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    The theme of this thread is a discussion on the title but I guess title and cover do go hand in hand and we have gotten into retrospective musing on the cover of this album as well.

    In some ways it could be argued that it couldnt have been that bad , as it sold millions and paved the way for the mega success they had with IT , so they did alright with it.

    However most seem to think it was pretty poor including the band. The title and the cover seemed like they couldn't think of anything else . We know now why they titled it that way but I didn't know at the time and it would have been nice to have understood that then. TBH it's only fans like us that make a point of finding out about these things that do know, so putting something on the album to emphasise that point would not IMO have been a bad thing. Personally I've always enjoyed sleeve notes or the odd line somewhere on the sleeve or inner about the album . Also I don't think a picture of the band would necessarily been bad depending on how it was done of course. All dressed up as Mexicans !! (That was a joke)

    I don't know about picking out albums as a whole but their musical ability as a group always thrilled me. I'm not musically trained either. Sometimes I regret it but if I spent time learning I would certainly have listened to a lot less music than I have and i wonder whether the magical quality I hear would diminish. Having said that I do find Genesis music quite magical, more so than anyone else. I like to listen quite intently on headphones. I often try and focus on the instrumentation. Sometimes it feels like they are all doing different things, or there is a lead and others doing different stuff in the background, and yet somehow it comes together like I jigsaw picture. If anyone else had come up with the carpet crawlers melody I'm sure it would have been nothing more than a pleasant slow tune with a plodding beat if any drums at all ,but there is so much in it. Musically I never cease to be astounded by Apocalypse in 9/8. I don't think anyone else could get anywhere near it.

    Back to original thread. Yes they called it Genesis because they felt it was the first truely co-written album all the band contributed equally to all the songs. It would have been helpful if they did sleeve notes to tell us about that. It's would have made interesting reading . That, with a photo/picture of the band for the cover would have been another first and would have fitted with the theme. They could have called it something on the lines of We Are Genesis. Maybe they wanted to continue with the abstract art they did with Abacab but it got messed up. Truely a terrible cover and I just don't get it. If they called it Mama they would have needed to have changed the cover.

    I think I said elsewhere on this site Genesis is my most played Genesis album. Its not my favourite by far but really listenable. I have to be in right place to listen to many albums and generally don't like to over play my favourites, but for some reason I go back this one so often. I always enjoy Mama much more than I think I will every time . If there is a song that can sum up Genesis then HBTS has has to be a contender. It seems to have elements of all Genesis eras. Part 1 is recognisable as later years Genesis with jauntiness that has a HTB , RAAB element. Part2 has a grandeur of their more proggy years. The lyrics have a quirkiness and the fantasy story telling element they were always famous for. It's a live staple and although it may not break into my top 10 Genesis songs but it still remains tremendous. When listening , even on headphones, I feel compelled to raise my arms and waggle my hands just before it starts. Don't know why. I've already said about IA and really enjoy all the other songs with TA being the best of them. It's an album that suffers from side 2 being just not as good as side 1and in many ways all are also ran Genesis songs but I still find them enjoyable and listenable and really good songs . I find it's IGGB a really uplifting song and an uplifting end to the album. Considering that most of the songs and the album are so low in my Genesis ranking it just goes to show what Genesis ( the band ) means to me that I still love it so much..

    Musically it's Banksily rifftastically nice. Lyrics, accent and video are cringeworthy for me. And before the usual suspects come lumbering in with screeched accusations of hysersensitive wokery, I'm not 'offended' by IA's lyrics and video, I just find them bafflingly naff.

    On a more general note I'm 100% with you about the idea of "guilty pleasures" . It's one of those stupid media creations that people have dumbly swallowed. It irritates me when people do that silly voice and face as they say "It's my guilty pleasure". If you like something, you just bloodywell like it. You don't need to hunch your shoulders and look sheepish while you "confess" to it because a few magazines have deemed it somehow questionable, you simpering dope. Well, that's what I always say to them anyway. (I'm kidding, I don't... usually... and not in those exact words... though I often think it).

    See also previous conversation about people "confessing" to liking prog "for their sins" etc. Pillocks.

    I thought you would be quick to reply on that one. I just think it's the only example of a song /.music that makes feel like that . If it were a rich Texan taking the piss out of under privileged Mexicans in a country song, I would think l it well out of order, as I do with IA. Stereotypical imagery naff accents etc. It's one song I didn't like like live, happy clappy singalong was right out of place for a Genesis show. They pre dated Borat by many years with the I'll fitting suits and moustaches. I don't think it's right. ...

    I don't agree with the concept of a guilty pleasure , you should never guilty about enjoying music, but I can't help myself having guilty pleasure over Illegal Alien. I can't away from the imagery of the video when I hear it. Everything about that song is wrong. But I like it.