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    Maybe so, but Supertramp's is much better. I've never liked KP's work. I'd never seen this BOTR one, it's so ploddingly literal.

    This picture is the cover of Feedback 2000, but it's an old picture, from a book of Genesis inspired paintings that was out by 1981 at the latest, as I saw it in a bookshop in Cambridge.

    I liked Kim's covers up to Guitar Noir, though To Watch The Storms is good too. Please Don't Touch is a masterpiece. There's no denying her talent, particularly when you understand her method, glass beads on steel sheet, which requires a knowledge of the melting point of each colour. I think it was Dali who came up with the name for her style, Diaphinism.

    Am I missing something - are people having a problem with there being backing singers?

    Some people will have a problem, others, who have observed the likes of Barclay James Harvest (whose backing singers have included Sam Brown of "Stop" fame) and the Moody Blues both take this step around the same time, or earlier, than Pink Floyd, will realise it's just an enabler to a better sound.

    BJH & MB both likely did it for the same reason as Floyd, having lost vocalists (Wooly Wolstenholme and Mike Pinder respectively) but since Genesis were never big embracers of backing vocals anyway, they've not felt the need before. Now Phil is struggling a bit more (He is, fact!) I guess they've seen it as a way of enabling a better sound too.

    I am pretty sure they will make them available again once the tour will really happen. Blu-ray seems to be the medium for this. Perhaps a CD/Blu-ray package...?

    As it has already been mastered for DVD, I suspect that is how it will be re-issued, if ever. It would have to be remastered for Blu-ray, whereas it's a simple (and cheap!) reissue.

    The only issue was the Blue boxsets, in particular the CD's. If you spent north of £100 on a boxset for stereo cd's then, you ought to be committed. These boxsets where always about the surround sound aspect. In person conversations with Nick Davis, suggested that those allegations about wall slamming compression, was not the whole story. It was part of the story blown up by those not in the know about music production, as well as music mastering.


    Don't shoot the messenger, I only posted a link to a website with details of DR for the albums, though of course, there are many more artists on there.

    I didn't buy any of the boxes, or any of the Nick remasters except Foxtrot, which I hoped would sound better with a remix than the original. Luckily, it does. The original mix was so "slack" and lose as to make it, for me, almost unlistenable. Despite some slight changes to effects, and any DR issues, it does make the album sound like it was made in the 1970's rather than the 1950's.

    Slade - Got the tape somewhere, How does it feel, and far far away are two of my favourite ballads, the vocals are beautiful.

    I got the CD. It's not the best mastering I've ever heard, but the whole album is pretty good really.

    Pointless Trivia: It's a 70's release on Polydor, as is One + One Is One, the Medicine Head album, which includes a song called How Does It Feel. Different song, but also very good.

    TBH, it had occurred to me to comment years ago, but I thought you'd be unreceptive to them, it's human nature. Since VL1 commented, I thought it time to add to his opinion. Turns out I was right in my initial thoughts. Oh well, nothing lost!

    I'm increasing less patient with crappy or flashy style over content websites, the moment youtube tries to play a Grammarly ad in the middle of something interesting, (for the 3000th time), I just shut it down, no content is worth that aggravation.

    One solution to YouTube ads is to download the content, some won't download due to copyright protection being applied, ie/ official accounts like artists own uploads, but most will. I've downloaded episodes of Blake's 7, and films like Slade in Flame and The Abominable Dr Phibes, use sites like or - others are available. I've mainly done it because of problems with watching and the stream freezes, which can be broadband issues, or server issues, usually the latter.

    I agree, it very much skims the surface, though it does pick up the pace a touch once he leaves Genesis. If you are looking for a more thorough insight, Alan Hewitt's biography does go much deeper, though it does end about 10 years ago. I have an early copy with the bonus DVD of the interviews. Even better.

    Afraid I have to agree with vl1. I've authored 3 websites in the last 21 years, and I find yours too "fussy" to be worth the bother. You seem to have been seduced by techno flash delivery, to the detriment of ease of use. A shame, for there's a lot of stuff on there, (more than I am interested in, TBH,) but it's just too hard to quickly get to what you want.

    The fact you've felt the need to create a youtube guide speaks volumes.

    I misunderstood your 'patchy' comment which I thought referred to the late 70s period I was talking about, but I realise you picked up on my reference to the 80s. As I subsequently said, yes his 80s output is my least favourite.

    Therefore, sorry everyone, the fight is not going to happen. Not yet and not over this at any rate. (I'd win anyway).

    And it wouldn't be a very gentlemanly victory anyway. :)

    This image may predict what's to come in other European countries. We know the mutation was found in the UK approx. 4 weeks before it was found elsewhere, so it may get worse quickly elsewhere again.

    Stay safe and keep looking after you and your loved ones!

    It will come to other countries, not by being imported, but because you are "growing your own". These mutations are normal behaviour for viruses of this type, and we already know the UK and South African variants evolved separately. Despite this, foreign travel should still be curtailed for now simply to reduce the overall risk of spreading, and the spreading of mutations.

    The UK only found it first because we were looking for it:

    Funnily enough, I do. I was helping to wire up a radio studio. I had my Grundig C8800 stereo radio cassette with me. We were a bit stunned to hear something so bold and left field from the one man in the band who's made little impact as a writer before. Some liked it, others not, but everyone was surprised.

    Its not about comparing how easy or not it is for bands to tour outside the EU. It about us being outside the club and comparing with others also outside the club .If it's going to be harder to tour there than bands from the USA then I guess it would be the EUs fault and it would be some kind of punishment. I suspect not.

    In which case British bands, who happily tour the US, should have nothing to worry about.

    Just watched an old clip of Bowie doing Heroes on TOTP. As that was.the main platform to sell your single then no wonder if flopped. The great driving riff and Fripp's guitar well down on the mix , maybe not Fripp at all . (Didn't they have to re record it for the show.) Didn't sound too good. I was a Bowie fan at the time and remember being underwhelmed by it but have long since wondered why .Maybe it was because of the TOTP performance and half listened to crackly AM radio. Didn't buy it then. Never disliked it but wasn't until years later that I loved the track .

    It was more that the BBC didn't want a live performance, but the Musician's Union insisted they didn't mime to the actual recording, so they had to make a fresh recording for the show. A friend of mine worked at the BBC, and occasionally did TOTP (He's a sound engineer) and apparently many of the mics you see are wooden mockups y used to use. Good job given the way OMD dropped theirs during Locomotion once. £700 a time for the real thing.

    This version by King Crimson should cheer you up: