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    Though a huge fan of Steve, unfortunately you could play his last three albums back to back and not know where one finishes and the next starts.” Light” provides the same ”out of the box” wall of sounds, over processed multi layered vocals, the arrangements are the same, slow start, big drums, manic solo, big ending, and of course the now customary ethnic track, with sitar and tabla loops.

    Personally,I wonder if the motivation is waning, he now makes his money recreating his Genesis past, and although I understand the financial reasons for that, since he did Revisited 2, solo wise for me, it’s been all downhill ( I predict Revisited 3 sometime soon).Its not all bad,on “ Fallen Walls”, “Beasts” and “Peace”,there’s the odd glimpse of light through the clouds of his past greatness, but they are coming less frequently now, and unfortunately he’s even dropped the classical nylon tracks now that used to provide much needed light and overall, not for me.😞