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    Usually, when an artist breaks out and records a solo album, it's something completely different from what you'd expect, but with Ed's album he hasn't let us down. Its high quality psychedelic rock. The same goes for his son's band, Silas Neptune, with his album 'The Scales of Tahuti.' Ed and Silas also have an Ozric's spinoff band called Noden's Ictus, and they have some fine psych rock releases as well. All are highly recommended. ;)

    Thanks COT (and Noni) - I'll check those out :thumbup:

    Ed Wynne (Ozric Tentacles) - Shimmer Into Nature -UK -2019


    What's that like as compared to Technicians of the Sacred?

    (Love the Ozrics...)

    At the moment I'm completely obsessed with Dominique Guiot's L'univers de la mer (an obscure library album from the 70's - and a total gem)....

    ...with Khruangbin coming in a close second :

    Very fond of those guy's organic/minimalist/globalist ethos :)

    I have this album, but I need to find it!....:)

    It's uneven, but the studio tracks more than make up for it - worthy additions to the (unfortunately) small LDF canon :)

    If you guys don't know the band's masterpiece (Forse le lucciole non si amano più)... well, do yourselves a favor, it's a blinder:

    Just moved from Italy to France... This doesn't sound like much at first - very classical in construction, not flashy at all - but man, does it bear repeat listening:

    Probably the best Mike & the Mechanics song I've heard :P

    As in the original, the bridge in a different key (and Steve's beautiful solo) opens a window out to different vistas and makes the song in the process.

    Not my favourite track on GR, but quite nice in its own, late nite at the school dance, special way (sorry).

    It's a bit sappy, but then that was the general direction (coughoneforthevine+allfollowingalbumscough). The soft instrumental bridge is a highlight - a dreamy er... musical box that lifts the whole thing up several levels for me.

    Having said that, I can't really be critical - I've loved W&W as a whole for too long, warts and all.

    (I even like Hackett's version!)


    Speaking of obsessing over stuff, I went back to the YT page and saw this comment:


    Ian B il y a 3 jours (modifié)
    Hey Rick! big fan of your channel! I'm the keyboard player for The Musical Box and this song is part of our current tour. Great job on the analysis. In fact, I picked up a good tip from your video on how to do the count in just before the drums come in for the main chorus riff. We were counting it as 4 bars of 7/8 (28 eighth notes) but the way you do it as 3 bars of 4/4 plus 1 bar of 2/4 (14 quarter notes) is actually much easier and more natural to count to what is actually being played by the 12 string guitar! Thanks!

    PS there's more than just the choir mellotron during the verses in terms of keyboards but im not allowed to publicly divulge that kind of info... lol.

    How nice is that? I don't suppose Tony would feel like chiming in too? :)

    Well, much as I adore them, if we are strictly talking about musicianship a couple of names would spring to mind, the same apply if we consider exclusively songwriting. As a blend and sum of both areas though, at least in 70-80 decade, I 'm inclined to agree with you and that song s a wonderful example.

    Took me long enough, but I've learned to live in a rather nice world where others' accomplishments do not detract from the stuff I'm currently obsessing over - so yes, I totally agree with you - fantastic bands such as King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Camel, National Health or Magma do spring to mind :)

    I only saw Genesis once, in 1978, the tail end of their run as a prog band and a time when their live show was probably at its most polished, with plenty of the 'old' tunes still being played. It was my first big concert, and I remember enjoying it thoroughly. I went and bought ATTWT shortly after that, and it became a solid part of my fledgling record collection. The funny thing is that even then I thought it didn't have much in common with my other Genesis albums (Trespass, Nursery Cryme & Live), and more with two albums that were making an impression with me then: Boston's Don't Look Back and Thin Lizzy's Black Rose.

    I've been listening to ATTWT on YT, and I find it can still move me even though it leaves me with the same dubious aftertaste, as it were, as Don't Look Back does. Ultimately I find it unfulfilling because it's rather two-dimensional in a way, as if the Band's horizons (no pun intended) had started to shrink (and dog, did they ever).

    (Black Rose, now that's another matter—total masterpiece in its genre...)

    Highlights for me are Deep in the Motherlode and Burning Rope.