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    If I can throw my unasked for two penneth in. I have always found people on this forum to be a friendly bunch. I like your previous comment about not feeding the troll, which I guess I may be doing right now! Some people have unfortunately never gotten over the shock of PG leaving and have remained the permanently angry for 45 years. The mere thought of anything from the trio going on an earlier album can be enough to throw some people over the edge. Sympathy is required for such cases.

    No anger here. A LOT of anger from fanbois directed at me, however.

    My POV is strictly musical : the band's output becomes less and less interesting as they shed members, culminating in the post-W&W/ATTWT keyboard demo albums.

    Way I look at it: from 1980 on, there is precious little 'prog' left in the music, but most importantly, there is no longer any 'rock' either.

    Once again, you assume your opinions are shared by everyone else.

    Do you have any idea how ridiculous that statement sounds? Especially on this forum where loving the pap era as much as the prog era is not just expected, but downright mandatory?

    'Mama' has its raw side, sure, complete with thunderous drumming and studio trickery. And Phil's pain is palpable. However we're talking music here, and the actual tune is best qualified as nondescript, while the screams/gurgles are just annoying.

    But I agree this song is probably one of the trio's best.

    I went for On the Air, White Shadow and Home Sweet Home, but could have gone on clicking, clicking, clicking: the whole thing is outstanding, dark and powerful and probably the PG album I listened to the most in my distant youth. Love this album.

    Right next to Lerxst's Victor in my little head :)

    Eleventh Earl of Mar. Lyrically and musically it reminds me a little of Battle of Epping Forest.

    Not a trio song, though. But it certainly would have benefitted from PG's participation/singing. And we might have been spared hearing about the er... daddy issues that... mar that particular track. Wouldn't you say this is the album where quality control really started to slipthe advent of that sickly sweet sound that defines the rest of the band's history, all the way to the awful Mama and beyond?

    I'll go see them next time they play in Lyon or any other place within reasonable driving distance. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I have zero interest in what passes for Genesis these days, and I'm happy Steve has been keeping the flame going. Sure, he's going to mix it up a bit, but hey, at least one can't accuse him of sticking to a fossilized version of the music, even though there's a lot to be said for the 'classical' approach: play the goddamned thing as written, man! (you see the problem :) )

    A sax solo on IKWIL doesn't sound like a bad idea (is that on YouTube?): that piece is probably the most 'plastic' on SEBPit can go in any direction the band chooses. Plus that's basically his song, isn't it.

    Re. Steve's own material: let's face it, his core market is very small, and AFAIC his insistence on singing himself does him no favour. I suppose the rock albums with vocals sell better than the acoustic, instrumental ones (?), but for the life of me I cannot understand why he has to write 'songs' when his forte is instrumental composition. Going full instrumental (chamber) rock would be so liberating for himand he might at last put out the great albums we all know/hope he still has in him rather than going through the motions.

    Thanks, DM. It was a long time ago and I had this on cassette tape, so it could have come from any number of places, but it was in the early Eighties, not Nineties...

    The solo in question was very good IMHO, but very different from Steve's (call it 'shreddy' in hindsight), which upset a number of people, I seem to recall.

    Well, it shouldn't be, but since you insist (3 last messages), it's you who is putting pressure on...

    And why not ? If people can't stand such mild heat, they probably should join a cult and leave this discussion forum.

    Backdrifter and thewatcher, you need to watch your blood pressure... and your integrity - because the (very) personal attacks all come from YOU.

    Finally, yes, I do love the prog albums to bits. They've been part of my life for almost fifty years, after all. And they do tower miles above the rest of the production, standing at the top of the prog mountain, so to speak, with a few other masterpieces (Crimson's Red, Gentle Giant's The Power and the Glory, Camel's Moonmadness, etc.) - a thing only an indiscriminating fan will not see ;)

    RPI not dead:

    Insolubilia, Ske's (Italian keyboardist and composer extraordinaire Paolo Botta's) second solo album, released ten years after the first ('1000 autunni'). Another wonderful RIO/chamber rock outing that'll keep you listening for the next ten years and beyond - it's that good :)

    Just to give an idea of the type of talent we're talking about: