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    Similar to others I always thought that the lawnmower, presumably Jacob, was happy to opt out of modern consumerism (this was the 70s) and adopt a rural/hippy lifestyle. He knows what he likes and he likes what he knows. He is stepping one beyond - i.e. going one better - than the lifestyle and 'show' of his critics who want him to confirm. Nowadays we might say he is authentic as opposed to their desire to put on a show with their clothes and consumer goods. So it might be getting better in their wardrobes but he's living a life that suits him. Anyway, great tune!

    Does anyone know any more about the rumours of a Lamb Box set? They swirled around before the tour was announced. Is there any substance to them and is there any possibility the project- if there was a project- coming to fruition any year soon?

    I’m not bothered what he does with his hair - in fact I think he looks great for his age, but then I don’t have much hair to worry about. I’d like him to do something a bit different with his next album but even then I’ll take whatever we get and be glad he’s still active

    I’ve emailed Steve to ask if he will include Twilight Alehouse on this tour. I think it would fit well, give the band a chance to stretch out at the end and including some outtakes provides even more of a purpose to revisiting these albums (not that more purpose is needed). It would be a bit like Steve including Inside and Out on the W&W tour and Deja Vu on the SEBTP tour.

    The team replied they would keep it in mind.

    I’m surprised about that particular song. I was at Newcastle and don’t remember there being any issues with it. There were a couple of points early on where I wondered how this was going to turn out, mainly to do with him being a touch slow at times, but that song sounded fine at the time. I’ve just looked at a couple of videos and it seems ok. Was it the first or second night you watched? 30th September or 1st October? Of course it’s a bit different when you are there and in the moment.

    All credit to a band who can leave out an album such as Trick! I’m struggling to think of a track Phil could sing now off the album. The quieter ones had that pure quality of his early singing style and things like Squonk really need power I suppose. I would have thought Dance on a Volcano would suit the lower range better and could have segued into something else maybe. But I’m in no way a singer and I’d defer to someone who is to know if that’s behind the album’s absence. I agree with the comments about drums being the issue for Los Endos and although I’m sure Phil would have taken pride in what Nic did with it, I’m not sure they could get the sound they would have wanted and also it’s very much a Phil inspired track reliant on his drive and maybe he just didn’t feel like watching others try to do it without him.

    I like it, it's not their best by a long way but a nice song, that shows an improvement in their ability to write shorter, more accessible music. It sits well on the album, which has a romantic air about it and provides a nice contrast to the high drama around it. Yes the keyboard solo adds little and something more along the lines of sea shanty sound might have improved that little break, but its pleasant enough. I agree with Stillcan'tdance that they wrote better love songs, buts is a very good early example.

    I can see why that would be the case. I went to Newcastle and loved it, Phil was much better than I expected and the band were superb. But I tried to listen to a YouTube of one of the gigs and didn’t enjoy it, it just sounded too slow, Phil was flat at times and his pronunciation was odd. I don’t know how much of that is the quality of recording and how much was me being in the moment at the gig. All I can say is I am really glad I went, but if I hadn’t gone and listened to that recording I would feel I hadn’t missed anything, if that makes sense?

    I suppose he left Genesis because he didn’t want to be in it anymore. Not that complicated.

    Ringo and George walked out of the Beatles but went back, Steve didn’t go back. He had a hand in a lot of their material so he’s entitled to play it, ( as were /are Ringo and George with Beatles stuff) Steve having spent most of the 80s 90s and early 2000s not cashing in and trying all sorts of different things. They are all still above ground and performing for now and good on ‘em. I doubt they will ever share a stage again and why should they? although I’d love to see it happen. I suppose he has to come up with an answer when he’s asked the question about why he left and by and large he is very professional about it. They could be a bit more positive about out Steve’s work but then why should they if they don’t like it? A dignified silence might be best all round. Sure, if they had all managed to stay together they might have produced more classics but separately they have produced a wealth of material, of uneven quality, with something for almost everyone.

    I think Phil captured the spirit of the day perfectly and Zep did the opposite. Page was in no fit state and in the middle of a ropey (but not totally useless) band performance, Phil did what you would expect a hard working pro to do- he smiled, probably through gritted teeth, and kept a rock solid beat so that the others could do their thing if they were capable of it. The other drummer seemed to do well also and JPJ is always spot on as far as I know. I feel most sorry for JPJs in fact, who I think would turn up well prepared and then get caught up in a bit of a shambles. That said, it was an event, not a recital, it didn’t grind to a halt. If they were that bothered they should have put some work in and done another charity gig later on instead of carping on for years.

    A great shame and a health worry as they all get older, especially Phil. I’m so sorry for those who have tickets and in many cases reasons why the gig would be especially important to them. At least we know that Genesis do not like to let concert goers down ( reissues and websites are another matter ……) so they will do these dates as soon as they can but very disappointing in the meantime.