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    "Flop" might be a tad harsh, it was top 30 in a period when his singles performed quite patchily anyway for whatever reason. That lull lifted come the 80s.

    Maybe harsh I just checked . Number 12. Did better than I thought . It is generally considered his masterpiece though and people are often surprised that it didn't break the top 10. It should have done better and that TOTP clip did not sound good. Now you mention it he didn't do so that well singles wise for a few yyears until he did scary monsters. Although he in he didn't have as many big hits as people imagine. He went right out of fashion by the mid eighties until his Glastonbury performance in 2000. . Never out of fashion with me I hasten to add . That Glastonbury show was one of my "I was there" moments. There , I Just had to find an excuse to fit that one in!!

    Just watched an old clip of Bowie doing Heroes on TOTP. As that was.the main platform to sell your single then no wonder if flopped. The great driving riff and Fripp's guitar well down on the mix , maybe not Fripp at all . (Didn't they have to re record it for the show.) Didn't sound too good. I was a Bowie fan at the time and remember being underwhelmed by it but have long since wondered why .Maybe it was because of the TOTP performance and half listened to crackly AM radio. Didn't buy it then. Never disliked it but wasn't until years later that I loved the track .

    And yet bands/artists can tour other places like USA/Canada/Australia/Asia - so, 2 possibilities, either it will be the same or easier as for those, OR it will be harder, in which case, it clearly WILL be the EU's fault.

    Who wants to be in a club where you can't leave without being punished? K#Jion a golf club or a tennis club, get the benefits. Leave, and lose them, but don't get kicked for doing so.

    Its not about comparing how easy or not it is for bands to tour outside the EU. It about us being outside the club and comparing with others also outside the club .If it's going to be harder to tour there than bands from the USA then I guess it would be the EUs fault and it would be some kind of punishment. I suspect not.

    Very depressed sad and desperate right now. My Father in Law and best friend died at the age of 83 on the morning of new years Eve . Robbed of his last few years of life by Covid. Having shielded more or less all year and shielding at home for weeks had to go hospital with a fixable heart problem and caught Covid whilst there. Dead 8 days after he tested positive. Am very angry at world. Hopeless govt and selfish stupid people to blame . It need not be as bad as this. I'm a support worker and have cared for a learning disabled man who had it and four staff went down with it. All survived. Am still negative so will visit Mrs Farmer tomorrow who has been isolating with her vulnerable mum for over a fortnight since her dad went in . I think the neighbours have been gossiping! All we wanted was for us all to survive this. It s bollocks. My parents in their 90s struggling with isolation all year , getting the vaccine on Sunday..One good thing. My mate , my wife's dad has just missed out..

    Happy Christmas to you all. Am home alone.!! Will be for at least another week. Strange experience over Christmas. Christmas dinner with Mrs Farmer on what's app.

    I find hearing Band Aid, Do They Know It's Christmas pretty disturbing.

    I think that actually it's quite a good song with some quite poignant lyrics ( admittedly clumsy) pointing to the inequality in the world . Much criticized for the us and them aspect but it's true that we in the west celebrate with gusto and feed ourselves to bursting whilst others starve. It talks about Africa which maybe is too much of a catch all term but it was about the famine in a particular area . How deep should you dig to find fault? I heard this song done as a thoughtful acoustic, song which was how it was initially written. It's very serious about people starving . It was done to make money for a good cause with an over ambitious but genuine attempt to eliminate poverty. Was written in haste genuinely and whatever anyone thinks about the final production (which I don't like ) it was all done in a hurry. It also suffers from being terribly overplayed. There's also that thing about all the stars trying show off , but l believe that they were genuine. It did save lives , no question.

    The HOWEVER is this. It's THE song that so many sing with joy and excitement over the Christmas period. Big groups of pissed party goers singing at the tops of their voices having a great time. Sung without a thought .How can you sing ,"Do they know it's Christmas" ( which actually means do those that are starving to death in Africa know that people in West are having a great time? Probably yes) whilst drinking smiling and partying . I find this very disturbing. It's all I can think of when I hear it.

    If made properly faggots shouldn't be unpleasant, they should be rich and delicious with a tasty gravy and preferably served with buttery mashed potatoes rather than chips, with a green veg - peas or winter greens are good. Washed down with cider, bitter or a decent red, it's a lovely meal.

    Well all I ever used to have was Brains faggots or faggots and chips . Went vegan a few years back it seems pretty disgusting to me now . Really like the food I eat now don't miss meat a bit. I used to smoke , loved to have a fag but gave that up 20 years back , and the mere smell is disgusting to me now. Same thing.. No offence😁😁

    Anyway happy Christmas you all it's 9.15pm UK. Just home from work after an 11 hour shift which should have been 5 but everyone is dropping like flies so at the last minute I had to cover 6 more hours

    Home now with a beer a looking forward to 3 days of Solitude, it's a long story. Hope you all have had / are having a good one.

    Gotta say, I have not watched any strictly come dancing at all in my life, mainly due to the male poofs who call themselves judges

    You’ve missed the difference between UK & North American terminology. To the latter, poof means a theatrical or flamboyant person. We discovered this on the previous Genesis fanboard years ago when a North American member posted a comment about Nad Sylvan’s poofy hair, meaning his extravagant coiffure!

    I was about put quite an angry post on this one until I read boredatwork's post. Goes to show how easily we can misunderstand each other. Hope you are right boredatwork and I assume that Noni judging by previous has no idea that the word p****f is in Britain is the same faggot in the USA which in Britain is either some pieces of wood for a fire in olden days or a rather unpleasant meat product regularly eaten with chips or fat fries as an American / Canadian would understand.!!!