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    Never heard of this band

    What? Brother of Johnny Winer, both albinos, and both very talented. I bought their hit single back in the 70's, "Frankenstein" which may well be off this album, but was 4+ minutes of synthesizer driven gold. This live version is a bit longer:

    Here's brother Johnny, who died a year or two back, making the rolling Stones look old even back then in the 70's:

    They were both showmen too! ;)

    ^ I really enjoyed LoM but staggered through the first 2 eps of AtA, which I found very hard-going, and gave up (KH and PG fan though I am).

    Is it worth just skipping straight to the final episode?

    hard to say, it's been a while, but I think it would be best to at least watch the final episode of Series 2, and then series 3, which sees the introduction of a key character, Jim Keats, played by Daniel Mays, another great actor, recently in Des.

    I'm not that surprised about CAS's sales. They remained a key band for Europeans especially, where they've had a very faithful devoted fanbase from early on and a new album and lineup was always going to be an attraction. I think many of us regard the album as a sort of appendix to their career, not especially great and I've even seen people here say they don't regard it as a 'proper' Genesis album. All those views create a sense of it being a poor relation among their work and maybe in that context it can seem surprising it sold fairly well.

    I agree, it's oddly difficult to pin down straightforward sales figures.*

    *EDIT: a footnote on that site explains that websites - including their own! - are not reliable sources of information on global album sales.

    There are a lot of issues with album sales figures going back over a couple of decades. largely due to old record companies having been taken over, HQ's changed, and old paperwork being lost or disposed of. Decca, for example, have changed hand and moved HQ's a couple of times since 1980, (Now owned by Universal, though that evolved from the US arm of Decca that was splintered off years earlier.) and as a result, sales figures for the preceding era are largely lost.

    The footage last night on the balcony at the White House where Trump stood stoically for a photo op, after being released from the hospital, it was apparent he was struggling to breathe. If someone had wiped the orange goop from his face, I'm sure he would have looked very pale and sickly. The White House is not releasing any new information on his progress, one way or the other, and Trump tweeted this morning that he has ordered his negotiators to stop any advancement in the move to help put forth another stimulus package for Americans who have lost their jobs and are about to lose their homes. He states that once he is re-elected he will agree to restart negotiations for a new stimulus package. Hell, by then millions more people will be living on the street. The guy is a monster. I hope we never see anything like him ever again. Half of the voters in this country are sucked tightly up his ass and think he's amazing. I can't help but feel that these people have gone mad, or is it me whose lost his mind and Trump actually is the "stable genius" he calls himself?

    The only scenario in which he could be called a "genius" would be if he were in a stable, being compared to the other inhabitants! ;)

    He is now the instant expert on something he dismissed as a 'hoax'. He now says people shouldn't be 'afraid' of it. He recovered after three (NOTE) days so what's the big deal?

    Notwithstanding the comments about "has he really had it?" which may well be valid, it's easy to say "don't be afraid of it" when you have abused your position of wealth and power to embrace every known tereatment available, which no-one else would have access to. Be funny if he did an "Elvis" in a day or two.

    Now you mention it the original fade-out did stop rather suddenly, although it had faded quite low by that point so it wasn't too jarring at normal volume. Whereas the 08 remaster has a more gradual extended fade, including a few seconds of run-out that didn't feature before.

    It makes me wonder how they actually ended the track in the studio - did the different instrument tracks each come to a definite end as per live performances or just peter out? I thought the 86 ending without the volume-down was much better than previous live ones with the 'on-stage fadeout' which always sounded a bit lame to my ears.

    23 minutes of SR plus near 2 minutes of Horizons is pushing vinyl to the limit IF you want to keep the bass at proper levels - bass gives wider grooves in the vinyl, and there is only so much room between the records edge and the run out groove, which on many turntables will activate the autostop.

    A cutting engineer will be aware of these various limitations that need balancing, and it's even possible they did 2 or three versions to be presented to the producer and band, to see how they wanted to have it released.

    CD avoids all this problem, they can keep it going as long as they choose, up to 80 minutes total.

    I'm not aware of any Genesis tracks that have been released to include previously unheard starts and ends, but I have a few Moody Blues ones, and it's quite interesting to hear the full track. There are even some with comical bits, The Story in your Eyes starts with a voice (Graeme Edge to my ears) saying "it's a marriage of classical and Rock" for no obvious reason. Question ends with Justin doing a little random acoustic guitar solo, and Gypsy ands with a mayhem of instruments, chimes, and a strange laugh, which all fades out then returns briefly. So, bottom line, there could be all sorts on the master tapes, Steve has alleged that there is a 3 part guitar harmony on SR at the end which was never mixed in. A little odd if so, for that is not something Steve has ever really embraced, though he clearly has the ability to do it. In contrast to Brian May and Justin Hayward who did it a lot, to name but 2.

    Oh, and re presenter Mike Rutherford, if it wasn't for the fact that Labour MP Tony Banks died some time ago, they could've teamed up with visual artist Phil Collins (or journalist Philip Collins) to form a band.

    Since I've mentioned rallying, There is also a rally driver called Phil Collins. Used to drive a pink Ford Sierra Cosworth sponsored by Mr Tomkinson's Carpets, I think the colour is part of their trade mark.

    Here's my favourite clip of Phil in "action":

    William Woollard! I remember him from Tomorrow's World but never having been a Top Gear viewer I don't recall him on that show. I remember that sneery sounding bloke - Quentin Willson? And a woman who I think pre-dated both of them. Whenever I caught a glimpse of it during its Clarkson years I couldn't stomach the sheer blokeyness of it, as well as having an audience behind them, their grinning faces in full view. I can't stand seeing the general public on TV at the best of times.

    During Match of the Day last weekend there was a trailer for Top Gear - I suppose they think it's the same constituency. It was like pure concentrated distilled Essence of Bloke 🤢

    Yes, Woolard did Tomorrow's World too, and he was a presenter for the BBC coverage of the RAC Rally which often started and was run from Chester, I remember him being at Rally HQ at the Queen hotel just outside the railway station in 1981.

    Quentin Wilson was a bit "knowall" but at least he actually did know something.

    I saw the trailer you mean, and yes, TV for morons, no offense to anyone here who likes. :)

    If you want interesting, humorous and accurate "TV" about cars, I recommend John Cadogan on YouTube. He's an Aussie, so the humour is quite "in your face", but he does his research, and I think I've only once ever disagreed with him. Top bloke, no essence!

    Not sure where Top Gear is going with this new line up:?:

    I was a huge fan of this series and now they disappoint me.

    Down the pan! Don't like Paddy or Freddie, but to be honest, and I'm being serious, it's been rubbish since William Woolard left. Incidentally, there used to be an occasional presenter, also a journalist and on other motoring shows, called Mike Rutherford. He was OK, actually.

    Well you say ☹️ but just think how grateful CountingOutTime would be for that cold right now!

    I read that one day last month in CA it hit 120F. But of course the state has significant problems with heat at the moment.

    "Within the valley of shadowless death

    They pray for thunderclouds and rain,

    But to the multitude who stand in the rain

    Heaven is where the sun shines."

    As someone once said!

    For those who may not know, Helen Reddy passed away yesterday (on Tuesday). I enjoyed many of her songs, such as I Don't Know How To Love Him, I Am Woman, and of course Delta Dawn. She hailed from Australia. May she rest in peace

    Heard the news this morning. For the UK, I think her best known song/biggest hit was "Angie Baby" which deserved to be. RIP