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    Very moving. The track was done for all the right reasons. I saw Andriy's acapella video shortly after it was first released and it me emotionally, as I've been to St.Sophia Square several times over the past 10 years. Kyiv is a beautiful city, and the Ukrainian people deserve to control their own destiny. Good on David, Nick & co for using their fame for a very worthy cause! Slava Ukrayina!

    Lifesigns are an excellent band! Each iteration of the band has been fantastic. I was thrilled when Dave Bainbridge (most famous for Iona) joined them a few years back. Would love to see them live someday!

    Thursday's show at the Scottish Rite Auditorium (Collingswood, NJ) was fantastic, as I've come to expect from Steve's band! This was a "Seconds Out" show - short 1/2 hour set of some solo songs followed by an intermission, and then "Seconds Out" straight through. Here are a few photos from the show:

    Thanks! I've tinkered with similar approaches with Audacity, but I've heard much better results from others' efforts, so am always on the lookout for "tips & tricks"! There used to be several "behind the multitrack" posts on YouTube with some amazing Genesis isolations, but it seems they're no longer available.

    I was able to rip the 5.1 audio for a few albums - The Lamb individual tracks are *really* interesting to listen to! The Abacab & Duke mixes don't have as much variety between the different channels, but sometimes the rear channels focus more on the instrumental parts. And yes, the center channel often has pure isolated vocals, or sometimes a guitar or keyboard solo.

    Another tool I like to use is "Transcribe!". It can provide its own phase-cancellation if the source file is in stereo. Sometimes that helps to clarify a part, but other times it can sound very "digital" and broken. I'm fascinated with such signal processing!

    So, in your humble opinion, is this a book worth picking up? (Yes, I can reallocate funds if it is worth it for a Genesis fan to have, in your opinion.)

    I haven't read the whole book yet - so far just focused on the Duke & Abacab chapters as part of my research for my current TRO project! I did pick up on some info that I had not read/heard/seen elsewhere in print or online, so it's been good for those purposes. I can't say yet whether the other eras have new gems to be unearthed...

    A couple of months ago, I had some fun isolating the vocals and instruments (through phase inversions) from the 5.1 mix in Audacity. I think the only place where David Hentschel sings is on “Duchess” along w/Tony and Mike. There’s a soft, falsetto voice in there that I know is not coming from Tony, Mike, or Phil, so that must be David. I listened hard, and I think Phil is doing all the backing vocals on the rest of the tracks; “Man Of Our Times” included.

    Nice, thanks for that info! Can you share any pointers on applying phase inversions? I've tried that a couple times but haven't had too much luck!

    I agree it sounds like Phil on "Man of Our Times". Reminds me of how he changes the timbre of his voice for some of the verses in "Dodo"

    I recently picked up "The Songs of Genesis: A Complete Guide to the Studio Recordings" by Steve Aldous. He cites a Rockline interview where Phil said: "Before I got to know Earth, Wind & Fire and we wanted to get the horn sound on BEHIND THE LINES and TURN IT ON AGAIN, the only way to do it was for me to trigger a vocoder and a synthesizer, and I was fooling around with a duck call, which I played into a microphone, that went through a synthesizer, from the synthesizer to the vocoder. it ended up sounding like a horn section when it wasn't , so we called it the duck." The book says it was Tony's CS-80 synth.

    I think the first point we hear the "duck" are the brass "stabs" in the 2nd verse of BEHIND THE LINES (around 3:30).

    Awesome, thanks all! Seems the answer was in plain sight!! (would not surprise my wife in the least!) My old memory was off by a few years in its "time table"!

    Fellow fans, hoping someone can help me track down the source of an old MTV broadcast of Genesis live in concert. I'm trying to locate it partially for nostalgic reasons, since it was the show that really "hooked" me as a Genesis fan, but also because I'd love to see & hear how it differs from Three Sides Live. I re-viewed TSL yesterday, assuming that was actually what MTV had shown, but with that fresh in mind it's definitely not the same footage.

    I don't remember if this concert was an MTV-unique airing, actually live from the show, or if it was edited & rebroadcast. I assume it was shown in 1982-3... nearly 40 years on some details are fuzzy, but I specifically remember Phil bantering with the audience about "In the Cage"... someone kept calling out for that song, and Phil eventually shouted something to the effect of "we'll bloody well play 'In the Cage' when we're ready!" Did anyone else see that broadcast?

    My son and I have tickets to see Dream Theater when they come to Philadelphia in early March. We haven't seen them in several years, and like what I've heard from their new album, so looking forward to an enjoyable show.

    I’m envious that you got to see Asia before they broke up originally. I did finally get to see them when they had their 25th anniversary tour and afterward (they were still amazing then). I also saw Yes on the 90125 tour; my show was in September 1984 in Greensboro, NC…and…that show was my very first concert! Ah, the good old days…

    The stations around Philly that played rock music back then were 94.1 WYSP and 93.3 WMMR. I listened to both stations, and they loved Genesis. Since it was Philadelphia, they would even play deep album tracks, e.g., WYSP would regularly play songs like “You Might Recall” on the radio, despite that song being a leftover from the Abacab sessions. I miss old radio… ^^

    I was a huge Asia fan back in my early high school days! Lost track of them after Wetton left the 2nd time, and was surprised to hear reunion rumors in early 2006. Drove up to visit an old friend in Manhattan & saw one of the early reunion shows in Times Square - wow, the whole 1st album! I caught most of the following reunion tours afterwards & went to several meet-and-greets. I was able to collect all four original members' signatures on my Asia songbook :-)

    WMGK and WMMR are my usual rock stations today. Good to hear Pierre Robert still on the airwaves, as well as super DJs like Andre Gardner! MGK had some nice programming when Genesis were in town last December, playing an hour-long block of tunes you wouldn't normally hear :-)

    I remember hearing "Follow You, Follow Me", "Misunderstanding", "Turn It On Again", "Abacab", and "Man on the Corner" on my local rock radio station (98 Rock in Baltimore). At least a few of those made it to my mix-tapes recorded from the radio :-) MTV added "Missed Again" and "Abacab" to regular play, and on one of their Saturday night concerts they showed 3SL, sealing my interest in the band.

    My Dad liked Phil's singles as well as the Genesis tunes playing on the radio. He wasn't a musician but had a good ear for a good drummer & he really liked Phil's style. Dad took me to see Asia & Yes in 1983, and I remember we talked about catching Genesis, but the show was in DC and mid-week... just couldn't make it happen. No doubt he would've loved the show as much as I would have!

    I really regard 1980-83 (and 84, including the end of the MAMA Tour) as one of the real high points of the band’s existence; so, I’m happy for any act to highlight any part of that era. Thank you for doing so!

    Me, too! I "discovered" Genesis around 1980-1, so Duke/Abacab/3SL/Genesis were my initial exposure to the band and important in my overall musical development. Really wish I could've caught one of those tours!