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    Woah woah woah. Toasted sourdough? If memory serves you weren't a big fan back when there was a brief "what kind of bread toasts well" dialogue here.

    At any rate, it sounds delicious. I had a nice strong black coffee (beans from the local roastery) and a banana. I also have a fresh plain croissant from this amazing french patisserie in town that I am contemplating smearing with a little blueberry jam we picked up on a farm in Maine.

    You are contemplating smearing a French patisserie in town with blueberry jam? Boy, they must really have annoyed you! :)

    Currently listening to it for the third time today. Much like the EP, some of it is OK, some is outstanding. Some parts might seem a touch "twee" in places, not helped by her voice, though she trades the usual voice for a much different approach on "Only happy when it rains", but elsewhere she rocks with the best of them.

    Fans of Nick Magnus should love this, for he is involved heavily, and it shows. All in all, a fine effort and one of the better albums of this year, possibly eclipsed by Plenty's "Enough" but not by much else I've heard.

    Got a signed copy too! :P

    From GOOGLE News - In 2015, Rolling Stone ranked the Everly Brothers No. 1 on its list of the 20 Greatest Duos of All Time. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class of 1986, and into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. Rip Phil and Don :(

    They are also, quite rightly, (Hope that use of commas doesn't upset anyone ;)) in the vocal group hall of fame, Inductees – The Vocal Group Hall of Fame and even if you don't like them particularly, you would have to acknowledge their influence on acts like Them Mamas and the Papas, Crosby Stills and Nash, and the Bee Gees, to name but 3. Sad that they fell out over the years, but their legacy is untarnished and unforgotten.

    Not sure if people in the US are aware, but Phil had a big hit in the UK with Cliff Richard, a UK singer who has been around the charts since March 1958 until the early 2000's, and still making records. Very "Everly" sound to it!

    Phil Everly (RIP) & Sir Cliff Richard ~ She Means Nothing To Me - YouTube

    that is disgusting that you feel satisfaction in this case. apart from that we have no proof of anything what you want to tell us here with that propagandistic bullshit. only proof I see is what kind of person you are.

    I've known Counting Out Time for over 11 years. Your post could not be more insulting, misplaced or wrong. I've known you barely weeks, but it's clear you either do not understand English very well, or are of questionable sanity. Your presence here is clearly unwanted by many of the quality regular members, I'm hoping the moderators will act on the statement I have made to them about this post when I reported it. You could just do the right thing and leave, however!

    I'd never heard of Sean Lock. Thanks for sharing the video. Had me in stitches with tears of laughter. RIP Sean :saint:

    There is loads of his stuff on youtube, I have 3 of his DVD's, "Live", "Lockipedia" and "Purple Van Man", and you can find lots from them on YT. Here's a good one, from UK TV show "Live at the Apollo" (Hammersmith, the same place Steve Hackett has played!) which includes one of my 2 other favourites, Lee Mack.

    I think we are, effectively, singing from the same song sheet here. I've made posts that are, paraphrased, the same as the bit I've highlighted in yours. It is, in effect, the absolute issue with the internet in this scenario, what started as IT has become "misinformation technology".

    You want a really crazy (maybe not so crazy :)) post fox feeder? I agree with you that what we're going through now pales in comparison to what past generations have endured, whether war, the pandemics (1918), etc. However, I am of the opinion that the current generation (I'm knocking on 60 so not sure that I fit in that category) is completely riddled with anxieties, depression, etc. due to cell phones and social media. And yes, the irony of typing that statement on a chat board has not escaped me. There's actually research (no, I have not read it) which suggests that most kids today (i.e. anyone who's grown up with the internet, social media and devices - i.e. not me) have this fairly strong level of anxiety about them. I won't even mention the attention deficit disorder which is horrible. Everyone on their damn smartphones every 3 seconds. That has to have repercussions, not only behaviorally, but also neurologically. All that to say that people have such a thin skin now that everything gets blown out of proportion. Once I retire, the smart phone is getting run over by my car; that will be one of the happiest days of my life.

    I agree. We're similar ages, I'm 62. I DON'T have a msartphone! I have a Nokia 1616. Google it. Basic as the old 3310, which it replaced. :)

    You know, posts on this and other threads, about the Covid situation, and how it has made concerts going/planning so difficult, does make me wonder:

    How would all these keyboard warriors/self-appointed experts/conspiracy theorists/moaners have coped with nearly 6 years of hardship and uncertainty over whether we WOULD "get through this" during World War 2? God forbid anything like that should happen again, but if it did, how would they cope with the food rationing, restriction of freedom, lack of even many of the basics, and general air of futility? Personally, I doubt they would!

    Thank God we had Captain Sir Tom to remind us what real people can do.

    Not clear if you are agreeing or disagreeing, if the latter, do explain.

    As for stats, there's a whole industry out there producing and regurgitating contradictory numbers endlessly, there can never be any clarity with this amount of data floating about. Which is quite useful if you're a politician, tell them anything, throw up 100's of slides that nobody can comprehend, and leave the room quickly before anyone asks a pertinent question.

    If the former however, keep quiet, cos he likes people to just agree! ^^

    Ignore the whole industry out there. Saturday morning, BBC Breakfast, around 9.10 am, 2 of the best people in the biz appear regularly and explain it all in simple, easy to understand terms. Much better than listening to the drivel peddled on here by the same old faces.

    Came across this . Not all that recent k know but I agree Genesis show real promise .

    I'm sorry I haven't a clue also shows promise as a radio show. (And yes, Top Gear WAS a radio show, the Moody Blues certainly appeared on it, July 68 and Feb 69, promoting In search of the lost chord, and On the threshold of a dream respectively)

    Sean Lock, UK comedian, aged 58 from cancer. He had talked of having skin cancer in the past. Such a shame, he was one of my 3 favourite comedians of the current crop * (Lee Mack and Rhod Gilbert, since you're asking), he looked like any bloke you might meet in a pub, but his comedy took you on surreal trips you'd never expect. RIP, Purple Van Man!

    * Jasper Carrott, who I was lucky enough to see live in the 70's, is unparalleled by any crop!