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    When interest rates were rock bottom, the present value of the future cashflows from streaming, royalties, etc. would have been higher and the price of the catalogues more expensive = big pay days for Bob and Bruce; great timing.

    Unfortunately, Genesis are selling just as interest rates are spiking upwards so they won't get as much as they would have done.

    £300million invested at old 1% rates is £3 million a year ! They would always get much more than that.

    ....and must now offer up apologies for having forgotten that thefarmer already gave us the heads-up on this thing.

    It's actually quite enjoyable in a bizarre kind of way. I'd recommend it to any Genesis fan who have a decent knowledge of of the band and a slightly warped sense of humour. Definitely say avoid to anyone else !!

    But I don't know what you think she should have 'done' in a practical sense. She was the titular head of state and many found reassurance from her presence. It was not her role to 'do' anything beyond her constitutional functions which she performed admirably. I suppose people looked up to her as a source of stability which they didn't find in politicians.

    I'm genuinely befuddled with this issue of reassurance or that her job couldn't be done by anyone elected as a ceremonial head who has elements of accountability such where the money gets spent and who benefits. I guess I should really have concentrated on asking questions about the office of the monarch. Obviously you have genuinely held feelings about this and a lot people have talked in this vien. Clearly this issue has caused some heated feelings, not from yourself, you've kept to the issues..Obviously despite my strong feelings I do know that the whole question of the monarchy is only a side issue compared to what really really matters here which is of course all things Genesis and what song can I associate with the last one.!

    I wouldn't bother engaging with him any more on this if I were you, it's just a frustrating waste of your time. When there are major issues in the world to get angry about (Syria, Ukraine, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, the list goes on, ......... and on) he chooses to obsess about something that maybe costs every man, woman and child in the UK maybe £5 a week. Let him stew. As he admits in another thread, he doesn't even have the courage of his convictions, to hold a placard or shout something controversial at a Royal event. He'll come and moan at us, though! ?(

    I'm done.

    That's really unfair. Of course I'm bothered about those issues. Each individual issue can be discussed on it's own merits. I can't think of any issue that has been raised where someone has said that it shouldn't be talked about because there are other issues . (There seems to be something about Royalty that provokes this reaction ) I don't remember anyone saying that we shouldn't be bothered about MPs expense scandal because ultimately it's only a few.quid from us all. We were all angry about that because of principles . Same as anything else . It just so happens that the Queen has just died we have a new King and its a current issue,, one that I feel strongly about . We have just had 24/7 coverage of how wonderful the whole Royal family are with zero questioning . We have even had respected journalists asking small children what the Queen meant to them. So in light of that of that background I raise an issue to a.small group of people that does not get raised at all in the mainstream media. It's something I believe should get raised so I do it where I can. I said in a previous post that I was fed up with enforced mourning , and inability to get away from it all, but that was it until well after the funeral . I never said I would not attend the protests , quite the opposite. I said I that is scary as people have been arrested for holding up signs already and I don't want to be arrested, protests have to be approved now, so I guess the establishment are doing their job well. Neither do I want to be subjected to violence as many Royalists can get very angry at even questioning the purpose of the monarchy. There was even a top police official saying they were concerned about the safety of protesters. So I'll probably go but I will be anxious about it which I shouldn't be and never have been on the few protests I have attended before. Also although i can be quite forceful in my opinions I have never had a go at anyone personally and have never insulted anyone here, don't why you feel the need to do that especially in a response to a post by feelitcomong . I haven't got anything against anyone here nor do I have issues with those with Royalist views some of my friends are Royalists.


    Not that I'm particularly pro-royalist, but frankly, I can't be bothered wasting my time write something you'd ignore or dogmatically disagree with, I've written too much alre

    I have no doubt whatsoever that that it's wrong in principle to be born into positions of power and that our head of state should be elected. Is that dogma? Maybe. I also genuinely don't know what she did . When I have asked I've mixed reactions. Often it's anger at asking. Sometimes people say that she's done more for us than anyone else and moan about politicians. I quite often get if you don't now you never will. Often it's some vague comment about status without any attachment to how that status has affected anything. Nobody ever tells me tells me anything she has ever done that has made any difference.

    I don't have much to say about the queen or her legacy.

    But holy shit, Liz Truss is off to one hell of a start. Is she trying to crash the UK economy off a cliff so fast she's hoping no one will notice before it's all lying in smithereens?

    I think she got elected because 80,000 or so Tories liked the phrase tax cuts. She knew that would work .It appears she has a grudge against everybody and has a evil plan to destroy us all.

    Now the Queen has been laid to rest maybe it's time ( if we're allowed ) to question her legacy .

    To paraphrase a well known British comedy troupe, " What did the Queen ever do for us?" I know many people complain about politicians but for better or worse they make necessary decisions affecting us at every level of our lives. What , for better or worse did our monarch do that affected me/us in any way at all? Despite wall to wall positive coverage of the Queens life I still didn't see or hear about anything she she did that impacted on our lives? I heard that she was always there for us many times. I heard she was a grandmother. I heard she never put a foot wrong, despite her actions when Diana died and not paying tax for most of her life and using crown estate money to refurbish private living quarters in the mansions she handed out her to family but I digress . Just what did the Queen ever do for us? Liz Truss said she was was the rock on which modern Britain was built and we are now a modern thriving dynamic nation. I thought we're in crisis but I guess the Queen could only be accountable for any good bits; which are??