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    HOL is possibly in my top 3 albums. Love side 2 which i find is achingly beautiful. It has all been said about her creativity and musical writing. ..

    Regarding RS...i recently saw they had marvin gaye as best album of all time...'whats going on 'is a good one, but best ever? 🤔

    Side 2 of HOL is, IMO, her best work ever. Truly inspired.

    What's Going On - I agree, it's a great album (praise indeed as it's not really "my thing") but best ever? No.

    I suspect you & foxfeeder are both right: it’s not that the RRHoF really are ‘cool types’, it’s more that they’re convinced that they are - like the BBC types who book acts for Jools Holland’s Later!

    It's like you read my mind!

    (Quite a short task, granted.)

    The rock and roll hall of fame has become less relevant over the years as far as I am concerned. Once they started inducting clear pop and rap while overlooking major rock influential artists it kind of fell into more of a "who can we induct and get ratings" deal than something genuinely about celebrating rock.

    That said, Kate Bush absolutely should be in there, and 20 years ago. She is one of the most talented and creative music minds in rock history, and she paved the way for a lot of female singer/songwriters that have come along since.

    This whole fan vote business is likely a sham anyway. Doubtful it will have much impact with the music industry execs in charge of the "hall of fame."

    Couldn't agree more. But to anyone who feels like doing so, vote anyway. It''ll work eventually. I think it took 28 years, but we got the Moody Blues in eventually.

    But I think the point that was being made was that the vote rankings currently shown are fan votes and that you might expect influential acts like Rundgren, KB and NYDs to be ranking higher. Kuti is a very influential iconic figure but I'm still slightly surprised to see fans who put Tina Turner, Foo Fighters and Iron Maiden in the top 4 currently ranking him number 1.

    But it won't be the same fans. The voting rules are you can vote for up to 5, but you can vote for only 1, and many do this. I would have done this for the Moodies,did also vote for Kate that year, I don't usually bother voting at all, and this year is no exception. There are probably 2 kinds of voter: 1/ Fans of nominees, and 2/ the cool types like Rolling Stone readers, the very epitome of kings-new-clothes voters who put the acts at the top that surprises everyone. Fela is likely getting the votes as much for political reasons as musical ones.

    The current standings with Fela Kuti way out in front don't make much sense.

    Unless you understand that the people who run it all are full-of-themselves, aren't-I-cool types, then it all makes sense. Think the King's New Cloths and you'll see where they are coming from. Kate has been in the running before, and done badly, which makes little sense given her influence and standing in the rock world. If I recall, she was in the running the year the Moodies got in, 2018, and didn't make the top 5, which is the demarcation line.

    The Moodies are a good example of what's wrong with the HoF, overlooked for over 25 years, they only made the voting list after getting the grren light from Stevie Ray Vaughn, who insisted Denny Laine be included in their nomination, despite being in the band less than 2 years.

    As Boredatwork says, the New York Dolls? derivative glam at best, but then T.Rex are in there!

    Yes, it's the original UK edition from 1989.

    The only other CD I have had turn bronze like this is Tony's Soundtracks which is inscribed on the disc's center with "Made in UK by PDO." Through online research, I found that it's common for discs manufactured in the UK by PDO between 1988 - 1993 to have this problem. Smallcreep's Day, though, does not say made in UK by PDO.

    The funny thing is, Soundtracks turned bronze more than 10 years ago but still plays fine. Even though I have all of Tony's releases, I rationalized buying the recent "Banks Vaults" box set partly as an excuse to have a better copy of Soundtracks.

    Philips/Polygram also had the problem with German manufactured discs, there were different causes, Philips issue in the early days was that they made the discs oversize, diameter-wise, then cut them back, which exposed the edge of the aluminium layer to air. It's easy to spot these discs, they have a flat edge, while discs made without cutting back have a tapered edge. I suspect other companies had issues with contamination in the factory.

    I have an 80's Philips copy of "on the Threshold Of A Dream" by the Moody Blues which went bronze 20 years ago, but still plays. The only 2 discs I had fail are David Gray's White Ladder, long since in the bin, and XTC's Skylarking, which doesn't say where it was made, or by who. Luckily, I had a lossless backup of the latter. Neither were noticeably bronze, and XTC has a tapered edge.

    Christopher Plummer, of Sound of Music fame.

    He was a great actor and so much more than that role. I loved his villain in star trek VI. Great screen presence.

    Massively underrated, he was great in the recent "Knives Out" and also Dragnet with Hanks and Ackroyd. RIP

    Indeed, RIP Captain Sir Tom. One of the generation who lived through 6 years of WW2, not knowing whether we'd even win, let alone how long it would take. "Covid's going on too long" moaners (and I don't mean forum members by that) take note.

    Yes, definitely grateful to have gotten it. I spent today feeling like I had been hit by a truck though. It was - and I do not say this lightly - like a very bad man-flu. Seems like there's a wide range of experiences out there.

    I heard of someone today who got something called tenosynovitis in one hand, so bad she couldn't use the touch screen on her phone. How can something like that target just one hand? Everything about this virus is so damn strange! I've heard of plenty others who've had no reaction at all.

    The hand on the injected arm? Could be they hit a nerve.

    Yikes. But glad you've had it and that the side-effects are wearing off.

    People I know have had Pfizer and AZ, they've had a 'heavy'-feeling arm and extreme tiredness, with the worst being a friend who had that plus headaches and nausea.

    My mother, 98 1/2, had the first jab last week, Pfizer, and had a slightly sore arm and headache for a few hours. Worth the effects, though!

    1/ I'm on the eastern seaboard of the US at present! Scotland is beautiful though. The people are terrific, even if they do strange things like deep fry chocolate bars (not that I, coming from the land of curry cheese chips, and currently residing in the land of Dunkin Donuts, can talk).

    2/ I have to confess my exposure is limited to a couple of drunken takeouts. Your breakfast sounds like it would be a good cure! Seriously I have no doubt there's high quality stuff out there. No offense intended by my inane comment.

    1/ Ah. Funny you should mention the chocolate based cuisine, for someone has posted a comment on the YouTube page saying this is the first step of Scotland's space programme, which will terminate in deep frying Mars! Of, and since you're American, please excuse the excess letters in "programme"! ;)

    2/ Backdrifter is right, we've discussed this one this very board before, but Haggis should be lamb based, yet some you find are pork, and even the one in this video is a mixture, but it's pretty good. McSween's is better, but harder to obtain. That said, I believe the US has banned haggis imports anyway.