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    All I know is that he did the GWF on the segway at the show I went to in June 2003. Not sure if that was considered the Still Growing Up tour at that point? Can't quite remember that... I do remember much of the show pretty well though. The phone he used for Come Talk to Me came loose from the booth while he was singing so he had to kind of improvise with it. Pretty funny to see!

    So what you're saying is, he invented the mobile phone? :/

    It certainly looks of the period, but as for 1st pressing, hard to prove, it was certainly repressed the following year with the same catalogue number, but the "DECCA" logo described there suggests it is the 1st press, see 1969:…evelation/release/2830296 and 1970:…evelation/release/2102084

    The 1969 release details do seem to agree, ref the mono/stereo cutout etc. That said, there are comments below the details that suggest some sleeves etc were used later, which seems quite likely, Decca were pretty tight with cash for sleeve costs etc.

    Interesting to note Tom Allom's involvement, which I was unaware of, he went on to engineer/produce/play on Hudson Ford's albums in the 70's

    Ok thanks man. I wasn’t sure cos on the back it says it was mastered by Kevin gray. I thought nick would of done the mastering

    Vinyl mastering is a very different job to making stereo or 5.1 "masters", as is CD mastering for that matter. I doubt Nick has ever done vinyl or CD, his job would be to create the master tape or file from which they would be made.

    The "one album box-set" justification depends on the individual case. For example, Days Of Future Passed by the Moody Blues was reissued on its 50th anniversary, and you got 3 discs, the quad mix from 1972 in DVD form, with some video content from the era, and the 24/96 versions of the album as found on the 2 CD's, one being the album as remixed in 1978 due to the vinyl stampers being worn out and the master tape being unplayable, this mix had been the only one ever available on CD. The other was the original 1967 mix, following new techniques allowing restoration of the master tapes. For me, this was a must buy.

    Similarly, the next year, the "In Search Of The Lost Chord" album was reissued with a new stereo and 5.1 mix by Jacko Jaxyck, using the software that can de-mix stereo to individual tracks. This was the one album from their "core 7" that had never had a quad mix, as the master tapes did not contain all the tracks, some vocals and effects had been done live on mix-down. Along with a new stereo mix, the original mix, bonus tracks and a DVD of live performances and TV coverage from the era, this, again, was a must have.

    Both these included new stuff, or long available old stuff. That justified them, but the following 5 albums, despite passing their 50th anniversary already, or in the next couple of years, have not seen releases, so I don't see it as fleecing the fans. As it happens, I have the 5.1 mixes of these 5 anyway, so I think I'm complete now.

    That said, I've bought boxes from XTC/Dukes, and BJH to get the 5.1 mixes, and I'd certainly buy 5.1/bonus versions of TLLDOB, SEBTP and ATOTT if they ever appear.

    Talk about a shock. As you say, only posted here very very recently. What was the cause? Sympathy to all who knew him, even if only on the forum, and to his family.

    She irritates the hell out of me. And her voice is so cold and clinical.

    Me too, and she ruins existing songs. Whiter Shade of Pale, No More I Love You's (Cover of a song by unknown band The Lover Speaks) while thinking she's "an ARTIST"!

    Agree U2 are overrated, early stuff was good, then they wandered off-piste.

    Taylor Swift's name came up, I quite like her, she has done some very good songs (liked the last one, I'm the Man), yes some of her stuff is not that good, but given the standards of today, she's doing OK.

    1/ "...... Toxic by Britney Spears...…"

    unanimous about the multi-syllabled melismatic R&B wailing of certain artists, count me in.

    2. I agree about May's guitar, it sounds horrible. It being home-made is no excuse - make one that sounds much better, Dr May. Queen did some good stuff, there's some great rock music on Sheer Heart Attack but they weren't that good.

    1/ Little known factoid about "Toxic" - It was allegedly inspired by Noel Fitzpatrick, the supervet. He also has a short acting career few knew about.

    2/ I was a very early Queen fan, as I've mentioned elsewhere. Queen 2 is, to me, their best work, followed by the debut album, which isn't quite as consistent, though it doesn't sag at the end like Q2, where "Funny How Love Is" and "7 Seas of Rhye" let it down. SHA does have some very good songs on it, but also more than 1 or 2 that fall flat. the decline continued with the next 2, ironically the big sellers, but it was after that when they really lost it, presumably knee-jerk reacting to punk. Not sure why they felt the need to follow a trend, but they weren't alone in that. Rock bottom moments were Hot Space as mentioned elsewhere, simply dire, and Freddie's solo stuff. Happily, they got back on track with "The Works" which is a reference to going back to what they do disregarding fashion, though for me they never hit the heights of Q2 again. As for Brian's guitar, don't see the issue, it's likely as much down to effects pedals etc. as to the tone of the guitar itself. Take a listen to "Some Day, One Day" off Q2, the closing section is a superb guitar fest. My personal favourite Queen track.

    As I've also said before, Queen are one of those bands whose sum is greater than the parts. Freddie was awful solo, Brian's prone to heavy metal excess, which he's not good at, and which is reigned in by the others, although Roger's albums are pretty good, esp. "Happiness?" from 1994, which is better than most Queen albums.

    At this point I may as well mention another grating musical thing: Singers who can only sing by virtue of being able to hit the notes correctly (and we have to assume auto-tune isn't the reason!) but who actually have unpleasant voices. 2 examples: Rhianna, that bloody awful "Shine bright like a diamond" for example, listen to the backing vox in the chorus singing the title, could she sound anymore annoying. I pacify myself by imagining she is singing "Shite Brine Like A Diamond" Another is that "Darling Hold My Hand" song, not sure of the actual title, but we in the UK had to endure it during several TV adverts, most notably for holidays, at least Coronavirus (or "Coronafeirus" as the Welsh say) put paid to that. I think it's Jess Glynne. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but please, stop "singing"!!!

    I don't particularly like ABBA, but I certainly don't hate them. IMO they got better as the years passed, culminating in one of the finest pop songs ever: The Day Before You Came. The arrangement is sublime, the choir effects haunting, and the lyrics, written in English, a second language for them, tell us everything about the protagonists future by telling of her past. It's a masterclass of intelligent, emotional pop, and sung perfectly by one of the finest female vocalists.

    It's true that Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston have no concept of less-is-more, (I always say Mariah will never use 2 notes when 10000 will do!), and they would have killed this song stone dead. Celine Dion, however, is not so guilty. She may have moved into this area more recently, but take a listen to the albums The Colour of my Love, and Falling Into You, and you'll find some excellent songs done superbly. Think Twice, from the first album, was a great song, and Call the Man (Same writers as Think Twice: Andy Hill, Peter Sinfield of King Crimson fame) and Fly are great performances of great songs.

    Time and Tide is my favourite album of theirs. It never really falters, while the others don't keep the standard up quite as well.

    Frankly, I doubt they were signed to Genesis at all. My guess is that they were signed to King's company, Jonjo, and that was signed to Decca. Common practice back then. The Moody Blues mk1 was shafted thus as they were signed to Tony Secunda's company and that was signed to Decca. The middle men, (Secunda and 3 others, inc. Alex Wharton, disappeared with the money), luckily, Decca honoured the contract, probably because they were still owed advances.

    Didn't catch the name of the Republican who said the other day, "It's time for Trump to put his big boy pants on". Couldn't put it better.

    As for Pompeo, if you look carefully, you can probably see the strings...….. ;)

    Also one thing I need to make clear: While I am pleased Biden and Harris won, I still believe that they are both highly flawed candidates. I've adopted increasingly left-wing views over the years and I now consider myself a socialist. So I am not "fans" of capitalists Biden and Harris. I just think Trump is considerably worse in every way. Biden and Harris are part of the corporate Democratic establishment and the Democratic Party continues to prove that it isn't willing to become more left-wing just because their voters are shifting leftwards; they are a centre-right party and will comprise with the Republicans until the cows come home. Don't get me wrong, they will do the right thing on occasion, but all of the progressive stuff Biden campaigned on will be blocked my Mitch McTurtle and GOP-majority senate.

    Never been a socialist. While they have a lot of very good and laudable ideas for things that need doing, they never have any concept of how to pay for any of it. Consequently, we have seen the political pendulum swing left and right on average every ten years here in the UK, with the left borrowing, and the right paying it back. Be nice if the borrowing was a party responsibility. Wonder how keen they'd be to borrow then? :/

    Well, morbid fascination or not, I am watching from over here in Scotland and even from this distance appalled and unnerved by what is currently happening. I feel for all reasonable decent Americans right now, I can't imagine what it must be like - it's bad enough watching from afar.

    You expect it from a screeching solipsist piece of scum like Trump - he made it clear enough well before the election that he wasn't going to accept defeat and would do exactly what he is doing now. But worse than him are the senior Reps who, unlike him, are relatively normal sane people and absolutely know he has created a false alternative reality and is trampling US democracy and fairness into in the dirt. Yet they are enabling, promoting and supporting it. They have no shame, no decency, no conscience.

    American Studies? Future scholars will have rich pickings with the Trump administration and the 2020 election.

    Agree with much of this, the Republican Party members should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Trump to hi-jack their party just for a 4 year stint in office that has achieved nothing.