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    I've just come across TRANSATLANIC! Never actually heard of them before though I find they are big and been going on and off for 20 years. I read about their new album and looked them up on you tube.. They are great . Definitely getting their albums. On my birthday list next month.. I think they will be one of my new favourite bands.

    You are asking a question that I have asked myself for a long time and cannot come up with an answer. I guess if I was rich I might be one of those who gets suckered in to buying hi fi at ridiculous prices , I don't know. I have a 30 year old Linn axis turntable and have no desire to change it as it's my best friend. Two year year old q acoustic concept 20 speakers ( great) and a fairly new marantz amp about £300 pounds which I can't really get on with . I love my B&W P7 headphones. So it's good but not audiophile. I do tend to think that there is a lot of " emperor's New clothes" when it comes to hi fi , although I'm not not rich enough to know what I would be like with so much more to spend I it .

    (I do know though that if I had I big house and bigger money I would collect hi fi. I'd love to have a massive room with old cylinder players, 78s gramophones 70s stereos 60s plastic record players , I love all that stuff.) I don't know what these UHQR or mobile fidelity recordings sound like . Never even heard of them before, but there is a little bit of a collector in me that's a sucker for nice box and cover and different versions . It is best record ever made so I want all the versions . I have the definitive edition CD , the SACD, the original vinyl and the remaster vinyl of ATOTT. I used to be really happy with my one copy of the vinyl but as different versions emerged I wanted to hear them. The difference is clear to me but always better. I find wonderful clarity with the remasters but the lose some bass which I also really like especially on Entangled. Maybe the mobile fidelty will have a bit of both ..

    You can go off some people you know. I was quite happy with my existing 4 copies of ATOTT but then because of you I found out about the Mobile Fidelity version . My niece in the US has just received it on my behalf and will hopefully bring it over in the summer so am excited about that . AND NOW before I have even got my hands on it you have the nerve to tell me about this existing and I will never ever have it unless I win the lottery which I now have to start doing because it's the only way I LL ever be able to make an offer for it which can't be refused . So Genesis continue to make me poorer and I have to start doing the lottery which I won't win so Im poorer still and it's all your fault. Grrrrrrrr. (😁)

    I got two Genesis songs and one PC immediately. The third took some thinking about but after mulling over a few songs , I got Jesus He Knows Me. The ones I got straight away were Dreaming While You Sleep, Domino and of course In The Air Tonight. . I think that will my limit as I m not so familiar with PC songs.

    I finally have my copy on order. My niece who lives in Washington state has ordered on my behalf. She will bring it with her next time she comes over. So I don't know when that will be!! Nonetheless I'm really looking forward to it. Will cost me a mere £60 , less than half the cost of the one and only copy available in the UK.

    Yes I like this site for the same reasons. Always good to be able to talk about the different eras and discuss our different preferences and I quite like a bit of an argument myself ( so long as it doesn't get personal) but never really understand the anger that some people seem to display. I find so many Genesis fans don't need to have a go at detractors , they do it themselves.

    You are very welcome . the significance of two BOEFs is...... farmer was a little pissed! ( Mildly hammered or slightly sloshed ) looks just as good sober though!!😁😁

    For the last year or so I have been rediscovering one of my favourite bands, Rush. I was huge fan in the seventies ( those albums rank amongst my all time favourites) but never took to signals. The bits I heard of their later albums I simply did not like. I bought Show of Hands cheaply to check them out and see if there was anything left for me but there was nothing so I duley ignored them for many years. I bought Vapour Trails following a review and quite liked it , same with Snakes and Arrows, but really liked Clockwork Angels after buying it in a special Classic Rick edition. ( Went to the tour)That is a great album. About a year ago i spotted a CD box set of their albums from presto to SAA. onwards going for a tenner so gave it a go. I have been playing them on and off since and I must say am really enjoying it. The music feels so fresh . Counterparts is a great album , still getting to know the others. I have even revisited Signals and Show of Hands and found myself enjoying them. I have slight regret for ignoring 20 years of music but it's good to catch up in what feels like new music to me. I may even get round to getting the synth laden 3 albums of the eighties still missing from my collection .

    I don't know if this counts but I thought it was kind of cool.

    Episode 3 of Netflix the Night Stalker, documentary about the 1984/1985 serial killer in LA. The killer's friend is wearing a Genesis Abacab t-shirt. This is contemporary footage from the time.

    What is with the band and the old serial killer connection?!

    Clearly Genesis are responsible for inspiring a serial killer. And thought I thought was justheavy metal bands.