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    In what way? To me, it sounds like the most desperate bid for commercial success. Ironic, given Steve's sniping reference to "permissive rather than progressive" music in the liner notes. I guess if your favourite band is Chicago then I can understand the claim of Steve's version being "vastly superior". If not, then I think we can safely dismiss your comment as being simple hyperbole.

    In every way. It has some life in it, which frankly, the original never had. If he was interested in a desperate bid for commercial success, I guess he'd have covered "Spirit in the Sky". Chicago do nothing for me, much like most of your posts, where hyperbole would be preferable to contrived disagreement and confrontation.

    Side 4 generally runs out of steam, even more noticeable to me as side 3 is my favourite (making me a minority I'm sure), and "It" certainly doesn't turn the heat back up! Not hateable, but not a good ending.

    Steve just edges it to no 1 for me, yes, his singing is not great, but there are enough (just) good moments, and the single, Hope I don't wake, is a fine effort all round.

    2nd, for me, is Mike. Yes, the vocals are "an acquired taste", but the arrangements are good and the songs are strong.

    3rd is Tony, I'm not convinced his vocals are better than Mike's for the most part, but the songs are variable, and the arrangements at times are bland. He's a good musician, but, like Freddie or Brian in Queen, he needs others to get the best out of him.

    Ant's album I don't know, so can't rank it.

    Strangely, I think the only artist where I had every album in multiple formats was/is Led Zeppelin.

    I had all the albums on vinyl, cassette, and CD (the original Atlantic releases, JP's original remastering in the 90s, and the deluxe editions that started coming out 4 - 5 years ago). I even have "How The West Was Won" on BluRay audio now (and it's awesome). 8)

    I missed out on the 8-track tapes (because they completely sucked as a format, and I can't fathom why they ever existed in the first place) and the reel-to-reel tapes (which sounded amazing, but were rare and expensive).

    8 track was originally intended as a car format.

    I have owned all the Moody Blues original 7 albums as: Official cassette, LP, CD, Remastered CD and in the case of DOFP, the new "original mix CD". Same goes for many of their solo albums.

    Steve's version is interesting because it changes the song so much. The verses are changed from 3/4 to 4/4, so that the transition between time signatures is eliminated, and there is no quiet solo section.

    I don't know if I would have thought of this if someone else hadn't pointed it out, but Steve seems to have deliberately made it sound like a Mike + The Mechanics song!

    It IS hugely changed, for the better IMO, and the UK single edit (It was the UK single! :huh:) omitted the quiet solo section (If memory serves).

    Off-topic: I just noticed your avatar is a 3 wheel car viewed from above. I've been seeing it as a zeppelin-type airship viewed from below! ?(

    I like it. It's one of those that I could shave seen being a hit had someone like Robbie Williams covered it and edited it down a bit in the late 90s.

    It was a radio hit for Steve Hackett with Paul Carrack when he covered it on Genesis Revisited in 1995. By radio hit, I mean it was on "heavy rotation on BBC Radio 2, the most listened to station in the UK.

    Fair enough, Steve's version is vastly superior.

    OK folks, here it is!

    First, you will have to download the zip file from here:

    Next, you will have to unpack it on your machine, I think most windows versions from 7 on will be able to do this without use of winzip.

    Now, you need to find the file called simply “index.htm” - There are lists of files called indexsomething.htm, but you need the one I mentioned as this is the main page from which you can navigate to where you want. You can open the others, but you won't know what you will get until it opens!

    Some points worth bearing in mind:

    1/ You can't log in! There is no remote server to send you a cookie to say you are logged on. Thus you are viewing as a guest, and “private” boards, like Hand in Hand, It's Gonna Get Better (Which was a forum management board, and thus no longer valid anyway) and the Moderators board cannot be opened. You will get the “You are not authorised to view this board” message, simply hit “Back” to get out of it.

    2/ I didn't save those boards anyway, as the software used wasn't logged in, so I'd have to have done it manually, I didn't have time.

    3/ Embedded link to pictures, etc, may work, they may not, some will be out of date anyway, it is what it is, a “best we could do at short notice” backup of a huge forum.

    I hope you find what you are looking for in the backup, if you don't, feel free to ask, I'll see what I can dig up, for there is more, but filesize was a consideration in what I have zipped.


    Bill Bruford's Earthworks - 'Earthworks' (1987)

    Bill Bruford's side project during his post King Crimson years. I went to see Earthworks a couple times. Jaw-dropping stuff. Bruford was 'one of a kind,' which is coincidently the title of one of his most amazing solo albums.

    I saw Earthworks here in Chester in 2003, Bill's drumming was a joy to behold, and the rest of the band were superb too!

    The first Genesis related record I ever bought, following hearing his Reading festival performance on the radio. For many years my favourite album, still one of them, it is an ideal "desert Island Disc", in that, if you could only own one record, this covers all the styles.

    The vocals on The vocals on "Vicarage" are done using a harmoniser, which changes pitch without changing speed. The effect is used live on intros on the "Spectral Mornings" Live DVD recorded on ARD Musikladen

    Favourite Track? Hard to pick, but I guess Icarus just edges it.

    I also backed up the old forum a few days before it closed, and it seemed to work OK off-line. HOWEVER, my old PC has died, typing this on my new one, but I don't think it was a hard-disc crash, I think it's a power supply issue internally. Due to other issues at present, (mum's in hospital) I haven't had time to dig into it, but if the disc is OK, I will recover the data one way or another. I'll let you know when I do.

    Replying to my own posts, what a saddo! :)

    Good news is, I now have access to my old hard drive, bad news is I can't remember where the backup is, and time is at a premium currently, but as Moribund would say, "I Will" get the backup available soon.

    Going to listen to one more album and watch this movie later . Such a great classic movie!.... 8)

    One of the All-Time greats, and also the subject of the most pointless sequel/remakes ever! Whoever decided to cast Noel Coward, Michael Caine and Benny Hill in the same movie was a genius.

    Indeed! I was always proud of that musical connection, though never noticed any potholes whilst growing up there. They’d obviously fixed them by the time I became familiar with this song. Funnily enough, I remember a teacher at school misquoting the song during one of the ‘sermons’ we used to have to endure during morning Assemby. He thought the lyric said ‘4000 whores..’ and then went on a rant to try and mould our moral character. I still smile at that to this day. 😂

    Freudian slip, perhaps? ;)