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    I LOVE Kate Bush! Brilliant, well-spoken, creative as hell, unique, and gotta say sexy as HELL. I have a serious thing for that woman. She’s breathtaking. She was so great collaborating with PG! I love her first album the most. Man with the Child in his Eyes is my favorite tune.

    The Man With The Child In Eyes! Now there's a song! One of my favourites. Though I can't make it out. Creepy or innocent? Love song about a man looking at child . KB? Or man that has a child within himself. Written when she 13! What hell is about? I tend to think innocent as I don't think a 13 year old girl would refer to herself as a child when talking about a man she has a crush on. ( Sleeps with or imagines she does!) Though it still feels creepy, a little chilling .

    I think her creative peak go goes from TKI to 5WFS though a dip with Lionheart. I saw the show and it was the perfect set list . Everyone there cared not a jot that so few hits were played in fact is made the show better. My personal favourite tends to be TSW and nothing from that was played live but I really didn't care as everything she does is just wonderful.

    What a fantastic show at Peterborough last night. Absolutely brilliant. Tremendous atmosphere. Loved the arrangement for IKWIL and Los Endos. At the Cresset. Never been there before

    Quite small , less than a thousand capacity so quite wonderful to see the show in. such an intimate setting . All the band on top form. Even better than the real thing! Yes , our third Genesis show this year ..... And and I have to say the best.

    No honestly it's a proper doc. Stills and video clips voice over with a few bods I have never heard of popping up and voicing their opinions. When discussing their new sound with Foxtrot and pics of the sleeve IKWIL was playing in the background ,.no mention of SR. No joke.

    Just watched Discovering Genesis on Sky Arts. Just as i was wondering why I was bothering, they actually came up with new factual insights.

    Phil Collins replaced Chris Stewart.

    Foxtrot was their new sound with new line up.

    IKWIL appears to be on Foxtrot.

    Peter left because he felt he was too big a star to stay in Genesis.

    Steve Hackett played Bach inspired organ noodling.

    Phil Collins became in charge in Genesis.

    They got back together to tour in 2006.

    Well I never! You live and learn.

    Yes ,Birmingham and Manchester. We loved the shows . For me CAS doesn't rate quite as highly as the rest but still an enjoyable and regular listen . If not the best Genesis album it's still a pearl in the world of music Really liked The Lamb. Part of the whole point of a live show is to do some stuff differently. And, Duchess was a highlight.Dont do Spotify. I wonder why it's not there ?…-mistake-live-aid-3070870.

    Jimmy Page still banging on about the disaster of the 3 song reunion 36 years ago. It really bugs me. PC has clearly been upset by it all and I have heard time and again how they shouldn't have done it. They.wouldn't allow the footage on the DVD. So what is what I say . What's the big deal? They weren't there only ones . It wasn't that bad. I saw it on you tube . Should've embraced the mistakes and had fun. 3 songs . Not there to pit on a show costing fans but to raise money. Most fans fans were thrilled just to see them together . And, their presence helped raise money for people literally starving. How much worse was it than Six Of The Best? There was a whole show with errors bit we loved it. If LZ had allowed their part to be on the DVD it would've sold more and raised more . I guess its not is much a genesis thing but as PC gets it in the neck time again I put it up.

    Almost all the songs of ATTWT could have been played with Steve Hackett.

    The songs canvas and the overall sound are still 100% "classic Genesis", even if the songs are shorter.

    One exception could be FYFM. I don't think Steve would have been happy to play the guitar part (simple and repetitive, but so effective and nice-sounding - yes I like that song). He had done it already on Pigeons, and we know how it ended (well, not specifically because of that song, that I like too btw, but you see my point I guess).

    I know that album is not very well considered by the fans and especially the band itself. I understand why. Sure, W&W and Duke have "stronger" material. A thing that I like about Genesis is how their album from Selling to Duke are constructed. Aside from the Lamb, none of these albums are strict "concept albums", but there are lots of musical bits to link pieces together (DWTMK/Aisle of plenty, DOAV/Squonk/Los Endos, EEOM/In That Quiet Earth and OFTV/Wot Gorilla, the Duke Suite). ATTWT doesn't have that. Still, the songs are good (even Ballad of Big or Scenes from a Night's dream which subjectively are not their strongest efforts, with a few others like Another Record, Anything She Does, Never A Time... at least to my ears).

    And I think it has their most powerful and promising opening track ever.

    Ditto . I really like ATTWT it feels atmospheric .However there are a few songs that I would be great to hear Steve on . SIAJ and BR are two songs I love but I always imagine how they would sound if extended with a Steve solo swirling around.

    ..........And it's Phil. And it's the shows that moved her. Really didn't know where to put this if at all but I thought some of you might be interested to hear from a perspective that not many have had. Mrs F liked Phil and Genesis prior to us getting together but knew nothing other than the hits. Round about the time we got together CAS came out. I liked it but MrsF loved it and RW is just the sort of singer she likes. Her first Genesis show was CAS and we saw Ray in 2006. So , Ray always has been her No.1 Genesis singer. Even 2007 didn't budge her. ( Though has become a confirmed all eras fan for many years. Not a lot of option living with me.).Not many have gotten into Genesis in this (wrong) order. Getting up to date there has been a lot a talk about Phil's singing , and of course, much analysis. We were however drawn to the whole personality and emotion of the shows. A few days after the last show Mrs F suddenly said she now feels Phil is her favourite singer after feeling absolutely exhilarated by the two shows we saw Despite discussion on the Phil's actual voice the manner of the delivery accounts for a great deal and that is not easy to quantify. I think CAS remains her

    favourite album though.!!

    It isn't 'mandatory' at all, but your use of the word 'pap'reminds me that there is no point engaging with you.

    If I can throw my unasked for two penneth in. I have always found people on this forum to be a friendly bunch. I like your previous comment about not feeding the troll, which I guess I may be doing right now! Some people have unfortunately never gotten over the shock of PG leaving and have remained the permanently angry for 45 years. The mere thought of anything from the trio going on an earlier album can be enough to throw some people over the edge. Sympathy is required for such cases.