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    Someone from city of Coventry. Vince Hill. Cant say was a fan but I remember his TVshows in the 70s, I quite liked them , part of my growing up.

    Farewell to Tony Bennett, who had an incredible career which he continued right up until recently, as far as his 2016 alzheimers diagnosis allowed.

    He had darker times when his career hit a low point but he got past that and became popular again in the 80s and 90s with new albums, collaborations and winning awards.

    The official statement about his death said even just the other day he was sat at his piano, singing. It's a nice thought.

    Yes sad. My Dad loved Tony Bennett. I didn't appreciate him until I got much much older.

    Hello, as I am more fluent in Spanish than in English, which is the language of the forum, I sometimes make mistakes.

    For future participations in the forum in this section I will take it into account....

    Thanks for the appreciation

    Don't worry. I can only speak English and mess it up all the time!!

    Saw Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons in a small but well known pub in Nuneaton. I think it must have been a warm up for their European tour. They were marvelous. Such energy. The 4th time I've seen them and most fun I ever have at gigs.

    Their support was a local band called Jayler. They are so young, teenagers. They strutted around copying their heroes, almost an impersonation of Robert Plant. However they were very very good. The vocals coming out of that young man's mouth were amazing. To me they looked so odd , so young with such a huge sound. Three covers and three originals which were very good. They did Dazed and Confused and were much better than any pub band I've seen. Spot on. If they can work out a style for themselves they could be big.

    Jayler with Phil Campbell.

    Tonight I dug out Hawkwind's first album remastered on vinyl. It's a few years old now. Had a shock as I forgotten its a horrible blue disc. Still it plays nicely. I only possess such discs if I absolutely have to have them.

    It’s the other way round for me. I thought the general band performance was far better in 2022. Especially Mike. Sadly Phil couldn’t drum Of course. But the 2022

    shows gave me much more than 2007

    Interesting how we each see things differently. Of course the 2022 shows were great and very emotional tinged with a little sadness. My regret in 2007 was that I didn't go to the Twickenham show as well and I hit a real downer about that. It was not a mistake I would make again so I made sure I went twice to the TLD? The show in 2007 for me was pure joy and the unexpected reunion at the time had elements of SOTB feel which I didn't really get last year.

    I of course enjoyed the show but I did not find it as thrilling as the previous few times I'd seen them, Abacab, TSL, SOTB and Mama. Genesis were absolutely huge as was Phil Collins but for me the atmosphere was not quite as magical. Where I was there were certainly some people nearby who were clearly disappointed by not hearing a few Phil Collins big hits.

    Genesis at Old Trafford. One of my all time favourite gigs, they were really on form and the set list was pretty well perfect. I really felt at the time that Genesis and I said goodbye to each other, though as it turned out I saw them two more times in 2022 and the last time for me was also in Manchester. Although the 2022 shows really were a final final farewell , the 2007 show holds a special place in my heart.

    Of course there is! There are different curfews depending on the stages.

    I stand corrected. I've looked it up but am wondering when did that come in? Looks like I'm old and out of date but I guess I've known that for a while. Haven't been since 2004. We used absolutely love it and certainly no curfews! I'm pretty sure the other stage (the one Lana del Rey was on) had raves going after the headliners finished, that was before the dance and glade stages .

    One of our favourite moments was Portishead at Jazz World( it's called something else now) they were at least an hour late through no fault of their own and played a whole set. They were fantastic in the pouring rain! A lot people used to get up mid late afternoon and party till dawn or take stuff to keep themselves awake for 3 days. We were the sedate ones going to bed around 2 people. The place place just banged and raved all night . We used to love the theatre and circus fields in the early hours and we used to camp next to the Lost Vagueness field which was very loud untill about 6.

    I'm pretty sure that Glastonbury is still a 24/7 festival but maybe you're right about curfews for the big stages now. I certainly remember feeling the place was a little more sedate on our last festival there , or maybe it was just me. Certainly one of favourite places but certainly in the past.

    I don't think Lana del Rey and the BBC are happy with each other. There was some trouble. She came onstage 30 minutes late ( may have been due to her stylist arriving late ) and had her set cut due to curfew. Apparently missing 6 songs.

    Must be something else. There is no curfew at Glastonbury.