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    Prolific drummer Jim Gordon died on Monday, March 13 at 77. He appears on many recordings that all of us have heard, and was a member of Derek & The Dominoes, followed by Traffic. His is one of the saddest stories in all of rock history. Under the influence of (then undiagnosed) schizophrenia, he brutally murdered his mother. Subsequently he spent the rest of his life in prison.

    I mainly know him from Traffic, one of my favorite bands. This now makes 7 former members of Traffic who have passed. (Steve Winwood is now the sole surviving member of the 6-man "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" lineup from 1971-72.)

    Read this and got me thinking that in all these years, i am not sure that i have ever heard the edited single version!...although sounds like haven't missed mellotron😔

    I suppose everyone knows this by now, but the single version isn't an edit of the album version; it's a different recording altogether. Note that the ending is completely new, and Peter does a better job of enunciating the words (i.e., no "shedded-a-tail").

    Many years ago I briefly knew a guy who had the "Silent Sun" single in his extensive Genesis collection, "Parrot" label and all. This guy introduced me to such Genesis rarities as "Happy the Man," "Twilight Alehouse," "It's Yourself," "The Day the Light Went Out" and "Vancouver," recording them onto a cassette for me from his vinyl copies. Of course, back then I never envisioned having all those rare songs, and many more, on something called "CDs"!

    Dang, Jon Camp's still active? I recall reading that he was going to make a solo CD back in 2012, but it never happened. He even had cover artwork prepared by someone. Unfortunately the interview where he talked about this (and showed the artwork) has been taken offline.

    Anyway, I'm giving a listen to some of your CD. Seems like some good stuff there.

    By rare, do you mean there are isolated other examples of this?

    Actually, the only other case I'm aware of is the solo piano version of "Let Us Now Make Love" being credited to Ant alone on the CD version of his IVORY MOON album. Granted, there's just enough difference between the piano version and the original that this might not even be a legitimate example.

    My dad's copy of Foxtrot has every track, including Horizons, credited as "Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/MacPhail/Rutherford".

    As far as I've seen, original Gabriel-era releases always had "all tracks by Genesis," with no writing credits that actually listed the members like that. Your dad's copy is apparently a later one where the inclusion of MacPhail's photo was mistaken as meaning he was an actual member. I've also seen that "6-man" credit on vinyl copies of the old ROCK THEATRE compilation.

    I've never had a strong opinion about this piece; but when I first heard FOXTROT, before I even knew who any of the band members were, it struck me as odd that the "all songs written by Genesis" credit was applied to this track in particular.

    Later versions recorded by Hackett only credit it to him. This is a rare case of a Genesis song from the Gabriel era appearing in later versions without still being credited to the whole group.

    DUKE was the album that brought me into Genesis, and I still consider it the high point of the 3-man era. But I have to say that Tony's solo compositions on the album were among the tracks that I took the longest to warm up to. His three songs, along with "Alone Tonight," remain as my least favorite tracks on a favorite album. I still like them, but they're surrounded by songs I like a lot more.

    Backdrifter has summed up the issues with the song better than I could, although I like it better than he does. I do consider it an effective side-one closer.

    P.S.: Am I the only one who was momentarily confused by the title upon first seeing it? i.e., "Heath-what?"

    Not sure. I am unsure how they even got those credits. I suspect that In Limbo has never had its credits revealed so the author probably used all the band members at the time instead. I'm curious where the credits came from in the first place for the other tracks as well.

    For what it's worth, I've seen "In Limbo" credited somewhere to Banks-Gabriel-Phillips-Rutherford. There may be something to that, or it may just be a case of all of the members being credited who were known to actually write.

    Huh, weird. I haven't listened to that song for a while, I had a clear memory though of last time I listened to it I couldn't make out any of the lyrics, googled for them, found nothing ("no lyrics have been contributed to this song yet") and ended up on wikipedia reading about Gilmour mumbling through the lyrics in order to make them incomprehensible. Either way I must have dreamed all this or I am massively confusing things. :/

    You can find the lyrics here:

    The Narrow Way - Ummagumma Lyrics - Pink FLoyd Lyrics (

    I'll admit that I actually couldn't understand a lot of the words, but that's because many of them are sung in a high falsetto, not because they're mumbled.

    In 'The Narrow Way part 3' David Gilmour sings something which is clearly lyrics, yet muttered so it's impossible to understand what he sings. Wikipedia claims he was embarrassed of his lyrics so he muttered them.

    Are you sure you've got the right song? I can understand many, if not all, of the lyrics in that song (which is a favorite of mine from the UMMAGUMMA album). And they're well written, IMO. I don't see anything in Wikipedia about the song's lyrics except that Gilmour didn't want to write them himself and unsuccessfully asked Waters to help.

    I got interested in Genesis in the early '80s after hearing a few of their albums (especially DUKE). In early 1982, I went into a record store and picked up almost all of their albums at the same time. I then listened to them, in release order, as I had time. I started with a version of FGTR that had the early singles tacked on to the beginning and the end, so that the first track was the mono version of "The Silent Sun" (basically indistinguishable from the album version, but I digress).

    I'll never forget that initial impression I got as the song started: "There must be some mistake... this is Genesis?"