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    I have a new job. Actually on a farm!

    Why I chose my nickname for this site would of course be obvious to a Genesis fan , I have never been an actual farmer . I have always worked with learning disabled people. I live in the Midlands UK and friends and family ( my in laws) have always taken the mick at my slightly west country accent saying I should go work on a farm! So now I have a job at day service supporting learning disabled people at a farm type environment. Working with autistic and sometimes challenging people is something I am used to, planting and animal care however is something I have never done . I will need to learn . I literally am now a farmer who knows not when to sow.

    I'll be damned. I just pulled out my vinyl version (gatefold sleeve) and it's exactly that way on mine, too.

    I'm 100% with you....Apocalypse ends at "in blood, he's writing the lyrics to a brand new tune" least, that's the way I've always assumed it was.

    Actually after listening to it for over forty years I've only just noticed myself . I had a double take ! Surely o must have noticed it before and ignored it. The remaster is an exact copy. Maybe they just can't own up to a mistake.!

    Well there is nothing actually wrong with SR, but is there a mistake the lyrics/ sections? Shouldn't Apocalypse in 9/8 finish at " in blood he's writing the lyrics if a brand new tune" and ASAEIE start with " And it's hey babe" . That makes sense lyrically and musically but according the lyrics in the gatefold it isn't. AI 9/8 continues until " it's going to work out fine" That seems wrong. Is a printing error? Never seen or heard a discussion on this. Thoughts?

    As I said elsewhere it doesn't matter Well it doesn't matter to me as a genesis fan if it's a positive reaction . This is very old music . Years ago the reaction/ analysis was as a written critique in a music paper . We never saw the actual or any reaction to first hearing. It's entirely possible and probable that the critics never even bothered to listen or maybe gave it a passing listen . Most of the critical reaction was based on fashion , selling papers and looking cool. So maybe not so different. Difference today is that at least we see a reaction and know they have listened . A good reaction/ critique should always be received positively by fans .

    For the worst cover of all time. Scorpions win it easily. Virgin Killer. Is picture of a picture of a naked 13 year old girl provocative pose with glass front cracked which obscures her genitals!

    Could it be a question of it was 1976 and ok for then ? Err no.

    You have me going on this one

    Pink Floyd generally take this prize but there are so many.

    My favourite by a whisker is Jethro Tull

    with thick as a brick. Passion Play also . Both have a mention of the fictitious Derek Small who popped up a few years later as the pretentious pipe smoking bass player Derek Smalls in Spinal Tap. . Never saw Ian Anderson much with his pipe after that.! Also love Songs From The Wood, where its so hard to tell if it's a photo or painting , it could be both at the same time.

    Unbelievalble that people take these fake videos for real.

    Well maybe. But shouldnt be dismissed just because she's putting on a show. I looked at a few of her vids , she seems to have tendancy to cry at all the songs! Real or not it doesn't matter it's a nice reaction. I'm 59 have long hair going grey and no one would be surprised that I like Genesis . Genesis have a terrible " uncool" reputation. It's really good that younger people are promoting Genesis , a band that many now will know nothing whatsoever about. Anyone under 28 were not born at the time of WCD. Also who knows ? The first hearing of Genesis greats is a stunning experience. There is nothing quite like it.

    I see. About Harold Demure, that is. But then "he's still not quite sure", so doesn't that make him the kind of gender-fluid and partner-orientation-fluid person that is discussed so much these days?

    No, not in Seventies UK . Also the song is far too cartoonish go for that. It s a throw away line. To me much of the song shows the group as a bunch of young men , a public school ladish humour and of their time. (Python made plenty of jibes at the limp wristed man.) Actually in some ways refreshing for the ordinariness of them to be on record . I didn't see it at the time being a young lad myself, and I am looking at it with the perspective of 50 years on , which is why I would like to hear PGs thoughts on it.

    BOEF is full of caricatures. Which is fine but the way PG simgs about Harold is definitely a caricature of the limp wristed feminine man , that was poked fun at left right and centre in the UK at the time. Quite clear IMO. Whilst Rob the nob is getting stuck in getting smashed across the gob Harold Demure who still not quite sure ( about his sexuality ) is up tree throwing little acorns , which is of the best a gay could do. Yes I know, I'm certain PG wasn't being serious or harboured any knowing prejudice, but am sure it was seen as a harmless joke . Also pretty sure PG would NOT approve of his young self.

    I've really got into these reaction vids. This woman does not look remotely like a stereotypical Genesis fan but she's done a few of theirs and I like her . This is a great reaction. These videos give me hope the younger generation will pick up on Genesis without the prejudicial baggage they carry and keep their music going.

    I'd say he thinks it's a little nugget of shite in a great big bag of shite.

    I sort of agree with both.

    When I first heard this song I guess I must have been about 16 or 17 , ( late 70s) I thought it was masterpiece amongst masterpieces. Now it's it seems like a flawed piece of whimsy ( maybe trying to bring whimsy up to date or pythonesque, but coming up with a cross between great prog and Carry On) which I can enjoy and usually brings a wry smile to my face. Looking back, when I was growing up , Gay ( homosexuals then being the polite term, ) men were a figure of fun or threatening and lesbians a dark unknowing secret. Like many, I began to question the awfulness of that attitude at about that time. PG was one to always question attitudes and I guess he never would have sung that line just a few short years later. It makes me realise Genesis were ,despite their genius, just young men and a product of their time, like us all.

    I still maintain that that smashing Rob the nob across the gob is the second best line in rock history. (The greatest of course being did you ever see a woman coming out new York city with a frog in her hand. A tribute to PG that he could even get close. )

    I think I'll play BOEF now.