All

    Just a Job to Do

    It's Gonna Get Better (long version)

    Silver Rainbow

    I got two Genesis songs and one PC immediately. The third took some thinking about but after mulling over a few songs , I got Jesus He Knows Me. The ones I got straight away were Dreaming While You Sleep, Domino and of course In The Air Tonight. . I think that will my limit as I m not so familiar with PC songs.

    Yeah, those are the 3 from Genesis - honorable mentions would be:

    Only Your Love (Ant's song, sung by Phil in a demo)


    You Might Recall ("all of our lives")

    For Phil, In the Air Tonight and All of My Life have been mentioned ... but there are:

    3 on "No Jacket Required,"

    a b-side,

    2 from "But Seriously" (All of My Life already named, so one more),

    1 from "Both Sides"

    ... and probably more that I can't even think of ...