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    Do you think anybody who has spent that kind of money is going to say they're poor?

    ...Do you think it could be okay that I ask for details about the quality of an item on a discussion forum (made for such discussion ABOUT said item) without being subject to snide responses?

    Also, if you take a second to glance thru posts on this thread, it sounds like I'm not the only one who'd like to hear fellow posters' analyses about quality. Are you planning saying the same to them?

    I do recall him saying he wanted a break, but I thought in that statement he was referring to touring. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that's what he was talking about.

    To be fair PG did also mention that he may just continue to release songs each full moon as a way of allowing his remaining songs from these sessions to see the light of day (which is what I was drawing from in my post).

    I acknowledge all that is really just Peter more or less talking over possibilities so I'm not holding anybody to anything-just wondering what we're going to see next. If that DOES mean a new album, then that would be fantastic! But as Ben mentioned, he said the same thing once Up came I guess what's coming next is anyone's guess-but I agree he's definitely earned some time away and with his fam, that's for sure!

    Now that it's been a few weeks into January, and i/o has been out for more than a month...I feel it's reasonable now to start wondering, will there be anything further to come during 2024 full moons? We didn't see anything in December's full moon, which was right after Christmas (so, understandable). January's full moon is only about a week away.

    Just wondering if PG will decide to follow thru on what he speculated on regarding continuing to release songs that didn't make it on the album...I'd love to see a release of What Lies Ahead!

    If he IS going to do the full moon thing, it would really only make sense to do it from the start of the year. Seems kind that he would just pick random full moons across the year to announce/release things. But I can speculate till the cows come the end of the day they can do what they like I guess LOL!

    Nothing wrong with your post or the replies, that’s what a forum is for. I’ve always liked Another Record but I don’t know why, maybe that little drum fill, but it’s no classic and some of the b sides would certainly give it a good run. But the slightly off-centre choice is partly what makes Abacab a great album, where they were wilfully doing what they wouldn’t usually do.

    Fair enough: If they put Another Record at the end in order for it to intentionally feel abrupt, then...mission accomplished I guess LOL! And yes, I suppose in fitting with the feel of the rest of the album.

    I've been thinking lately, and I'm personally not too confident he'll do anymore legs specifically in support of i/o, at least not where he plays the whole album as half the setlist.

    I DO however have a feeling that it wasn't his last tour. PG seems to be the kind of guy that would say so if it were his "final farewell," rather than just quietly fading away. So I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple years - after i/o has had its time to shine - he does one last go around in order to say a proper goodbye, health allowing of course-but focusing more on his entire catalogue. Phil Collins did it, Genesis did it, I think it's realistic he might as well. I do admit that with each passing year it becomes more and more unlikely-as he's already 74 this year. But if he DOES, I will be there for sure!

    Interesting! I love Dreaming While You Sleep. And I have a soft spot for the last two tracks on Abacab, feels like they are tucked away deep in the discography for some reason, more than the average 'deep cut'.

    I personally am baffled as to why they favored Another Record over songs like Paperlate, You Might Recall...even Naminanu for that matter. IMO Another Record has b-side written all over it! And also IMO it was a super weak way to end an album! It just feels like "Oh, hey guys-we forgot about this one!" "Ok just throw it in there real quick, we have some space left."

    we did have an analysis of some of the albums back then, i.e. Duke:…ation-and-review-s97.html

    I don't personally have anything to hand right now, but I remember from discussions at the time on the old forum that the 'tech experts' were posting audio wave charts and stuff showing the the old dynamic peaks and troughs had been massively compressed.

    Even now though, these remixes sound uniformly loud all the way through; the contrasts have largely been wiped out.

    The page that Christian posted there with the link above analyzing Duke seems to directly refute the 'overly compressed ' idea, based on some different frequency measurements that were done. Interesting.

    At any rate, I actually enjoyed the Nick Davis remixes for the most part. There were a few individual songs here and there (just in the 'Blue Box') that seemed to have loudness issues-but the vast majority of the material sounded great IMO, especially compared to the '94 DERs. As I started collecting vinyl a couple years ago, I actually have the 2018 half-speed mastered versions of almost all the Genesis albums now, and IMO I have never heard them sound better! They're all so much richer and warmer sounding-at least compared to my CDs and MP3s-incredibly well balanced from high to low, and excellent instrument separation.

    I am interested to hear how these even newer reissues sound, knowing that they're using the original master tapes. But as I am kind of a completist, I don't want a bunch of different versions of these albums-so unless they eventually release ALL of the Genesis albums this way, I think I might pass on spending all that extra $ to re-buy them, as I'm perfectly happy with the half-speed versions I have of those.

    I feel there's a song here and a song there that might have the fantasy-esque elements going as far forward as the Mama album; Home By the Sea and Silver Rainbow, specifically. But if we're talking general albums, then IMO ...And Then There Were Three is really the one-which even then is only a few songs: The Lady Lies, Scenes from a Night's Dream, Deep in the Motherlode, and I suppose Ballad of Big could count as one, even though it's more a western theme.

    It changes for me...but looking back over the last several years, I'd say it's No Jacket Required. It's the one that contains the songs I most remember from my childhood. I was four or five when NJR came out, and I have memories of being in a restaurant or the car when I was a little kid and hearing One More Night come on-back when every 10th song on the radio was Phil Collins or Genesis. I have a very specific memory of my mom washing dishes when I was in kindergarten and Sussudio came on the radio. So there's a lot of nostalgic value there for me. Not to mention, it was seeing the music video for Take Me Home when I was about 12 when I officially acknowledged myself to be a "PC fan."

    NJR is also one of the few albums where I genuinely like (at least to some extent) every song.

    Well, if I go with which ones are PLAYED the most, my list would probably look much different from what I LIKE the most-due to different circumstances, as one could imagine-like the fact that 80% of my listening occurs in the car while I'm driving.

    PLAY the most:

    1. Abacab (probably just cos it shows up first alphabetically on my iTunes

    2. Mama

    3. Invisible Touch (cos it's the first one to come on when I listen to that album, and I often don't have time to listen thru)

    4. Tonight Tonight Tonight (cos it's my favorite song)

    5. Naminanu (cos I love it)

    LIKE the most:

    1. Tonight Tonight Tonight

    2. Dance on a Volcano

    3. No Son of Mine

    4. Duke's Travels/End

    5. Mama

    LIKE the most, considering ALL ERAs:

    1. Tonight Tonight Tonight

    2. Behind The Lines/Duchess/Guide Vocal

    3. Dance on a Volcano

    4. Robbery Assault and Battery

    5. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

    Cinema Show may be #5 instead (couldn't decide).

    I finally have been able to sit and give my Bright Side vinyl version a true listen. I had stopped listening to all songs from i/o for about a month before I got the album, in an effort to "keep them fresh." The songs sound even more amazing than I remember! On this vinyl format the songs are much richer, warmer and better balanced from high to low than when I'd listen to my mp3 versions in my car (which is up to this point the only way I've heard them).

    Love can Heal is more haunting; Olive Tree has more of a thumping drive to it; And Still sounds so much more balanced and downright beautiful; and Live and Let Live is even more epic sounding than ever!

    I have almost all of PG's albums now, on half-speed remastered vinyl. They ALL are amongst the best sounding records I have - and now i/o is no different.

    Apart from that, it's just SO nice to finally have the whole album in hand, to experience in full in the comfort of my family room...

    Well as long as there is more music coming, I'm happy! I think if there will be touring in 2024 we'll hear about it soon? Maybe later on in the year? Who knows! Now I'm pretty much fully retired I have more flexibility, I'd love to go to South America (s) to see PG play.

    Well considering the fact that they usually announce tour legs around 8 months or so in advance, I'm inclined to take this lack of news to mean that there are no shows planned yet for 2024-at least until the fall, otherwise we'd likely have heard about it already. I'd bet we'll know for sure by about March whether there will be any fall/winter shows this year.

    Just put in Oasis: Be Here it on vinyl for Christmas. Quite enjoyable - it's a remastered version, which IMO that album always needed one. Much more depth and punch, without sacrificing clarity! Even the heavy distorted guitars sound great, not just like noise like the CD/mp3s did.

    Don't Go Away is one of my favorite songs of all time.

    Now that I finally have the album (got the Bright side mix on vinyl for Christmas) and I've been able to sit and give it a full listen, my top three are ever changing! The vinyl version of the release IMO has a richness and warmth that IMO is somewhat lost in mp3 format, which I had been listening to over the course of the year. It sounds amazing!

    My top 3 now are:


    Road To Joy

    Live and Let Live

    Four Kinds of Horses and Love Can Heal are close...the vinyl version IMO creates a balance and a fullness with these songs that make them sound amazing compared to what I remember from before!

    I would probably not change anything about the tracklist for the PG era albums. Other ones like ATOTT and Wind & Wuthering I'd feel like I'm changing just for the sake of it, but may not be necessary. The three I'd say could benefit from a reorder would be Abacab, Genesis, and WCD.

    In this, I also took the liberty of inserting some B-sides that were left out but would've created better pacing for the album, in favor of IMO weaker songs.


    1. Abacab

    2. No Reply at All

    3. Keep it Dark

    4. Dodo/Lurker

    5. Paperlate

    6. Me and Sarah Jane

    7. Man on the Corner

    8. You Might Recall

    9. Like it Or Not

    I feel this tracklist creates a little better balance across the album, based on the style of the songs. If there were space, I'd add Naminanu, 1. cos I love it, and 2. cos it would be nice to have an instrumental on there.


    1. Mama

    2. Illegal Alien

    3. Taking it all Too Hard

    4. Silver Rainbow

    5. Just a Job to Do

    6. That's All

    7. Home by the Sea

    8. 2nd Home by the Sea

    9. It's Gonna Get Better (full version)

    IMO this tracklist spreads out the 'good ones' a little wider across the album, instead of having them all at the beginning, causing side 2 to be otherwise forgotten.

    We Can't Dance:

    1. On the Shoreline

    2. Jesus He Knows Me

    3. Dreaming While you Sleep

    4. I Can't Dance

    5. Way of the World

    6. Living Forever

    7. No Son of Mine

    8. Never a Time

    9. Driving the Last Spike

    10. Hold On My Heart

    11. Tell Me Why

    12. Fading Lights

    This one was a bit tougher, but with this tracklist IMO it solves the same issue the Genesis album had; all the popular songs on the first half, leaving the second half unnoticed. This tracklist spreads out the "favorites" more across the album, with each side starting strong. I also replaced Since I Lost You with On the Shoreline, which IMO serves as a great album opener-maybe not as iconic an opening as No Son of Mine, but I like it better personally.

    Calling All Stations:

    1. Calling All Stations

    2. Anything Now

    3. Small Talk

    4. Congo

    5. There Must Be Some Other Way

    6. The Dividing Line

    7. Not About Us

    8. Uncertain Weather

    9. Alien Afternoon

    10. Shipwrecked

    11. Sign Your Life Away

    12. One Man's Fool

    Again, this one wasn't easy but it again was all about spreading out the good ones...with a couple preferred B-sides added in.

    I must say that I'm surprised here in the US at how-despite the successes this album has reportedly had so far-I can't seem to actually find it anywhere when I go to stores that have an actual selection of vinyl! Target, Wal Mart, Best Buy...I have been unable to locate the record in any of these places. Maybe there's a copy at some hole in the wall record store but those are few and far between here in the Denver area.

    As well as this record is doing-and with as much critical acclaim as it's recieving-I'd have thought I could see it at least SOMEWHERE around town in some "New Releases" section.

    Inconsequential to me, cos I strongly suspect my wife got it for me for Christmas-and I believe it currently sits wrapped up under my tree ;) But still...