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    For me, yes, it's the worst, I too agree the songs seem to be half finished and none of them stand out for me. I think it was a case of the band coming to it's natural end. Nothing against Ray Wilson, who did a good job under the circumstances, but I do wish they'd gone with David Longdon in the end - though they probably didn't so they could get away from the Pete/Phil sound. (Interestingly, one of my mates, also a big Genesis fan, loves the album, mainly because it does sound so different to 'classic' Genesis). Second worse album, for me, is We Can't Dance. Personally, I've always enjoyed FGTR and appreciate it for what it is. :)

    Genesis (Yes, after a long, long time, I'm going through the catalogue again - magnificent!)

    The Watch (Been watching their Genesis covers on you tube, very impressive indeed)

    Pink Tones (Great Spanish Floyd tribute band, some superb performances, again on you tube)

    Antoine Baril (He's actually a drummer, but he can play everything. Has done some magnificent Genesis and Rush instrumental medleys, again on you tube)

    Arena (Once again fully enjoying the music of one of the best modern prog bands around)

    IQ - Ever - the 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition.

    Although this album has never been amongst my favourite IQ albums, this remaster/remix is really superb and adds a lot to the original. I like it a lot more now than I did before! :)

    For years I would have said TFK, but now, my second favourite, through sheer consistency, has to be Pendragon. Love everything they've done, and while Nick Barrett isn't a great singer, he's certainly distinctive, and his guitar playing and songwriting are right up there with the best. Though I love lots of bands, if I could only listen to three bands on a desert island, two of them would be Genesis and Pendragon. (As for the third....not sure yet - TFK, Spocks Beard, IQ, Gacharic Spin, Yes, they'd all be in the running....;) )

    I always liked this album, from the day it came out. Always though it had a great energy and power to it, but without losing the 'Genesis sound'. Very strong melodies and, for me, Mike's playing on this album is better than on any subsequent one. I've always slightly preferred this album to Duke, though that's great too, and closer to the 'old' Genesis sound. I enjoy every track on ATTWT, but my favourites may be Deep In The Motherlode and Say It's Alright Joe. Funnily enough, my least fave is Follow You, Follow Me, though I don't mind it. Probably the thing I like the least about this album is actually the cover! (Though it's better than any of the covers that came after it!)

    Been listening to the Greenslade remasters lately via spotify. They sound very good so methinks I'll be getting them at some point, which leads me to my five most played bands currently:



    Spock's Beard

    Show Ya

    Sally Oldfield


    Having got a nice new record player off my wife for Christmas, I've been digging out some of my old albums and singles - all of which are between 40 and 50 years old! Today I played two Sally Oldfield albums back to back, Celebration and Easy. I'd forgotten just how wonderful these albums are, especially Easy: full of strong melodies, ethereal vocals and harmonies and top notch instrumentation. I also have her first album, the classic Water Bearer, which is similarly fantastic. I remember now why she was my favourite female singer from the seventies (along with Karen Carpenter of course ;) ). Excellent stuff! 8)

    Big Big Train - English Electric Full Power

    This was the last BBT album I bought. I know they've had a few out since then but, as good as they are, they've started to sound a bit 'samey' to my ears. Nowt wrong with that of course, but they don't interest me as much as they used to. Each to their own, of course. I think my favourite album by them is still The Difference Machine. ;)